SEO Predictions to Watch for by 2021

Hey, guys! You're in for a really goodepisode 'cause I'm making some predictions.

I'm predicting where Search Engine Optimization, where SEO is going to go by 2021.

Let's go! [INTRO] Search Engine Optimization is a reallyhot topic on YouTube and for good reason, it can produce some of those organicconversions that all businesses are looking for to take their business tothe next level.

That being said, Search Engine Optimization has not been easy in the last couple years.

In 2019, a lot of businesses saw a downgrade in their rankings because of those algorithm changes and the context of theinformation that they were doing for their SEO.

I'm here to say that 2020 and 2021 are not going to be easier because there's going to be some really reallycool things that are happening and I'm going to make those bold predictions right now.

All right! Prediction Number 1.

Video is going to be integral to yoursearch results by 2021.

We've already seen that Google is implementing a video search section, much like the the map section on some of their searches for specific items.

Video searches are going to be huge and if you are running a business where you can offer a lot of value out to the audience, getting videos out on Vimeo and on YouTube is going to make a massive difference to how you appear and the authority that you create through your search results.

If you have not started to make videos already, video is going to be fantastic.

Get on it.

Get making videos and just remember – Video is that pillar content that you can take across platforms.

And lastly, it has a ton of voice component in it which takes us to my Prediction Number 2.

You guys have heard a lot of people – Gary Vaynerchuck Neil Patel All of these guys are talking about voice search and for good reason, voice search is going to be the future of search.

The reason is there's no barriers to entry.

Anyone with Amazon Alexa, anyone with Google Play in their cars, anyone with Siri on their phones is able to quickly make a searchjust with their voice.

Any age range, your grandma, your grandpa, anybody can do a voice search.

And the trend of all searches over time has been to make things more convenient.

There's nothing more convenient than pulling up your phone and just saying, “Hey, Siri.

Can you find me a local restaurant to eat at tonight.

” What's going to happen is that search is immediately going to respond with one result which means for your business right now, you need to get on top of voice optimization.

It's going to make adifference 2021 and beyond.

And we have to start right now.

Prediction Number 3.

Load speed is going to be everything.

Of all the tips I'm going to talk about today, load speed is the one that's going to make the biggestdifference today.

The load speed of your website is a huge part.

We estimate it somewhere between 15 and 20% of your overall SEO strategy.

Increasing the load speed of a specific page will translate into direct indexing results and organic results for your website almost the next month.

That can come down to a couple different things.

On your current site now, make sureyou're minimizing the size of your images.

Make sure you're making yourcurrent pages load as fast as possible but you may also have to look at a newwebsite build using some of the new technology that's out there to make yourwebsite load fast.

And Tip Number 4.

Mobile searches are everything acrossall of the reports that we look at, 65 to 70% of search results and where people are searching is coming from mobile.

So the way your website looks at mobile, when you're making a landing page making sure it translates into mobile making sure every website page on your website is responsive across all screen sizes isintegral for SEO.

It's integral for SEO today but I'm still saying in this episode because a lot of businesses still don't have a responsive website.

So it is absolutely integral.

I said integral way too much in this episode but that's okay.

It is absolutely vital to you gettingyour organic search results up by 2021.

I'm also pointing lots in this episode.

I'm pointing everywhere but that's because I think it's really vital that you start doing some of these items.

Finally, Tip Number 5.

The search engine algorithm has changed a lot the last couple years.

But one of the trends that we've seen is that Google is taking their algorithm towards more context.

That means that you have to have better information on your site.

You need to give people context and keep them on your page longer.

One of the things thatpeople used to do is they used to take their alt text (alternative text) on their pictures for example and mash a ton of words and content into it.

Taking away from the context of the alt text in the beginning which was just to give a description of the picture.

So if you were one of those people, get into your site in the internal aspect to your site and change that alt text back to givingmore context to what the picture is unless I just boatload of information inthat alt text.

By doing that, you're gonna hurt yourself by 2021 and not help yourself so take it back to context.

Whew! That was a fun episode! Those are five tips that you need to implement for your website by 2021.

It's going to make a big difference.

There are things you have to start thinking about.

I'm going to start making more SEO related tips on my actual YouTube profile.

If you want me to expand on any of those tips or you have any other topics you want me to talk about, put it in the comments below.

I'm gonna make a video about it.

That's it, guys! That's it for this episode! This was a lot of fun!.

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