Single Man in Thailand Beware of These Things

hi this is Peter from Bank of Diariesand today we are going to talk about five don'ts of Thailand, Thailand is abeautiful country however just like any other countries in the world it also hasits black side and when you come to Thailand as a tourist or on aholiday it is very important for you to keep in mind a a few essential things thatwill help you stay out of trouble so the first thing that I'm going to talk toyou guys about is a question that every Thai girl or every person in Thailand whowants to strike a conversation with you or you want to strike a conversationwith is going to ask you and that is how long are you going to stay in Thailand You Holiday in Thailand for how long? now that question is nothing but away to know how long are you in Thailand and whether or not you're goingto come back to them and how much time do they have to take your money, now thebest way to answer that question is tell them as long a period that you can tellthem that you're staying by, for example if you're in Thailand for one month youhave to tell them that you are there for three months, you know that way they knowthat that you are going to visit them again and they will not try to rip youoff the first time you meet them so whenever somebody asks you how long areyou staying in Canada if you are there for a weektell them you're there for three months that way they are going to take careof you a little more than in case if you know that you are inThailand for a shorter period of time point number two, never ever talk toanybody about how much money you have or never tell anybody how much moneyare you going to exchange or you have big amount of money in your hotel roomor in your condo, do not talk about how much money you have – never ever a Thai girlor a Thai lady is going to ask you how much cash do you havebut just in case even if they ask you just mention that you have bare minimum 99.

9 percent of the times you may notface a problem but there have been cases where you know a local person came toknow about somebody who has a big amount of money inside their hotel, they kept awatch on the person and when the person walked out of their hotel they raidedtheir hotel room and took away all the cash, so it is very important for you butit is very important for you to ensure that you do not talk about the cash thatyou have, the amount of money you are going to exchange or anything related tothe money that you have or that can make you target, point number three you knowwhenever you are visiting Thailand especially if you're a single man you would want to get into a conversation with the local Thai girl ormaybe a ladyboy if that's your interest you know you can meet a local Thai girlat a bar or the club or at a restaurant, at the beach anywhere for that matterand and and then sometimes you would want to take them back to your hotelroom or your condo, now that's fine till there however if you have a guest ininside your hotel or a condo who you do not know and whois a local person from Thailand, ensure that you keep all your cash and all yourvaluables in a safe place, every hotel or condo in Thailand has a safetydeposit box and they are there for a reason make use of them put all yourcash all your valuables anything that is of value to you inside that safe todeposit these safety deposits are there for a reason, make use of them and stayout of trouble.

Now I'm going to talk about the fourth very important thing thatone should keep in mind while they're in Thailand and that is you have to bebeware of the ladyboys be very cautious when you're dealing with a ladyboy themost of the ladyboys who actually work in Thailand are workingprofessionals but it is highly recommended that you take utmost carewhile you are with a ladyboy at the end of the day these ladyboys are menand they have the same kind of strength as a man would have in case ifthere is a bad situation that arises and it is I mean you need be you know theycan take that avatar of a man come out of the shell of a woman and take thatavatar of man and do anything that a a normal man would do in a bad kind ofthe situation, so you have to be careful when every ladyboy and ensure that youfollow all the points that we've mentioned in the in this videothroughout from keeping your cash out of their sight, using the safety deposit, never ever tell them how long you are you are inThailand and and just try not to get into an argument or a bad situation withthem.

now I'm going to talk about fifth andvery very important point which which very often happens in Thailand, you knowwhen we are on a vacation and we are in the holiday mood we virtuallydrink throughout the day and sometimes in that state, we tend toget into arguments with local Thais, now I highly recommend that you do not getinto a scuffle or a fight or an argument with a local Thai person, if you get intoa fight with a local Thai person within minutes you would see you know four orfive and even ten Thais gathering together and they can beat you to pieces, believe me, I've seen that happen in front of me when a person picked up afight with a local guy Thai mand was a local taxi driver and withinminutes there were 15 to 20 taxi drivers surrounding that man who had fought with the local taxi driver and they were almost coming to blows, youknow it is always advisable if there is somebody was instigating you, there'ssomebody who's trying to get into your way just, walk away from this situationyou may be a man of great physical strength who can take you know one ortwo or three men at a time but Thailand is not the place to get into fights, some of these men carry knives they can cut you, they can take yourwallet, they can you know put you in a very bad state and it is best and inyour interest that if there is somebody who is instigating you, is trying to pick upa fight with you, who are trying to get into your way, you ignore that person anddo what you've come to talent to do is to enjoy yourself and not get into afight all of us remember that you have come to Thailand to party, you have cometo Thailand to have a good time and and not get into a situation where you cometo blows with somebody you know if that kind of situation happens I'm highly recommending walk away from itdo not let your ego come in the way just walk away from the situation it will bein your best interest and and you will end up actually taking back to your homesome good memories and not some bad memories from that.

yeah so those wereessentially the five things that I wanted to talk to you guys about that ifyou keep in mind while you're in Thailand it is going to save you somebad time and you will have nothing but good memories while you go back to yourhome country.

okay thank you so much for for listening through this if you haveany questions any anything that you want to ask me about done and you knowanything right from where can you get the tips from about your visa which arethe best hotels in any any part of Thailand in case if you're looking toretire in Thailand if you're looking to set up a business in Thailand anyquestion for that matter, if you have on your mind, you can comment and ask meand I will be happy to answer.

okay thank you so much for for you foryour time today hope you have a wonderful stageuntil backs beautiful memories from this beautiful beautiful country.

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