Shocking Teacher Teaches Us! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

Hey everybody! It's Adventure Family! It's Me Ra and Brian, and we are so excited to take you back to Egypt! Yes! We're going to Aswan today.

Kids, say that with me.

That is so ridiculous.

No, grow up! We're going to Aswan because this is a really cool place where the Nubians are.

The Nubians live along the banks of the Nile.

And they are one of the oldest people groups in Egypt.

Living there for almost 3, 000 years.

Yeah, and the best part about this culture is that the men take pride in being the cooks and then playing the drums and singing afterwards because it's not enough just to cook.

You need to entertain us to afterwards.

That's right! I'm cooking you dinner Me Ra, and then afterwards I'm playing my drum! We're going to dance so much because I'm a MAN!.




Yeah! So we go into this classroom which is epic! This is a classroom unlike any other one.

It's one of my most favorite moments as a family traveling.

(Brian) Me Too.

This is.



looking at what we filmed, I was.



it's pretty intense.

It's probably the most intense classroom of little kids, or adults, or adults or anybody, I've ever been.

It's awesome though! We can't wait for you to see it! From there we do a photo shoot of all the different doors and colors that the Nubians have and then we do a special project that we were filming for Sony and Target.

So we'll show you a little bit of that.



(Brian) Well enjoy this experience in Aswan.

(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world.

It's a beautiful day.

You only get one life, don't let it slip away.

Let's take the world.

There's so much to discover.

We'll hang on to each other.

Let's risk it all.

Darling take my hand.

We'll make a change of plans.

What we don't know now, we'll find out when we get there.

It's all part of the adventure.

(new song) It's a perfect day for the roads.

The blue sky will take us home.

We'll take it easy.

We'll take it slow.

It's a good day for the road.

And time goes so fast When you're with the ones you love.

(Nubian children practicing Egyptian Alphabet and English Numbers 1-10) (Call to prayer begins on speakers) (Everyone must be quiet.

) (Call to prayer ends and back to school.

) (Pascaline) WOW! (Me Ra) Look at this! Blaze, go up to that black line again.

One, two, three! C'mon, this is the BEST day of your life.

(laughing) It's the best day of your life.

Okay guys, I've got to just say it.

When we walked into this classroom, and saw our teacher of this first grade class, she's not who I was expecting at all.

I was expecting a first grade teacher, sweet lady, and I think she was a very sweet lady.

But I was not picturing her to be dressed the way she was.

When we saw her with her with her all black garb and only showing her eyes, and she had black gloves on, I was nervous.

When I've seen photos of people dressed like that it's usually associated with things that scare me.

I was really confronted with being a little afraid and judging and she turned out to be a very sweet lady.

She picked up one of the kids and was teaching them their 1, 2, 3's.

She was so patient with them.

Way more patient thank I would be with a classroom like that.

(Blaze) That's not hard.

(Brian) But it was intense for me.

(Me Ra) She was amazing.

I just remember how cute the kids were.

And it was so funny because we're all in like t-shirts, shorts and we're sweating.

And one of the kids actually, you'll notice, has ear muffs and like a ski jacket on.

And I'm like, you're so adorable, but how are you not dying of heat?! They had coats on, pants on, I don't even know if they had gloves.

But they were decked out.

(Me Ra) It was their winter.

Like my watch was making my wrist sweat.

And they have snow jackets on.

It was crazy.

(Pascaline) But the kids were really cute! So did you guys even notice that the teacher was dressed in all black? What did you think? You were eight years old.

Did it make you nervous? Or was it just interesting? Because you haven't grown up seeing.



It was just there I feel like.

It was interesting.

It wasn't like the usual thing, but I actually don't really know what the usual thing is because I'm homeschooled.

(Brian) Maybe the teachers in America dress like that.

For all you know, all teachers are dressed in black! Thanks everyone for watching and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to touch that like button.

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