Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Episode 15

Thomas tells he's just arrived in warhistory we compare first night early 17 even now if he hits this hard he'll behammered by 9 10 o'clock it going to a park dear is it half man of 45 minutesyou're on to the next part you just bar-hopping you're going to

be hammeredso he's got planning up it up the soft drink beer soft drink and the blacknow he's traveling around on his own all the time this holiday is not reallyhooked up with anyone he's only 50 meters in lot of the gurgler barsthere's four or five girls outside dressed

in different outfits so thatsome there looking like nurses they've got the placards with the prices it'shappy hour early in the evening prices a day he dives into the one feel stressnurses go-go bar in egos or was a drink usual how many is pretty much onceyou've been in the

go to Isis it's a little bit boring musics good dealsdifferent outfits sometimes they haven't got outfits on sometimes I saw thelittle shows going on in between but they're pretty much is saying onceyou've done a few gogo bars they get a little bit monotonous and these sort ofisn't that

age with at least look a bit fed up with them but pretty girls andall the rest of it please give something different this week he wants me yeahjust go in the bar as a drink but the things it fancy comes out things another50 meters there's an alley off

to the left he you remember time there was wasit happier go there where there's a couple of good gogo bars down at onealley they did shows and clothes often andthere's some upstairs some stuff as well maybe it was the second alley but youremember they were quite Lively but

better to do them at the end of theevening okay so I'm carrying out a little bit more and pretty much into themiddle of Water Street there's the escalator as disco marinejust get whatever is no I said whatever that disco is this escalator up there isa russian girl via

bar I think and suppliers underneath now the girl gounderneath because I could go just past that got some type option or somethingjust passed another beer bars flicks into there he thinks I'm going to goaround the beer boss and as Lou load them it's just a covera lot of

girls letter to girls not so many customers on this evening he's justwalking through the beer bars section trying to clock something differentmethods catching his eye and he's Moorhead's through that the back you canactually see the sear back so it's not the rank thanks to the back a bit

notjust quite a drink and look forward and see just watch what's going onpurchasing stuff about two or three girls as far as a quiet one gets a drinklook through the back you can see the city start well I need to look at allthese be a bastard loads of

them so he must be almost at the end of walk astrayon the right-hand side by now and for all these beer bars it's gone pardonclose the disc on downside the road Simon's disco he's had just gotten pastyou I think he's on the other side plus the girls in

these papers but he can'tget his head around what he's gonna do East I'm looking for something he's notsure was as a soft-drink pays that bill still onhis own goes for i towards walking street onto the street stops at the barat the front before actually leaves the complex grabs

a beer now he's just goingto people watch and there's hundreds walking past girls going these couplesthey II bought everything I said a good spotperched himself there beer not bothered with the girls in the bar it looks andnothing special any start seeing if he get gills to a time

walking outfreelancers and halfway through beer capital freelancers walk past ones gotshort hair bring not back brain great figure just what cause I saw number alittle bit different with another girl jet black long hair this was walkingback down towards the beach and right backhe thinks hmm no they're going

in trees took his fancy knots of their back pageof in walks a to spit of some of he's following them he's looking aroundwhat's going on a bars and stuff he walks all they down walking Streetbehind these two girls he stills like I just passed a ladyboy bar on

the rightthere just right at the end of walking straight back to the sewing the onethat's over anything's wrong god these girls flip right so going away from thebeach and he should go around the corner and we go into the bar on the rightbamboo bar now you remember this

he'd been innovative freelancer everything'snot perfect like I go with short act he goes as hostess is around bringing beersand lots of girls sat around and there's music going on really good atmospherewhich is two of us actually just stayed by the barn right so heads in the tableso in

the middle any sort of nods at these girls as you do and both of themand they stood positive it's actually a table it's for seeds lots of them overthey come close like okay John goes sit down buy a drink shortedge so she sat one side humming our own

Ellathey said that for hundreds it's not ladies doing a price is just normalbraces then were that and he starts talking to the has to talk to both ofthem and a couple of minutes later other girl walks in how about proceed whoknows these two girls clocks her down herself

on the seat in front of it itwas like why only invited you to go away no no friends they put all their friendsin any way ignores their and his I'm not buying drinks he starts or turns andstarts talking to this short-haired girl no idea nameswell anyway he's like

you work in any butter or not now of course notwhat's the prices in these whispering embarrassed or asking him I thoughtpriced exempt a short time 1500 about long timing you what she's really nicekilled really good trying to go freelancer there's no safety here ifanything goes wrong nowhere to

go back and complain but anything's hmm reallynicely please early still early you never tell you about 8:30 is what you dotonight as you say disco can go anywhere up to you as always hesaid what's happening is raising good and then her friend on the other sidepipes up excite

yeah I want to be excitedwas he excited it's some sort of club where it's a tight Club people on stagesinging sort of place am beans this place and he had heard the name beforebut maybe seen on the Internet this girl got all excited then the shortbar we had

let's kill excite but not open yet another drink we go excited wecheck we take you excite now the third girls piping in like getting all excitedyou guys oh God it's only moneylong ago why not three girls an evening let's get drunksee where it ends up fuck it out

yes agree how he's got money in his pocketbut he hasn't got anything else on him okay says so he agreed by this thirdgirl a drink so another round of drinks and they know and he says it's quitenoisy had fire leaks like this at all the third where I

think it's sort ofexpect third road or something like that so we go another bar first at some ofthese freelancers do work in bars as freelancers or like and get kicks packkickbacks so he's like okay okay J not fast not far so pay depending anybodywas lesson it was you

know it was about 500 pass 600 bar for these drinks fineinside and he's thinking it's going to be just walk up the road she's likesantel at bus but they all hop in because around thecorner the lights long second road they get up so sort of middle job pay

sothere aren't second round round the mill almost 37 so eh is somewhere aroundthere they start walking up a bill inside the road away from the beachout towards sort of saw a big hair and stuff guess up this road walking a bitunder meters into into this bar on the

right it's just a beer bar medium-sizedbut they go in easy in be three years and everyone's a PC all the other girlsand stuff of working they're happy to see them this thinks oh god now I'm notplaying everyone drinks and not ringing a bellif you're in the three girls

say it drinks supporters the three girls drinksany measuring pass in the table a couple of them are off chatting away and youget for the short there and he's like so excited we go inside now you hang outyeah you'll get friends well friends come well I you say I'm

not paying allyour friends he's like no no that's okay okay don't worry we've got like so havesuddenly yesterday there's a six girls were in named the three they paid theirown bars he hasn't paid he's got a is been when he leaves there it's just fordrinks and it's normal

price it's not lady drinks either so these girls maybedidn't work in that bar but it's just for drinks at about 240 but you know iceokay now he's got six girls with it what what an exciting other start payingentrance fees and stuff it's getting on for about 10 right

and it gives usmotive attack see hang on six girls and me motorboat haulloads of motorbike taxes short air system come with me get on same with youget Tom up he set on this motorbike the guy Solomon and the level sure they'restuck on back at the top of but

hanging on to him for dear life exciting since Ifought mitosis going up the wrong roads wrong direction turning into the trafficis like G on some rap third road to go into the big car park it will blow ashorter piece of taxi by texting yourself all the girls think

paid forthe bikes how free right okay free ride yeah right sit there way that's going tobe a free ride he steps to the entrance and girls allgotta show IDs is what Cisco he gets charged hunger mad about tundra bargirls get in free what okay it's all big dog

black take doors and go in and hisleg music and you come into this place there's a stage there's people on theredancing and singing then there's no seats and whole areas like a like anightclub but with tables the Pope the collapse your chest height small roundtable chest like loads

of them and walk fix into the floor there's tons of themand let's not know how many people in there there's a few in there alreadyit's an early tennis and the girls pulling walk over to a round table sonow he's got six girls and him on a little round

table and the girl saysokay whiskey get whiskey is oh no I don't drink whiskey no I whiskey whiskeynow at one whiskey for us you get beer okayis it well what he taught himself in Italy your waves hostess comes over BIAgets a singer turns up bucket of ice with

a pot the whiskey and loads ofglasses and another small bucket there with ice and is beer that's it they'reall piling water what so the water then turns up and I hang on a minutethere's a bottle whiskey soda water all this isit what's this guy costs he saysI'm actually

paint hundred baht for his drink the whiskey for everything 800 barthanks wolf well well what the hell okay the page there and then that lot bangpaid really is going on 15 minutes gone alreadyWilkinson in this one whiskey sort of might put he's got six gills with it nowhave

hedonistic is that is if he look cool back to his mates of six girls withme six that's easy

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