Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Final Episode 13

hi Simon hereSolomon's Tales number God knows what it is from my garden so I was a grubby hemet Ning speaks good English really attractive it's got Yamaha our 1000 ccmotorbike modded it's theirs by the way she she had a chestenlargement at some point in her time and she

was only young as well she musthim back 21 looked by 21 they just had a bit of lunch walk but just eaten a bitof lunch on a nice beach few miles up the road been chatting for a bit saamnethinks I'm in here this is going to be a

really interesting afternoon lookingreally good she gets a phone call and she says to him I gotta go I've got aforeign boyfriend that comes to see me now and then he's at my bar waiting forme walks across the bike takes a to plastichelmet up throws the leg over the

bike fix the kickstand start yeah gone theSolon's at the cafe shade eating half her food east but what go away the onethat got away couple years later that lady Ning asauna bump into each other somewhere in theworld is another story so he finishes his food pays the bill

means a peg huh three fourmiles away from his hotel it's just after lunch now luckily there's a one ofthese tuk-tuk drivers there there's not many ain't Graviola sat over there luckygoes across got charged him a couple hundred bars which is bit over the topbut he had no choice

and they led the way along walk back to the hotelhe's thinking right I've done crappy there's not much more here this holidaywas his mystical as they get told that an amide system he's thinking I've onlygot about nine days left if I stay for four weeks or a couple

of days if I'mheading home have I got Thailand out of my system hethinks I'm trying to pack up and head to Bangkok I'll fly up grab the airportBangkok I'll make my mind up as I go so all the rest checks out takes the bikeback gets a taxi up

to the airport I don't even check to the Zen place anyplanes flight gets up the airport about four four luckily for him there's acouple of planes so and it all got seats I cut the lower weight AirAsia was thatpossibly anyway price ticket is not that expensive by 1500

baht play Bangkokglance it's off the plane comes out ofdepartures arrivals even they look throughout as a cafe on the next floorit goes up this time the cafe's got a big case there is the crossroadspotentially of his whole life moving forward he's got a big decision to makedoes he

change his ticket to go home and he could probably get on a flight thatnight or does he stay for another weekchecks many of things he still got a couple of thousand quid left he's acouple of thousand pound lefties – ok family and he has to make that decisionover

coffee does he go does he stay back to the UK finished I'll be good or doeshe do something else in Thailand or even another country can't get quite in overhis head that was great time Bangkok great timeedan club he just hasn't got it out of his system he's

like there's somethingmissing still I'm missing something so he's been no safe Phuket crabby quietdoesn't work what North cos not much up there as far as bar scene goes as bitsin Jang ma not conquer the other side doesn't want to taint beaches againreally to ko Chang big action down

there it was a met yeah you one place lefthe's got enough to go back again I think this appears those visits Patelhe thinks I'm just going to hit it for a week I'm going to go back to pretendso it's about 7:30 8:00 in the evening thanks that point

get a hotel aroundhere just get a cab Airport today we're down there 10:00 11:00 at nightyeah Hotel he thinks I know where I want to stay gonna stay in saw you eat potatodon't know though Hotel know 50 meters from the beach on the right whereverit's called he's right

he's on the different floor in the airport how muchis it departures possible he walks out there through the doors and there wasthe cottages there's cars dropping off taxes soldier voice to someone without atax liens it asks yeah bags and bags under Basma ila 1200 whatever just getjumps in

the cab I suppose this case in the boot thistaxes gas has got a gas cylinder sort of case it's big but it's empty just likefits in taxi Patera yes down there so we eight walks in the hotel hotel whatabout it please are walking they want about 1100 baht

19 like that1200 baht anyway he's up first price of those oh it's Lively he's right in themiddle of this kid just starting the evening there you know he's insulatethere's about 11:00 at night and hundreds of girls everywhere in yoursight okay this is Sin City for him being a

couple of times before he knowsthe score roughly knows his way around Jackson Thompson's casethis is safe there throws Evan and safe puts a beta phase and bar in his pocket time to go wait and it walks out thefront door and it easy in soy ate immediately in front

of him was a bit ofa l-shaped complex with a few bars inside and the beach just down to hisleft he thinks rice will go far just stay insulate hooks on the road and alot of parts all crammed together gills in the road shouting at foreigners thisis a life

thinks I'm hungry but I don't want a beer so you literally just walksacross the road two or three meters and there's the bar that there's this somemusical around the corner you can hear the music of the life management towardsthe front row be true it walks in and he

sort of picks the middle bar and everybar there there's a tall six eight ten girls intervals are you eight so it'swhat picks the middle of that little complex or as drink as girls all overwomen it's just in that little complex as 50 or 60 girls and he's like

way whata difference from crabby it's just everywhere I didn't have a heartsomething that I've well the girl with a motive lightning didn't it had anythingor I would have been possibly amazing so now he's got a picture of her in hishead slim large heavy built top it makes right

on a girl looks like that I've gota bit looking around like complex than thatand spotted a girl similar things I'll walk up saw eight to the top cross overthe road there's some food up there somewhere I seem to remember some sortof dining place on the other side of

second Road so he wanders up he cameattacked by all the girls walking up swing a case of food go get some food hemanages get up there across the second road which you're a bit treacherous likerunning the gormless gets cross just a few enemies long as a sort of

an openand restaurant american-style with Thai food and everything he hits in theirface in the road but a smoke that's mix in with your food grab somefood he had a steak actually he you knowstaying chips not quite same steak is back in UK blues still nicethere's couple hundred bottles

good value each fact there as you do peoplewatching watching the world go by and the song tells flying past thepickup trucks were the seats on the back for everyone the back buses air flyingpast hundreds of girls and foreigners hanging off the back of them and it'sjust what a

difference from crabby so so busy hey he's right food them late butenergetic a nice day on second road and just walks up a second road cross itback over the road so he's on the beachside second boat and a little bitwill walk up and actually want to a quarter

mile these kept walking and itwas a Central Road I think he crossed over kept going when past the end ofwould be so six sorry for and then some bars on the left up a couple of stepsAtlantic bar he has a garage next to it so for a garageand

then these rail bars in the first one at landing part not being therebefore I don't think girls and they were different they had dresses on well theywere smart they rule they look different quite a big bar pool table cut the pooltables next door was a couple more bars

and these girls really nice-looking hespots one I stress similar build to Ning anything ah there we gohe walks across so the game of pool she seemed quite nice gets a drink gets hera drink please Cup games of pool very nice it'sjust to a short time she said mm

batteries on a bit expensive goodies youcan swing that what the hell week left time okay let's go PayPal payza binnow he's back so we a long walk back again not just at Liam bar bus whichgoes up a little bit further than that that gets dolphin around a boat

slings aleft came to the beach and Long Beach Road they jump off it by SOI 8 into thehotel reasonably good night reasonably good night well couple hours anywayyeah god of his energy said goodbye paid the girl crashed so it should have beenon a plane back to you get

your link but no he decided to potato for a weekyou've got seven days left allowed by the end of his four weeks it's going toget back after that because it's got commitments so it is it's kind of bit aweek no more you so let's let's call it let's

say thatwas the Sunday and he's got a week left is there any header nesting places inPetare for him to tries or anything he hasn't tried on this trip that he needsto trolley hmm don't know you have to have a think about that one good night'ssleep morning wakes up

there's no breakfast with this hotel let's go getsome breakfast thinking I saw something so he said I'm somewhere in the middlethere there was something so awk clouds gonna sort of send there's a caferestaurant on the Left down towards the beach in closer look laughing what is intheir breakfast

and they do a bit of English breakfast oh there he goes nowhe's got a plan the week watch how he do hmmwell he's in there he said a reasonable little icing potato for a week ahead ofhim what do you think he's going to get up to where's he

going to go what'sgoing to find

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