SEO YouTube – Views and Views for a Long Time

I always wanted to tell you what YouTubeSEO is really about.

For the longest time I thought you optimize your video, itranks in search, and then suddenly the views spike like crazy.

Well, that ispossible of course and that is usually when you use YouTube SEO for trendingtopics – check out this video how to do the keyword research there – but this isnot the main reason why YouTube SEO is such a dependable source to get moreviews.

Let me show you today why it is.

Have a look at this video here which Iactually published in April 2018.

So it is already years old.

And as you cansee here in the graph, it is driving views for a very long time.

Every day newviews for the same video for years already.

And that is actually notuncommon.

That is what we aim to achieve with YouTube SEO.

Creating evergreenvideos that drive us views for a very long time.

For years even.

So when we lookat this graph here at the first we have the spike in the beginning which isusually your subscribers watching when you publish the new video.

But then overtime it grows the views slowly, slowly, slowly because it ranks in search andthat is the way it continuously gets new viewers to it and gets watched.

As yousee here this video actually drives nearly a hundred views each days for twoyears already.

And imagine that having more of those videos.

That stacks up, right? That really accumulates a lot of views.

I mean I took this graph here andimagine that.

This is one video you publish.

Then you publish another videoagain, again, again more and more of such evergreen videos.

And all those viewsstack up.

And since these videos drive many views for years, this overall growsyour channel.

Here for example we see the views that my channel gets each day overthe course since 2018 until today.

And that growth is because I publishedone video after the other and they stack up, building more and more views thatcontinuously come my way.

And that is obviously very, very valuable for yourchannel because it's kind of getting views on autopilot.

And if you are partof the Morningfame early access program then you can already see here in theAlgorithm tab of Morningfame’s analytics your top evergreen videos that you havethat are listed here.

And by the way getting those views from YouTubeSearch is not the only thing you benefit from because videos that do really wellin Search actually do also tend to do also really good in Suggested and Home.

You can see that here for example.

So we see the views that this video got overtime, over the many years from YouTube Search.

And now look at that if Iactivate Suggested Videos and Browse, those bring in additional views as well.

So this videos not only gives you these YouTube Search views but many views fromother traffic sources as well.

So it's a win win overall.

Same thing here.

We get a lot of views from Search and then on top we also getthose views from Home and Suggested.

And actually this effect that videos inYouTube Search tend to also do well in Home and Suggested, well, that also showeda study that I did.

If you are interested in that, check this out.

So the big question is of course what are those evergreen videos that have theability to drive you views for many years to come?These are usually frequently asked questions.

Things that people areinterested in all the time.

How to tie a tie for example.

How to make a basiccookie dough.

How to get more loot in Fortnite.

All these questions thatpeople all the time ask, well, doing a video about that sets you up to get avideo that drives views for years to come.

Andluckily, it is actually not a guessing game to find out what kind of topics areevergreen.

You can use Google Trends for that.

Here I entered “how to tie a tie”into Google Trends and you see of course people are interested in learning how totie a tie all the time.

They just need it, right?The new generations in 30 years will again search for how to tie a tie.

Sothis is a classic evergreen topic.

And by the way, it's also interesting to see – doyou see these spikes here? – like it's always, there is interest in this term.

But sometimes it's higher than the other times.

I figured out actually in May, imagine that, in May most people tend to search for how to tie a tie.

And sincethis filter is for the US, well, that is I guess graduation.

So every time a newgeneration graduates from college for example they have to find out how to tiea tie because they never did it before, right? Was the same for me 10-20 yearsago.

So it's interesting to see that these topics, that are having interestfrom viewers all the time, also have a unique signature, have spikes sometimes.

And considering these spikes this is actually an upside for yourevergreen videos as well.

So you not only drive those regular views every day butalso you have the opportunity that the topic your video is about spikes at acertain point and you get even more views from that.

I mean this happened tomy video here, right? I showed you in the beginning, it's driving many views foryears and suddenly here – this was February this year – there was a big spikefor this topic.

Even bigger than usually.

So win-win on all sides, right? And thisis tremendous power.

Imagine that, like here again I showed you we have manyevergreen videos that all stack up.

The views that your channel gets on a dailybasis this is kind of passive marketing in a sense.

I meanthese are all the different videos that you already have on your channel.

Youmade them back in two years ago, one year ago, so long time back.

But they continueto drive you views, get new audiences to your channel.

And depending on what youdo on your channel, for example, if you include affiliate links, well, then itnaturally converts into customers for Amazon for example and you get yourrevenue share, your affiliate share.

So depending on how you use it, it actually means that they drive you income.

And if you don't have a channelfor your income, just for a hobby for example, well, this is more audiences foryou to get new subscribers from.

So ultimately this grows channels.

And ifyou want to understand how to do keyword research, YouTube SEO to optimize yourvideos in a sense like I just explained you, so that they drive these views foryears to come, well, then check out this video whichexplains you the exact process for evergreen type videos.

Cheers my friends!.

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