Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Final Episode 12

hi everyone Simon here Solomon 12 Ithink last couple of Solomon's been a bit boringhe went to Phuket girl no good next night Phuket didn't take a girl ended upover in Krabi oh dang he's walking around quite horny as if he has madam ofaerobic to this trip so he drops his bike back at the little hotel bit of arest but says glad rags on usual and I cases empty down the road he knows wherehe's going he's going to that complex on the left opposite McDonald's where thebikes from so it's really a few hundred meters day turns in there is probablyfour bars on his right about four on the left and the last bar on the right seemsat the tables at the end maybe there's ten bars he thinks right any way ofdoing this is to go bar-hopping on all of them or just first bar on the rightfour or five girls very chatty Cindy walks into that let's call it analleyway all the girls are all the bars are shaken Alec because there's not toomany customers that lifting up into the first one has a bit Greg laughs with thegirls lovely Miley sat there he's in here looking at the other bars he'strying to spot that girl does he want a beautiful girl does he want not sobeautiful was he born there's no doesn't seem to be any lady boys there that'sgood and he eating leaning backwards chair and he's looking at a last bar onthe right at the bottom with the extra tables seems to have quite a few girlsit just keeps catching a glimpse of this girl Tiger battery yeahtoday any bit marry it cook lea michele he looks at you see a Thai girl withblonde hair and what is it with tiger oh she's brand skin normally jet-black hairdark eyes but blond it wasn't highlighted it was all blondeso she a lot of work on her head to get a blonde or it's a wiganyway kept lady but he kept seeing this girl and the distance new things rightfinish that beer thanks forget the other bars he's straight down to the endthat's piranha right and yeah those tables at the end and there's about fivesix girls in that but this one with a blonde she's young she sat next toanother girl for a similar-looking girl right said straight down of their tableorders a beer started chatting to these two girls her sisters I had the blondeis the young one she's earlier maybe 20 maybe 21 the older sister she's about 30pretty but this blonde is just fascinated blonde hairmaybe never had aerobics with a blonde head tiger and he's horny he gets hisbeer a chance' and he straighter how much what what's the prices in her namewas the score 500 bar bar fine 1500 baht short time mm long timings that's betterokay I can live with that yeah it says straight away to thisblonde girl okay bye it's like oh okay don't speak much English anything tohell with it it's early it's only maybe 718 even perhaps this girl pay sabarhe's only got about 500 meters to load up each it should ease just yet and needsome needs a massage at the hotel really excited blondecatch her in the hotel rubbish absolutely terrible oh no it washorrific oh and Morgan is a detail but lifelessblond young blonde tip what a disappointment in his gut City so whathe's trying his hardest to sort of bring life into this kill was a long hour andhe's like forget it shower clothes back to the bar just packwith it I wasn't going to complain he just walksback to the pile with her he gave her his money already like he made a mistakethat so many people made but he was just in that mode of horny you walk straightback to that bar girls all happy you go straight up to the sister and went paperyou don't do that you it just causes problems and it's like and she's sort ofshopton like what and it's yeah girl would lose face in the bar if you took agirl back whether you complain to get your moneyback or even if you just swap girls so am I just straight back to the sister IIthought she's older she's gotta be and he goes paper she eventually agreed shedidn't want to but she did was quite insistent but as underbars he could'vejust gone next to him but left some reason in his head on sat sister I meanplease bar back up he goes the hotel luckily thankfully once she'd got overthe sister the shock of you know taking the sister now that it had a very niceshort time two or three hours good aerobicsgood session she was a good teacher he was very happy she was happy Peter senther on her way it was only about 11 o'clock at nightmaybe coming up at midnight what but even still if you still feelingthat he needed more but not with her if he's just going into this weird it wasnot pills or anything he's just part of his life I don't know what it is drew hewanted to go out again so which is it way this time he jumpedon the motorbike come the balsa walk he thought I'm not going back to that roadI'm going down around the corner where that what maybe Exynos on the bike downthe road along the front parks the bike center point or whatever it's some shopsand some stairs some bars upstairs walking the roads are beer barsdownstairs little beer bus pool tables it's midnightyou know owning zonie small got in he goes and has only two or three girls ineach bar but okay it's the first part beer girl Paul nice Paul chatting andagain the same again quarry's I bar next to him he sees this girl she's specialit's something about her she had she had a head and so they crimped it's allfrizzy really pretty back thirty years old sat at the bar no other girls inthat part part from one buying the bar and she just kept catching his eye mmmspecial heard that before anyway it's gone midnight finished playing pool heis drinking walks into that bar next to it and there's a pool table butit was up to the boss it's the bar close to that girlorders a beer and let's say her name is Ning ni ng Ning and it's just intriguedoesn't say a lot she looks at him they start speaking a bit she's got a nicetone of voice she sat at the party can't work out her what her figures like alynx which she's ever cheeky grin and he's already had quite a few beersanyway just chat a little bit my play poolnot interested anything and he asks that prices and she's like no no prices inthis bar where no girls here and go are you not for grass earth will ask her thequestions and it was if she wasn't up for grabs in a strange intriguedifference anyways I keeps pushing of air pushing a bit and she's like meansoh no you know maybe you can buy me some food tomorrow judge at lunch we talk hehang on a minute I'm in a bar I'm in the bar area there's a girl she's notavailable she's talking about blood this is not the normal okay then I'm higherthan so he's like just to it he's staying at the road there and she'supset twelve o'clock next day by McDonald are ok come on right strangeanyway comes out of but pays out leaves right walk red corner and there's morebars some girls and these things yep in that path drink very thin girlcheeky really giving up some grief very cheeky and he yeah he's still gotsomething in this system it's like paper kind of up grab this really thin girlate there go he's not drunk bikes a site onto the bike up to the hotel this killsamazing another one skinny athletic cheeky brew she was yeah lots of thingsthat other the other girls don't get involved with your robux several tripsto the shower very interesting very different again Oh Langston had to bereally good but he's already bitten into bio areas only warm or a little bit andhe's mad another girl the woman go with it what's that all about anywaygreat night had by all morning off she goes paid to kind of load of money inthat 24 hours war I'm sister with blonde blonde hair there's there's a red flagfor you Oh lots of money can have a afford to have the blonde hair done nextmorning remember there's the hotel girl the skill keeps her ass off she goes andhe pokes his head out the door I'm a girl and the restaurant spotted theskill going he's like that's not good I had not my workout is it now anyway putsome shorts and the t-shirt walks across from the breakfast at breakfast singTwitter's as well for that pays and Bob basic breakfast but yet he has breakfastcoffees another coffee such chatting to this girl and she'slike he quite off with him like you know if you hadn't taken the girl then maybewe could talk but you took yeah it's the least one girl that she saw he shothimself in the foot there he's like in there how well as breakfast as a swimchill in his mind is what's going to happen where can you go in oh hang on adate why would you date a bar girl okay well yeah suppose it's romanticNing just pour lunch enix right Atos it's only 100 meters got a hundred mr.

McDonald walks down there she is at the front okay what do I dolet's go for a ride I'll show you another beach if we're riding okay I'llgo back and get my bike so now I've got a bike looks over and there's a I thinkit was a Yamaha are 1000cc sports by the little seat on the back she's got thisbike at agency C Yamaha r1 tiger Ning big bike anyway this is the first timehe's seen her which not sat down has got the lovely figurevery nice shorts nice top trainers on with little soft there's two helmets onthe bike he's like well I love bikes and ride bikes and he's like I not ride anr1 now I write what he's like I don't wanna back up bikes don't do butnow be alright Leone the roads talk quite Baelish so far with us there andhe's relaxed and he's like oh my god you get on the bike the Thai girls rideooh but anyway okay no put his life in our hands I'm sort of like littleplastic he's plastic helmets fair enough is perch right up behindputs his arms around her there's no grab rails on that bike bit modest shechanged a few things like she owns that bike it's not rented check she owns itshe's got mods and things on it okay he jumps on the bike and she goes offreasonably slow not too bad she knows what she's doing with a bike and heloves bikes loud spikes very impressed he got the road turn I guess writing afew miles down there has another beach that didn't know about and they stoppeddown there there's a cafe on the beach like a little bar cafe and they go theresix the beach it's really romantic it's lunchtime get some food they got Westernfood Thai food everything so fantastic order some Thai food for the barrelbeers expens the next couple of hours they start talking she starts talkingopening up to him she's lovely she's quite special something differenthas a bike turns actually had a foreign husband that had was no longer with usdidn't have lots of money but it left her a bit of money left for a bike andshe worked in the bar part-time didn't really go with customers just got ladydrinks and played pool and just enough to pay for her room she was staying atshe did have some money she mentioned that familyI think only had a mum back in time she managed to upgrade the house a littlebit pastila type style house but enough meant for the that and thebike and stuff so Solomon was intrigued you know this give had a bit of moneyshe wasn't talking about charging him for this luncheon being less big bikeshmm something special about this kill remember he was on this holiday forhedonistic holiday here he is dating a girl with a motorbike in Krabi oh manwho lunch time different hmm anyway she's idly longer videos maybe see younext one.

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