Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Episode 16

hi Simon here Solomon tells numberexciting we're in that excite nightclub Solomon's in the pig fight both but sixgirls with it round table whisky ice bucket ice so the waterhe's got beers great music everyone's digging and dancing around the tablesthe girls all of the six kills are sort of

taking it in turns to come round andexcept manga short hair here short hair is stood next to Solomon their names kayit turns out short air Bob really attractive Gregg figure she's make saymajor Solomon man ninety-five links Devon holder for three girls they pickedup halfway up that left one

bar red attractive that one was veryunattractive they are all leading valley number one that Amanda method runmassage and rub them in places they sure need some squeezing his backside and digin and Hannah laughs so they're drinking they're on a session you should never ifyou're in any country get

drunk and hammered with people you don't knowfreelance girls next morning has a big jump Solomon it was his eyes so hangoverfrom hell now he's only had about four thousandbad with it died before left in his pocket and he said sir this short a kiltI've only got four thousand

bar that's itit'd be breaking out work and he starts looking around and he's in a strangeroom so it's just it's a like a 12 foot 12 foot room and looks on his right inthe bed the beds on the floor the mattress in two times right and he's gota

girl which one anyway it's got four girls to his rightthere's another little mattress single mattress there this foreigner money'sright it turns out he'll got these weirdkiddies pajamas on good cartoon characters to his left right next to himshort at K pants and bra behind her cuddled right up tight

the other girlfrom the bamboo bar the one that was walking down walking street with aPattinson bra and him and look at just his boxer shorts on the side where alike what what happened and he's like oh no he's in a room with six girls norecollection of he remembers

drinking at the Excite that's it blankKelly start staring at it kay and his other girl both okay I don't think gotthat rug because she was straight awake CMG you okay you okayOh hangover or what happened she's gonna walk I get drunken we'll come back herestay here everything okay

okaywhatta you want hangover food please like bread qusomes rolls coffee okayparacetamol so she could stand up very attractive Craig they get great bodythrow some clothes on kicks her friend just take care kicks the other girl onthe other side take care and off you go so the girl both

side move snuggle upone starts massaging his head to the ones just massaging chest and curl up inmy sock let's get excited and room Nana if Ijust barf asleep but and what oh this is other night he just slept with six girlsnot really but we have these slept with

six killed that had a mystic forty-threewere freelancers three works in a bar usual edges they've taken care of it15 20 minutes later cake in fact he's like she kneels down got a bottle ofwater saw her tablets paracetamol here you go take the sits open and she's likesort of

a table and a seat over there push him get up go over there a chest inhis boxes sits him day she bought some quite songs from the bakery or hercoffee Samuel own and all the girls gonna startto stir well cuddle them up but lucema stirring and he thinks

coffee has aquestion oh right anything's what happens now case be square English tablewill drink drunk and come back room she say sorry we spend your fourth eggsand bath gone she said I spent 2,000 baht and he oh my god thinks ladies andbar that means they must got through

about seven or eight balls of whiskey ormonkeys beers as well this is my god I saw that first no no no he said navviesbut she was happy to spend two days about not running back neither ninehours off it and she's really smiling and happyGod knows what's over the

morning it was probably bad tennis Pig risotto aminoused it anyway so was this case home reason you live itno no Mallory she's I want to go get changed you back hotel okay he start tofeel a bit better but still hangover what's more coffee more coffeeso okay says goodbye

to the hills grab some at the door and they are gotNatalie were way away from the beach outside and it's a big scene Aryan orsomething apartments of it yeah being there before so it going sighs she's acouple of bike taxi sat at the front on the road it's

quite a big apartment andcondos with cars everywhere the water the front of the road gets it by taxithrough Salomon on behind the guy jumps on the back tells the bike taxi where togo and he's over he's just about hanging on for grim life no helmet so this mustbe

he's had one night one complete night so they arrived something like this aslooked like Tuesday morning a bike taxi off toCaze room again it's another sort of condo places and she says I got getchanged sit outside outside below these condosand things was that a little cafe and Psalm

is like cafe he got no money shepaid to buy taxi that's good he ain't got nothing left hehang on a minute but the way the coffee is she's already bought income she'seither like Oh coffee here I said this 100 bar freelancer giving him money backjackpot how do you

who sits outside this cafecoffee on those cigarettes he's like ah coffees cost 25 barshe says buried buried cigarette you know yeah they got about 40 I buy somecigarettes I burned her bag on pretty much smoking away coffee heads startingto clear a little bit and he's like I remember

last night six girls what couldhave been could have been painful could have been really bad could have ended upin all sorts of Brahms oh dear but now he's freelance that's about three ofthem I freelance brilliant okay she is something else she's really great girl so he finished his

acting coffee and hejust sort of walks in there's like a reception area goes and just looks downthe coils just lots of little rooms some bus is quite depressing buildingactually but please no names comes back at the frontitems cake Tristan most marks from 3/4 that choiceand nice time got

back to a rucksack as well am I going to rub them what's howold backpack what she said we go your hotel shower because it's happeningsince you come as much as yeah cuz you think what company what hang out you cantake Jeremy bike taxi actually those though she pays

to find taxiso she's at her pocket about 2,140 bow or something mention your pen name maybewell he's got pay her back anyway into his hotel after his room and okay don'tstir up slack on the foot on the sort of desk mirror a bit he said I have ashower

and it's such strict not to go in the shower embarrassed it goes in throwmiss Rosa gets in the shower get in with it k appears and he goes amazingabsolutely click around the room whatever hour half an hour two minuteswhatever it was he right aerobics throwing brilliant she's really

nicegirl I met a girl like this before inThailand then massage like Finnish robux that's really good massageoh let's go in and his life really nice anyway I can shower again right the foodit's just a cape so what you're not work bar Allah not work just yeah around findcustomer

sometimes sometimes work bar a little bit not have a boyfriend I havekids not married never been married whether this is true or not no one knowsshe's just I spent the day with you he's like oh yeahso definitely feelings no problem she's here he a anything's at moneyflicks into

the safe throws a three thousand bar so the Alps for last nightand morning which is like sure yet he grabs another pack of the five thousandbut into closer safe locks it up she's happy she or somebody a bonus and a tipand he's like bright food lol leave their

ups out there okay dressed nicehe's put if smart shirt on me go buy some more clips stay another week youneed them she's cheaper to buy new clothes and get a laundry you knowshirts is like a hundred barn short of to three hundred bottom right foods orwhether you're foodies

setting road at Casey went before wehave the state up there just opposite loaves of Thai food all the bar girls goto anything she says go up there you want tofu English Western he's like Thaifood rice meat throwing up a bit all that alcohol what they'd want her up

topsoil a round to the right a lot of it and there's stack of restaurants Thaifood little restaurants that they pile in have some food chat a bit get to knoweach other a little bit more she's really digging him and he's reallydigging her and she's it's quite interesting and

quite cleverintelligence oh that's that girl sorts of special oh dear this is the Tuesdaylunchtime and then we give back to the UK remember has an SD colony wasdefinitely turning out like that and it's going to get tight and out of hissystem cool so eat food got that time

againokay she's special it's different heyshe's special he sort of met her on Beach Road sort of followed her into thebamboo bar which is a Long Beach Road the first initial ever named K hackremember some song we've done stories about that name K please not say nocoincidence but he

can sort met to create answer on sort of beaches Road inthe bamboo book catch all the next one

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