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Hi there my name is Ferdy Kopershoek for WordPressKing.

comand in this video I will teach you everything I know about search engine optimization alsoknown as SEO.

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Let's dive right into it.

What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization andit is everything you do to improve the search engine rankings on your website.

So basically SEO is a method you apply inorder to be found better in the search results of google and other search engines.

SEO is not one way to optimize your website, but there are a lot of ways to do it and that's what we're going to talk about in this tutorial.

Before you apply SEO to your website it canhelp you if you make a list with words and phrases you want to be found by in Google.

For me it is WordPress tutorials, WordPresshelp, how to make a website, complete website tutorial and WordPress things.

So I'm going to try to be found by words andphrases like that.

The first thing in SEO you need to take alook at, is the domain name you have.

If you want to be found a domain name is veryimportant in the search results.

If I’m going to search for Apple, the firstwebsite that comes up is apple.


If I'm searching for 6 pm the first domainthat comes up is 6pm.


I live in the Netherlands investors for footballwhich means soccer.

First website that comes along is the voetbal.


So you see a domain name is very important.

So you could use the phrase you want to befound by in your domain name if the remaining still available.

The second thing is very important is thetitle.

This is the title in the page and if I searchfor how to make a website and if all kinds of advertisements.

So here we see the first organic results.

How to make a website exactly like this? So the title is also important, also the secondone, make a website, how to make a website is very important and the more you place itat the left, so the earlier in the title you start with the text you want to be found by, the better you will come up in the search results So another example learn how to play guitar? Learn to play the guitar, so use it in yourtitle if you want to be found by learn how to play guitar.

I have a website and I want to be found byphotography.

Maassluis in the Netherlands, so if I typephotography Maassluis.

I have to scroll down, I have to say a littlebit here photography Maassluis.

It’s most at the left and I'm founder atferdykopershoek.

com/portfolio/photography and not that only ferdykopershoek.


Why because here it says in the title photographyMaassluis.

The advantage of titles is that you can createunlimited pages and blog posts and give them all relevant titles.

So you can make blog post about every wordor phrase you want to be found by, that's the reason I created portfolio item like withthe title photography Maassluis although I'm not number one in Google with phrase.

I get a bit more exposure and if you keepon making relevant content, then eventually you will be found better in google.

So if it comes to pages and blog posts thesky is the limit.

It is a great way to get more exposure throughthe google search results.

If I click here you see the titles photographyMaassluis.

It says it here in the URL photography maassluis, and I could not put it on my home page because I'm doing more than the photography maassluis.

So I say photography, movies and web design.

So I go back to Google, but we know it's importantto have a good domain name and to have a good title on every page of your website.

Another example is 400 jaar maassluis, blogpost I made and two years ago my city exists for 400 years.

I made a blog post about it and if I takea look here just 400 years of maassluis, again it's at the left 400 years maassluis and itsnumber one, two, three, four, why? Because I use the title over here at the left.

So I have my website wordpressking.

com andthe title was WordPress king here to serve you.

There's a slogan here to serve you.

I'm here to serve you with all kinds of, tutorialsto help you to make a beautiful website, but people are not going to search for here toserve you, if they want to learn how to make a great website they are going to search for, how to create a website? So if you have a slogan 'here to serve you', I should not put it in a title, if you want to be found better in Google.

In the title you need to say where you wantto be found on.

So in my case I have WordPressKing.

com andI want to be found by the term.

'How to create a WordPress website?' Later in this video I will show you how toget that done in your WordPress website with a great SEO tool.

The third one is images.

If you search for Photoshop tricks and goto images this is YouTube, also YouTube.

Here If I say view image whether you see herein the URL, Photoshop tricks so not IMG 001, IMG 002 but give your images titles that arerelevant to the picture and where you want to be found on in google.

Again my website photography maassluis.

This is mine Fredy Korpershoek, this is mine, this is mine and this is mine and a lot of our pictures are mine, If I go to websites, you see at the picture resource, this is mine and this is mine.

So again here photography maassluis.

It's important to give your photos a titlelike that.

If I go back to images and I go for instanceto this one and I go to view image.

Here it says photography maassluis and that'show I can be found.

It says here Amy van Soest.

If I search for Amy van Soest, go to images, this is my picture Ferdy Kopershoek and this is a picture of mine.

So that's a way to be found better by givingall your pictures a title that has something to do with the picture.

The fourth tip I have, I go back to all youneed to use good title tags.

H1 tag, H2 tag.

I'm going to show you how to do this tutorial.

So I'm going to do a specific title and Isay what other fonts look like Google’s logo.

First result is designforhackers.

com and Icopy this and I click here and I search for the phrase and here's a title tag, what otherfonts look like, Google’s logo.

So it's quite a specific term, but sometimespeople are searching for specific terms and if I going to take a look at the source.

I'm going to search for it, it says over herewhat other font look like Google’s logo, and you see it's an H3 tag.

So H1, H2, H3 are important to be found better.

So that's another advice on how to be foundbetter in Google.

Of course these are tips and they can helpyou but the most important thing is that you offer value to your visitors.

You can optimize what you want but at theend you have to have something valuable for a visitor.

So you have to have great content about acertain subject or some advice and that will in the long run help you to be found betterin Google, but we also can do, we can use Google to find better terms.

So I want to be found by WordPress and ifI take a look here, it said WordPress themes again downloads.

So if I search for best WordPress.

This is the first thing that comes up, soif you type something Google will give you some suggestions and in that way you can seewhat people are searching for.

So I'm going to create a blog post about thisbecause google says with a suggestion that people are searching for this.

So i will go to WordPressKing.

com/WP-adminto login.

If you want to learn how to create a loginpage like this, please click here for the tutorial login and If I go to the front pageand to blog.

I have three blog posts, they're all personal, no way back.

I love WordPress.

I'm going to do this, good news I'm back fromhoneymoon and I have a thousand subscribers but no information about how to create a beautifulWordPress website or how to see which team is the best in WordPress.

So I’m going to create a new post and thepost title is best WordPress themes 2016.

Why? Because people are searching for this phrase.

If I take a look here, 2016 best WordPressthemes advertisement, 30 best clean WordPress themes so you see best WordPress themes 2016.

So again you see here is important to havea good title.

What you see in the URL WordPress themes.

WordPress themes so we need to let it comeback every time.

So my title will be best WordPress themes2016.

What you see here wordpressKing.


Let's take a look at the blog categories.

What I see that all these blog categorieshave not much to do with the subject I will write about.

So I make a new category and say themes.

Enter, and I'm going to make a text aboutthis.

So I wrote a blog post about the three bestthemes in my opinion.

Third one, the X Theme, second one Avada andthe first one is Enfold.

I love this theme.

Why I did added some external links.

There are blue over here so that's a way tooptimize your page to put some external links in it, but you also can do is underline theterm you want to be found on.

So let me search for 'Best WordPress themesafter 2016'.

I can say make it bold and I can underlineWordPress themes over here and do the same for X themes, make it bold.

Avada make it bold once.

The word you want to be found on I shouldmake them bolds.

So that's what I did some external links andsome words I make bold.

The next thing I want to import some images.

I upload them already, so I click here I sayAdd media and go to my media library.

This is the X theme.

WordPress X themes, you will see the titleof the images were WordPress X theme.

Over here I removed the dashes and I copythis and I place it here.

It's Alt Text and I want to display it atthe left or at the right, not in the full size, but large like this.

Insert it into the post, it’s still quitebig, so I'm going to make it a little bit smaller.

Update, and then the second one Avada at mediaAvada this one, small at the left, insert it into the post, and enfolds here again atmedia, right medium, oh I need to have to enfold theme.

This one WordPress Enfold theme.

Right so this is important.

If you upload it in the image, it has to havea name like WordPress Enfold theme.

The title needs to be WordPress Enfold themeand the Alt text needs to be WordPress Enfold theme.

Right, insert it into the posts and then Iwant to have a featured image and actually I don't know, what I could choose maybe Ican get some inspiration, best WordPress themes, images there are all kinds of themes.

So let's take I saw this one, which is Enfold, set the featured image.

So now we have over here a Header one, soit's an h1 tag, over here h1 opening X theme.

So that's good for the search results.

I have some things bold.

I put some images in it which are optimizedfor google, some external links and now I want to create some internal links and let'sstart with Avada.

If you want to follow a tutorial on how tomake a website with the Avada theme and click here.

Now I go to the website and I go to tutorialsfor WordPress tutorials and I click on the Avada theme tutorial.

I copy this link and paste it here, maybeit’s better if they link on the Avada theme.

You know what, learn how to make a websitewith the Avada theme.

Select it insert link, paste it, apply.

It's okay.

This is an internal link.

If you want to be found better in google.

This is an internal link.

If you want to rank higher in the search resultsof google.

It helps to use internal links on your website.

So link from one page in your website to anotherpage in your website.

So the more blog posts you have with all thesedifferent subjects, the easier it becomes to use internal links within your website.

So the second one will be Enfold.

Learn how to make a website with the Enfoldtheme.

Let me see if it works the way you can pressCTRL or command K.

Go to the link options and now I search for Enfold WordPress tutorialfor beginners 2015.

I edit that's another way to link internal.

I have a picture over here, featured imageand I'm going to publish it.

So let's view the post, best WordPress themes2016, people can share on Facebook, it's everything to do with the newspaper theme I have, X-theme, Avada and Enfold.

I always say optimize your website for google, but rather offer great available content for your visitors.

You can optimize your website until Googleitself wants to learn from you, how you do that but if you have no useful available, content you will not attract more visitors.

You want the content of your website to beso good, that visitors are willing to share it and becoming the number one in google oryour desired search term does not happen overnight, it takes effort and perseverance.

I want to make a call to action in my blogpost, where visitors can comment on what WordPress theme they like.

When a comment is added to a blog post, thecontent of the post increases.

Which is good for the google ranking.

Longer blog post with relevant content abouta subject.

So it is a great option to let people commenton your pages and your blog posts.

Edit posts, your favorite theme – what isyour favorite theme and why? Let us know below in the comment section.

OK update.

We did quite some optimization already andwe did not even install Yoast yet.

Which is an SEO plugin.

Now people can comment, which is great.

OK let's install Yoast.

I go to the back-end of the website.

I go to plugins, add new, and search for YoastSEO enter and search for plug-in, that is installed more than a million times and itis this one, install now and activate the plug-in.

The plugin is activated, remove this and Iremove, that so I go to posts all posts, Best WordPress themes 2016 and I scroll down all the way.

Yoast SEO and this is new, since we have installedthe plugin.

This looks like Google and this is what we can change on our website.

So I can decide here, how I want my WordPressblog post to be shown in the Google search results.

So this looks nice and here you see a code, it says title, page of the title, page separator that's okay and the site name.

Well I don't like this.

So if I go to SEO titles and metas and theygo to post types, site template.

I can say title page and actually I like thismore and I just say WordPress King.

So it gives us the title or the page and thisand WordPress King.

I do the same over here for pages and fortitle templates and for products.

I save the changes and now if I go to postsand I go to best WordPress Themes 2016.

I scroll all the way down, it will be somethinglike this.

So that looks a little bit better.

If you want to change it, just click on itand then you can change it over here.

Best WordPress themes 2016 WordPressKing.

com/themes/bestWordPress themes 2016.

If you want to change this, you can changeit over here and then they will be changed over here.

If we go to the top over here, you can changethis like also over here, but I like it the way it is.

Here we can create a Meta description, bydefault it's text of the first [Unclear 23:36].

So in my recent years of web development.

I came across some really nice WordPress themes.

I click on it and I can change it over here.

You see here a green indicator that meansthat this title has a great length, if I make it longer, this is too short, this is greatand this is too long.

So leave it like this.

This is also great and here we can createa summary of our blog post.

This text has to be short and it has to becatchy.

If people see this they should want to clickon the link.

So we have to put something here in this area, that makes people want to click on the link.

So we have “best WordPress themes” in ourSEO title, we have it in our slock and we have it in our Meta description.

That brings us to the next thing.

Our focus keyword on what terms do we wantto be found and this is the key word or phrase, and of course it is “best WordPress themes2016”.

I'm going to save it or update it, and itsays WordPress themes 2016, best WordPress themes only no 2016.

So, it says the focus keyword doesn't appearin the first paragraph of the copy.

Make sure the topic is clear immediately.

So I could go to my first paragraph and thisis what Yoast SEO is doing, they are giving me advice.

Best WordPress themes of 2016, because thisis between it.

It doesn't count, but Yoast is not perfectand I do not say we have to follow all these rules, but there are guides that can helpus to be found better, but as I told you before the best thing you can do is create a greatarticle, that have a great value for the visitor.

So what we could do is take a look, the focuskeyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy.

So what I can do also, is say that focus keywordis a “best WordPress themes.

” Now everything changes, because this phraseis used more often than with 2016.

So, it says already it's green.

So I update it and if you want to you can change some things in the text, you have not used your focuskeyword in any subheading such as h2 in your copy.

I can change that, “best WordPress themes.

” Update – now you see, it is gone, but it's not totally honest so I say the best WordPress themesmentions.

So like this, scroll down again, the key worddensity is 0.


Which is a bit low, the focus keyword wasfound two times.

Yeah I don't use the word best often, butI think the blog's OK like this.

I think people can find a great value in thisinformation.

I give my opinion about the three best WordPressthemes in my opinion, and I think this is okay.

If I want to use this post on Facebook thenI can go to this step over here, and we get a Facebook title and I just use the same ashere.

This “WordPress themes 2016” Facebook description, same as here and eventually a Facebook image.

Use image and update if for some reason Idon't want this page to be found in google.

I go to this icon, and make the robots follow, I say no follow and that means that this page will not be shown in Google.

I wanted to be shown in google, so I selectit over here and that is how it works.

If you want to be found better in google, what you need to do is start creating more available content about the subject you wantto be found on.

It is a lot of work, there can be only onepage, number one in Google search results.

It is a lot of work, but there can only beone page on the number one search results in google.

So even though you know how to optimize yourwebsite you need to beat the competition by creating more valuable content that peoplewill like.

As share this on Facebook.

So view post, it can take a while before Googlesees this page.

But if I go to my Facebook and I post it.

You see there's no picture yet and it takessometimes.

So what I do, I often way today and then Googlecan take blog into google and then I post it on Facebook and I get a nice image, asI have shown here.

It is now 38 hours later, I select the blogpost.

I go to my Facebook, it's here in Dutch.

I place the link over here, you see no pictureright now, I like to say something.

What are the best WordPress themes of 2016? Read it over here, and if you like it, pleaselike and share it.

I place it and here it is, my text, the link, the title, if I click here I go to the blog post and I can also share it here and thatis how it works.

If you want to create more information basedon what people are searching for, then go to Google, start typing WordPress How to makea child theme.

So if I was me, which I am.

I could make a tutorial about how to makea child theme, because people are searching for that.

And if I do that I make a video on YouTube.

I make a blog about it.

I post my video into the blog.

I will make a blog post about it, and I willembed my video into the blog post, and in that way I can get more visitors to my website.

So my advice is use these steps and startcreating some great content for your visitors and persevere in doing it.

Thank you for watching this tutorial.

I hope you liked it and learned some goodstuff.

Good luck with applying everything and ifyou want to see more videos like this, please subscribe and please like this video.

See you next time.


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