Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Episode 14

you Solomon's tales he's back in Pattayawe've left that's breakfast at 11:00 in the morning comes a walks out of thebeach turns right gives along a bit of a bit of a walk then purchase himself onthe sort of wall looking out to the sea contemplating life contemplating getinside I

know this system it loves it there something special some feelingthat people is absolutely okay there's all the wonderful pretty ladies but it'sjust so different from normal life back in your own country and work but it'snot cheap keep staying there keep spending money every day beer food girlshe can

easily spend 5,000 bad day ten days and bad day which is yes a fewhundred pound every day you you consume pile through the money he thinks I'mgoing back to the UK he thinks will they ever come back here which it's not agood place for for a single guy

you could easily want to stay here and livehere oh right what haven't I don't input a never triedthose fearless first few visits music SOI six a lot about it he walked up anddown it cut the time to just what look like normal bars quite a few wereenclosed I

walk up there he wanders up the beach a bit further past centralwork so he seeks to be honest scruffy Road and has lots of pies up there twocars part on tour one site of not part where we're either bikes everywheredeliveries beer and everything going to the bars but

there's girls all over theplace sat outside the bar in a row on seatas a walk-up he thinks okay first beer in the dayokay somewhere FTC's doors oh look through the door so you cut the girls inthere and as any ghosts so as you walk in the bar on

one side there's a twoseater set sofa and then there's a gap and there's another two seater sofafacing the same way then another one but I'm facing a wallnot one guy's out of the bath or a girl talking to himtwo girls sat on one of these seats and they

sort of beckon him in sit down onthe sofa first sofa so it's facing to the other side in front of it and Iwanted to drink yeah he could make mind every logo well whatever Chang it was itso she gets up walks across the bar was a good four

feet away quite small butthe other girl drops onto her knees so she sat on a sofa facing him she dropsonto his knees there Neath she shuffles towards him anything he's looking downat her next thing she's I'm doing his short girls over there comes back with abeer bottle in

these sort of rubbery condom thing keep it cool walks the honeyrose starts massaging hisshoulders the learning friend becomes a dentist or an extraction in process inprogress there's a guy sat there five feet awayfrom him with his back to him but talking to a girlbarmaid door behind him wide

open to the soy massage or extraction he's like whatfast at what he'd thought so experienced that before this way the term drinkin and all this going onit's like but imagine of the bars fall and there's several bent is tin that guywhatever it seems to be a service or

relax and any time I drink it we getmassaged the girl in front of Amina succeeds and goes to the cleanup andstitch up operation and all sorted it just sort of calmly walks off to alittle of must be a toilet at the bank it comes back so it's very

fragilemembers may be drinking he's like I mean he's sort of embarrassed he's like Ireally want to get out of here early now he says our big champion gave me thebill knocks a beer back still got a massagegoing on here becomes bang a t-bar for the girl in front

the dentist was about500 bar he felt obliged to give the girl we threw her hundred bar 600-700 bow heonly been in there like 30 minutes is that beer senior dentist had a massagethat SOI six expect the unexpected and he's like a little bit embarrassing ofthis all different is

like weird in open in the open bars poor thingI'll be yet act act order big key things I got that's what sorry sixes anythingthat's what every bar is down there basically it's just a very big dentistarea or instruction area good experience very goodwould you do it again may

be quite cheap hmm yeah hits on a peach walks on thebeach bit she's on the beach again on the wall up cause people watching aswell as loads of people on the beach lay down on sheets and things haven'tmastered proper oil massages you think I'll try one of those

this week looksquite nice I'll sound about but what a morning he's going to be named Petarewhat 18 hours is how the Gildan looks like ning you asleepfood mistake breakfast scene the dentist chilling on the beach yeah oh he thinksoh my god had a healthy yet Thailand no system

okay now last time he was therehe worldwide go go go Ron the front the beach somewheresleep or soy six so he wasn't far away any thinking can't you another drinknot so much another woman but bit of music so to look at yeah tan hatchedhappy yet walks along not

far it's openabsently midday is open unusual gogo bars open midday go yet crosses the roadfrom the beach and he goes quite a lot of girls in there working on the pollsand think so this is the life sits on the side a little bit away from thestage in the

sort of middle was the drink malazan comes over just chattingto him he's after a drink ye know not a lot biting he just in there's a relaxingstuff about walk a look and he'd been in there maybe the first time he'd causepercent and he had taken a girl from

theresure enough yeah she's on the stage now he sort of recognized her she recognizedhim straightaway start waving he covered his that the girl on my shorts then hestarted think back it so feels like forever since that time what she did wasshe annoying things I can't remember he she

couldn't remember he get he didn'tminds along with music when she's down she comes of course straight overnot that him drink drink drink drink drink me though it feels obliged youknow you don't remember yeah okay she said thank starts talking pretty girlpretty very nice I don't really it just

had a visit to the dentist is like noneeds as to it I'm just relaxing today I drink too much yesterday usualI'm a beer and sits with the girl watching the other girls and then againhe's feeling a bit all grazing and I don't want another girl on yetsunny lunchtime

she's pushing him her hip not not finishing the bear said thatmaybe I see you another day I'm here for but with you another day wasn't goodmood go to next okay don't go packing the places you've been specially heretook a girl because if you're not going into there you

go you odds on you'regoing to find the same girls going to spot you you felt awkward there as wellsorry six felt awkward cuz it's not too late to be a great day so farPaige had been her lady drink about 120 per 100 but for his Eddie comes brightsunlight

in each a mag from that dark go go he's like war I think I'm going backto the hotel I fancy a swim but I don't think that hotels got a pool but hecouldn't remember I wanna swim popular on the beach but go back to hotelget me swimming shorts

and stuff don't disturb go down a swimgood idea but the song tell back buses think I'm belated cheese jumps on 110bar time so I up grabs his stuff good as a swim sit on the beach well to tire outthe hotel he has a relaxing cup lies down on

the beachquite a few people coming up tryna sell stuff to himthere's a good silk sunglasses if you eat a few free dancing girls coming upchatting these are like blimey Ohand wrote plan of action this is the first full day of terror what I'm gonnado tonight go get a

Walking Street gotta goand so many past and there's so many gogo bars you just can't see them allyou think I'll go get some I'm not seen before have a lookI think that's the plan that's the hotel cuddle ask it I start early this can ohyeah enter the evening

clothes and clothes onshower throw some clothes on food first adventure starts walking on the beachroad towards walking Street Plaza shopping center Burger Kingthat'll be good good bit of substance in he goes Burger King there's friesanswers exercise already shave scene asked him and talking as he's walkingpast any other

sensor that you can see at the window who attended all they'relined up up what a place there is a woman for every single person on thisplanet and they all live in Pattaya he think and easy SATA thinking I wonderwhat this these girls really good bad what experience would

be is there a wifethere on how to go there this for a wife oh no no no he's going for the fourweeks Hellenistic holiday tie-down animus system for state don't come backwith her or wife no not in his plans he had his burger cheeky know where he wascomes

outside the free heart skills are all wavy them not in a winking turnsthat head into Orchestra so it must be seven and even really early crosses overto the beach site pavements better but there is girls all we don't and guys satthere and ladyboys everything and he makes it

allthe way along to walk history right action walking streetthere's a hundred bar there probably 3040 gogo bars nightclubs plan of actionfirst night walking street what will happenhow will the night turn out he's done a few of these before these bars but he'sgoing to do ones that he's not

done I leave it there we were in Walking Streethe's already had a pretty good day but the night young pocket full of money notsomething different art ladyboys is not enter ladyboys even though they'rebeautiful there's a few ladyboy bars on walking tree but now what can we whatcan be

different he's had a couple of girls at the same time you know the oldin urban okie Street see you on the next one what will he do

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