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That that wasn't a good experience not a great one 280 but for a pad thai so It's about six times the price And this this is why sometimes I hate hate Thailand, come on come check it out Okay, so It's not necessarily that I hate this about Now no I do hate this sometimes Let's talk about price differences when you travel into different areas some areas of Thailand or a heck of a lot more Expensive but little things like food, I'm gonna show you this example here.

So first of all, I'm traveling you can see me travel I'm going from Bangkok to Koh Samui.

So I'm I'm gonna go so I've been in.



hold and let me grab the camera Okay, so let's let's do it let's do like we are going into camera so I'm going from Pattaya Where I've been and then I've been in Bangkok, of course there's a little bit here right in the center and Khao San Road, and then I'm going Down to do they did their Koh Samui.

I'm gonna fly from here to here so Let's uh, let's go.

It's this part the course of money, too Since you please about to start the show better take a seat It's been a while, but I'm back on top to the world it's mine.

I don't plan to stop Oh By the way, I've got these flights so that there are multiple ways to travel with the coast move from Bangkok You can get the bus on this cheap or you get the train some is cheaper by flu and I both these in advance around Sixty pounds, which is good prize to save so much time your journey But if you're really really on a budget you can go and check out the bus or the train much much cheaper much must you I Made it alive to a samui airport.

And this is the one and only Carousel behind me pray, please Please make sure my bag has come with me.

I'm gonna be in these clothes for the next 10 days Ladies and gentlemen key.

Don't be getting out the door taking Jude I'm on this world to teach you.

How am I gonna get? More covered as well.

I'm scared.

I'm gonna I'm gonna pull up.

Okay, so That's it.

I see.

I'm here in Koh Samui.

That is how you go from Bangkok Wow, I feel a little bit sick haven't seen my video on being sick and Thailand worst experience ever go check it out I said you have from Bangkok to Koh, Samui Really cheap and Koh Samui I mean I arrived at your hotel and then this is nighttime on the beach and the beaches here are beautiful So I'm just going to walk along now and find some food fuck mother Okay end up Being on the beach in the evening But take a look at the prices of things and tires 220 You want me to Ask for water, I've got a coconut No problem.

I like coconut 100 baht here and tell the price difference between here and Bangkok for the tire had high 120 and then you got to add fork to the half of 60 to 80 Let's see Let's see if this is worked with 280 baht for peg.

Hi please Show a few moments later Okay, so I got some snacks because that that wasn't a good experience So my first experience of Koh Samui getting food Not a great one.

I walk down the beach And found a restaurant and then it's probably my big mistake.

If you're gonna eat on the beach, you're obviously gonna pay restaurant prices It's a restaurant and pain on the beach.

You're gonna pay a little bit more What I paid for was 280 baht for a pad thai which You know from my other vlogs, if you haven't seen them go and check them out for food prices It's about six times the price five to six times of price of a pad thai elsewhere in Thailand It's getting close to the price of Back home for my takeaway pretty much the same price all in or milk cost me 500 but on the beach at night The staff won't can I say this the stark white very? Accommodating or attentive and their English wasn't Great, but usually in the other restaurants that I've been to Thai staff are really friendly accommodating.

They come up to you They can't do enough for you and here it was a bit of an effort to try and place an order Also, I ordered water and got a coconut.

I don't know maybe that was my mistake and Three people complained that there was stuff added to their bill that they didn't buy While I was there not the case for me, perhaps it was a mistake and prayer this is just the case for Restaurants on the beach perhaps it was just this restaurant.

I don't want to give it a bad name already So you day number one in Koh, Samui? but that wasn't a great experience and I'm starting to realize that Koh Samui is Getting towards Western prices anyway But near the peaks, there are big huge beautiful hotels that are Western prices If you check out some of these we can see that you know They're the same price as a hotel would be in Europe or America So people are coming here and paying Western prices.

Anyway, they're not doing the backpacking.

They're not They're not doing the budget trip, which this channel is kind of about so just to let you know That's the other side of Koh Samui tomorrow I'm gonna go and find you street food cheap food and how to do this on a budget If you don't know that's what this channel is all about cheap food cheap flights cheap hotels everything Subscribe if you want to know more hit the notifications as I continue around Koh Samui and I try and find you the best dealers for stuff.

Anyway, that's it I'm gonna sign off this evening in not such a bad mood because I've got myself Snacks at the 7-eleven and you'll know for my other video is how much I love snacks Okay, so I will see you on the next one.

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