Solimons Tales Thailand Adventure and Travel Final Episode 17

hi SimonSolomon's tails number whatever it is so Solomon and okay elite that's arucksack in his room I've been spend the day with him he as Isaid before this was the head of mystic holiday to get Thailand out of hissystem totally and here he is just eating with Kay

who's a freelancerthey've had a head of mystic night at the excite Club night club he ended upin a room with all those girls room Helen K aerobics it's been great she'sdifferent she's special not met a girl like her she's not talking when he's notasking for money even though

he's given her three days of background but I wasbecause people always gives us as well really lovely girl just just wait youhave a hair and way she dresses just seemed like the whole freelancer at whathe perceives the very answer can pretty good so the food they shall walk

and shop it's after thatand then towards the beach sit on the wall creepy throat again hit on a walland by the beach contemplating life and I get know each other a bit now to move Solars tails on a little bitrather than going into all the details of every

day for the next press to hisholiday he has clicked with cash is differenteach day each night many many aerobics sessions tender different everythingclicks it's let's had a girlfriend that I mean he met her in the bamboo bar hedidn't play a bar fight she's didn't ask him for money

thatfirst night actually hasn't asked him for any money at all and she stuck withhim day after day after day it's absolutely brilliant he's fallingfor him he's falling falling falling for this girl she's just great he justwishes that maybe she was back in his own country and they just

really hit itoff really really get on so well they click we have fun togethermore like Fred mates you know sort of boyfriend-girlfriend brother but she'snot asked him for any money not asked him for anything at all had fun togetherand in the evenings they wandered in walking street he

even took Ringo girlapart with him they've gone and she loves it you know got a little bit marryin the Nights someone decided to cut a tree down andannoy him bad enough with the airplane yeah they're just brilliant but this isnot good news Solomon getting tiling out of his

headhe wanted to finish Thailand and not come back again but now he's falling forthis girl oh well handle the weak ones veryquickly he spent all week with her and he says to okay I've gotta go back tothe UK that's my whole litany and I had no plans on

coming back to Thailand verysad case sort of get him to like him a lot but she's far as I understand Jesusit's a lot of problem maybe we can keep in touch and give him an email address she just won't can you going to Bangkokso I'm going to go

bankrupt for the last night and then fly the next morning shesays would you like me to come Bangkok with you maybe I'll come to the airportin the morning with you and he's yeah cool fold and do it remember he doeseverything they fix a taxi that's my car it

got hers it didn't seeHotel order it was back in Bangkok he didn't think of this one through itcould have had a night head in this big night in Bangkok for his last night itcould have gone back to the evening club because of so many things but what's hedo

takes a freelancer from Pattaya back toBangkok dynasty hotel so for next banana that's crazyyou know he seen a few girls there he might bump into them wasn't clever butthey get to Bangkok anyway he's got to get some clothes presence to take backto the UK at lunchtime when I

get up to Bangkok and him and Kate walk aroundgoes to different places vice different bits and pieces he'sbought care couple items as well again she hasn't asked for moneythe evening after aerobics he takes her to Nana you think she loves it he knowsthe area but they got a

Nana and they go a couple of the bars take up games ofpool how to help aerobics last night morning comes backs his stuff up casesI'll come to the airport with you and then I'll go from there often by kind ofattack brilliant okay so checks out the hotel into

a taxi up to the airportdepartures pauses case a cape walking to departures ejected casingcheck-in desk the next place is going to go is through security so but it as faras Kay can go so they go across to the corner there's some coffee shops therein the front party sitting

have a coffee in a feeling guilty and case looking alittle fat he says this thing has become boyfriend a girlfriend but he hasn'tmeant to that's the mistake of spending five six days together never that anyway yeah the time comehe's gotta go feeling guilty Singh right she's not asked

me for money and he saysto a look you've not asked me for any money this week and now you've got to goback to Pattaya which is a taxi I'll give you some money okay so okay I havemoney so it's not wrong he does a calculation his head he

thinks I'm goingto go home feel better if I feel I've paid her for her time six days sixnights he's about a day 2000 by a day detective expert air faizon but thereare boats such as a killer six seven thousand does he give a twelve thirteenfourteen faizon Killick is

gives him 20 gives her twenty thousand bars back whenthe exchange rate hike but twenty faizon box he said we had about fifty days ofbuying cash still gives a twenty things involved and she's like over the moonabsolutely are you sure you know she said all the right things probably

lightup twenty thousand bar okay you've been amazing this week we've had a great timeI'll keep in touch brilliant 20,000 baht say good boysoff he goes through okay into a taxi to get on the bus outside back to a stationand then gets the bus back to a ter save

money he threw off flies home and getback to her for the next that's it he's let Silent House he got his head thenext two months every day they speak him and cake byemail chatting away K said all the right things but then she's just dropping acouple of mistakes

but she's danced say things like actually not being withcustomers she's thinking of him more feelings for him she's got the moneybecause she's not working is there any chance he could maybe send her a littlebit of money now Solomon he knew the school withgirls the stories he didn't want

to go down that path shewas very commencing he hid knows where they kept same knows that I'm not goingto send money I really even know I've got feelings for you and everything Ican't send money he gave the excuse that he bit short at the momentand she laid off

a bit for a couple of days and then it will come up again butthen the calls every time he was emailing her or going it the calls hewasn't answering or the calls she was backward customers and for some weirdreason this made him a little bit angry because in

his heady sort of things nowshe's his girlfriend but she's not he's got Tyranno his heavy supposed to but hehasn't now he's sort of falling for a freelancer a bit they talk this againanything is sporadic some some days they'll talk some days they won't emailsboth of cause I used

to skin a bit angry with the situation you've get a littlebit angry with her and she regularly starts asking for money and saying she'snot working but he's thinking she's not answering the phone the email she isworking she sent her so she's a freelancer what am i doing what'shappening

it's the distance he sort of got this dream woman in his head eventhough she's not he thinks that string woman could be quite no no no he stillhaving a few arguments I'm more arguments and in the end hejust explodes on him and he's asked again for money and

he's like nopethat's it finished end for Sunday email start coming from her sorrysorrysorryand he's like no I'm not gonna respond that easy and he goes back about hisbusiness and he doesn't respond for two weeks then he starts responding ahmistake again and she's messed up again talking but then

again she's money moneymaking what am i doing he agrees to send her two thousand bars she isn't a hugeamount but it's money why would he send her money after all the argument she'sworking sure he is he's going to send her a couple of thousand bar not goodnot good

at all at least an align the arguments startagain money requests Ematic he says no more that he finishes says I can'tbelieve it time would up with a girl I send her some moneyfinishes it there and then Patti don't end of story with her with Katie nevercontact sir again

by email doesn't speak to her again over the phone and he goesabout his business back to normal life that is the end of Solomon's Tales hishead mystic Holliday will did he get Thailand out of his system will he goback there who knows he almost fell for afreelancer he

sent a two thousand pass don't sendmoney to bar bills its unless you really know that when you know the whole scoreand you understand v them hmm I hope you enjoyed the Solomons tales weenjoy telling them I will see you on whatever the next door is that's wherewe are

at in timescales so we'll say which names thanks for watching thumbsup share like I will see you when I see you

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