Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Final Episode 11

I have you Salomon 11 he's in is cleanerI saw sir he's just taking this an Engel from a beer part of Bangla Road aerobicsshort time three thousand bars costly Anna is absolutely rubbish this girllooked amazing um Oh total waste of time and money absolutelyor not happy he's like

that's it there's your money get out after our waste oftime throw right pay dirt still daddy's happy so you see these stunning gorgeousones they just they're not the best aerobics teachers they're not the bestanyway sleeps morning sleeps in a bit gets up there's no breakfast at those soyou

can have breakfast there you can buy it but it's not includedhe gets that ones down the beach back to that bar at Dolphin bar gets coffee takesome time to wake up eventually wanders along the beach cafeand gets breakfast so he needs a different plan of action expensivegood-looking girls

Bangla Road you disappoint it is so expensive he reallyneeds a freelancer or a beer bar maybe the other ones on the second road maybethey'd be cheaper so you think our dad will walk up later to those ones behindthe market and see the process he mooches around it looks

at some of thesetour companies and see what's enough for this all the islands pp Island JamesBond the other islands weather were made he hadn't come here for thathe'd come for the hedonistic holiday but he wanted this to be his last time inThailand he wanted to get it out

of his system and he was getting my bug he justdidn't want it he knew nothing good could come of it so it wasn't going todo the island but he was studying he crab he was the back of his mind crabbycrappy he's exist this Phuket is so expensivelike this

it's just going to cost a fortune and the girls just really notdoing it for him so he Mills around for the day they were sleeping afternoon offearly at 6:00 6:30 up the road from the hotel those be a party got right gethimself a girlfriend for the night would

go off and get a meal I have agirlfriend experience and he has a quick walk up the 6 or 8 bars looking onecatches I on the other side so it goes to that bar drink starts chatting to ausual then he asking the price what's the bar phone at

this bar 500 busmuch cheaper any test this girl she's quite good-looking in a bit differentshape they look a little bit heavier bill but really nice and cheeky just howmuch short so 2500 bargain of wow it's a beer bar awayfrom banging the room how much long time four thousand

this is not happening it'sjust eating that it forget it does this drink so right freelancers let's go andlocate some and it's early out of the complexheading up Bangla Road he thinks right gotta find out where all the freelancerseat drink where they are you remember cement Beach he sent

you pattaya beachroad they in the daytime they're going to be milling around there earlythey're going to be rounded into Bangla Road walking through not seeing anyplaces only still just start to come alive people come to work girls get downto the beach end it's like a police building the

tourist police there andsix around the corner and then there's a a lot of concrete seats as you go alongthe beach sure enough freelancers all the way along thanks right let's find afreelancer let's just find the price at what's it all about here in Phuket hewalks on 50 yards

hundred yards one girl on their own sat there quite pretty itwas over sits down next to it says hi and her English is reasonable needsstraight out with it what's the pride prices for girls herethere's no bar fine but there's no come back if there's aproblem you've got nowhere

to go back to it's a gamble 2500 barit's like short time 2000 put his freelancers asking the same price as thegirls and the bars and things he didn't even bother asking how much for a longtime and that's it he's right now how we bothered it just eat like

this is megetting tired and out of my system I'm going to man up tonight not taking agirl I'm just that's it I'm not into it Phuket Phuket beachesare beautiful shops the prices that it's all tourists but it's gorgeous beacheshe knows there's lovely beaches knows all about the islands

this would be aperfect honeymoon location really great place however it is not the place for ahedonistic holiday there's no speciality bars that you could spot there wasnothing aware there was you know like the Eden Club in Bangkok this is notgoing to work out this is beautiful place but

it's not for this type ofholiday crappiest didn't ease my knees likecrappy right he's walking along the beach he sings I'm going to go back tothose bars near the hotel just get hammered these little tour shops hestops off at one little girl in there it speaks good English crappy

how do I getthere how much choice by minivan it's about 1,200 bars to go around or you canget a boat from Phuket town and the minivan will pick you up from the hoteltake you to Phuket town to the port click on a boat it goes to PPI eventwhich

is half more than halfway we stopped there for a bit of snorkellingwalk around the beach and PP Island for an hour you can get back on the nextboat go to crappy it's a few hours I think swell okay and it's something like1200 pass 1500 pass the whole package

you think that's it so it takes books itnext morning is going to be going gives those details Hotel heaven off he goeslong to that there's three beer bars on that corner as you come down from hishotel it spends a night there and he starts you need to feel

the people justin the way as you do a few girls there he starts to get a little bit drunk buthe thinks I'm not going to get to am excited to get up in the morningno girls there these fantasies and these things but yeah he gets hammered wealways do

everyone does ego Hamlet but I think that it wasn't too late and hecrawled back up to the hotel he successfully gets up in the morningchecks out minivan turns up Claire minutes late it's always fooled me van so it'salready done all the hotel pick up so that was good

anyway it round the corneralong the beach back up shot off data to get old time drops everyone out of theport oh well organised really good boat onyou yet our two hours across PP Island people who jumped off the boat inAuckland as it is sort of sat next to

PPI before I went to the beach peoplewith snorkeling is a bit of a hangover but it look prettyhe went to the beach and gone gets off on the beach those are boats there andyou straight to a cafe coffee more breakfast chili another beer of courseand that's just to

wander along the round the PP round the main beach areaon the beach on the other side back to the boat I'm about our crappy own Nangis the area in Krabi where he landed didn't know too much about crabby butknew there is nightlife there and it was a lot

cheaper than Phuket it contrivedalong the beach so he shops he got off foot severs the area andwalked along this case you could see those Burma Beach shops can make outmaybe some bars up there but to his right was a road going up and half waythat he could see

maybe 150 metres McDonald's on the left but a look likelots of little hotels up at Road appeal but okay pull it a sees light and hewandered up that road he spots some complex on a right this is alcove alittle dead-end Road we get sealed and this about ten

bars everything's fromhere we go that's a nightlife it's a bigger hotels and resortsshop on the left he walks past kind of apreferred hotel up it's a big mountain behind walk big hill behind rock faceslooks a bit scary if that came down anyway comes this one looks in receptionnice

guy speaks English thing he was Norway or someone Norwegian and says wehave rings we have pool swimming pool okayHazen bar coming up in the room so took saunas case off him through thereception through blood dark reception area round to the right and it opened upthat was a nice

swim pool that there was a again it's below the jet Pinot Noir inthere's a bit of a cafe restaurant bit over in the corner with a cover nicerooms two-story nice pool but there was a gap there between the buildings andthere was the rock face going up right behind

the rooms like okay sighs aboutone of the rooms next to the pool perfect but it was just a normal doorand a normal little window basic room nothing special double bed shower Saif Aldinhello no idea but she's okay the problem letters know we've got fewempty rooms what now not

too full alone perfect so this is just what you typesome lunch again is two ish Phuket he's given up on he seemed PPO and the basicshe didn't go to walk all the way up to the top he's now in traffic own anglesfantastic hopefully a lot cheaper hopefully this

stuff to do here you got it he has a quick swim and as agirl he loves these girls by the pools as an older woman and as it'll build thework service she's nice to you I wonder of course the chance on one tripchatting away to his owners when

he gets a beer brought with restaurant hotelbills anyway which could be I stay a couple dayscheck that young lady up he goes it's changing it right let's go explore walksdown the road my dolls why not Western food it's not too spreadout a bit and he thinks maybe I'll

get myself a bike motorbike here becauseit's probably going to be spread a I might need to get around a bit and writeobsolete dollars is the woman with bikes he's made three hundred baths a day Ithink yeah why not I will wander around on the bike lovebikes decide what's

due tonight it goes acrossrents a bike one day okay pays the money passport all the rest ofit takes first copy just a little step through Honda click and next to thebikes he can see again if that Lane where there's about ten beer bars tooearly at the moment for

them but they're there rightclocks on the bike down to the beach along the front half where themCentrepointe or something there's a load of bars there that's good got themmarked keeps on their ends a bit of a marina then the road goes round bighotels and things resorts it comes

into a sort of next to the beaches some nicerestaurants on the other side this market is a couple of bars up there aswell and then it seems to just go on from that left it up there so it's onlyabout a mile I don't have long and it exactly

that's all on hang is it's justone row down one river long bit of a wiggly bit and it keeps on going butit's okay we've spotted three areas of bars it's very laid back thosebackpackers floating around here ah he stops at the far end there next tothe beach parts

of I get a beer I think this will domaybe I'll have a couple of days chilling here to recharge the batteriesand he then starts formulating the plan you knowremember start furthest away from your hotel with a girl then you're not goingto bump into that same girl ah next

night but here there is own aim it'ssmall you probably are gonna bump into the same girls cats beer right bye sotell plot this bike off change gross bit later that's the plan we've gone onagain time I make sure the girls in no gang you'll find out on the

next one

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