Spain City & Countryside Travel Route + Hotels (with price) + Scary Snow Experience!

hey guys for those who didn't know thisis the third episode of jean bean travels Spain edition in this episode Iam going to show you all the hotels that Raju and I have stayed throughout ourSpain trip with the budget of 200 ringgit per night plus minus lah I'vedecided to book through Agoda because I am more familiar with the appand it's easier for me to manage our bookings well a lot of my friendsrecommended Airbnb but as a couple traveling I think it's more convenientfor me to go for hotels instead of people's house because we want privacywe don't like sharing toilet and we can't afford those with ensuite bathroomor a mini studio also our traveling time is unpredictable and I want us to travelflexibly imagine if I were to set a time for check-in with the Airbnb host Ithink I would be quite stressed out to make sure I am punctual lor good thingabout things in hotels is that there is always someone at the reception to helpus to check in regardless of the time there was one time we had to check in at10:00 p.


due to snow oh gosh that was like the terrible snow experience everbut thank goodness there wasn't any problem at all during checked in at thehotel alright first one in the list TravelLodge Barcelona Pobleneu Hotel which we stayed for three nights everything is straight to the pointnot too small of course not too big lah they save cost in terms of likethere's no phone in the room the TV is very small which is okayfor us because we don't really watch it they even changed the towel every daythe staff are very friendly very helpful I would say.



nearby attraction is actually really good it's a strategic locationand then the thing is we find that this neighbourhood is quiet and which is perfect for us everytime we go out and come back is about evening time about 7-ish 8-ish we can actually walk to bars, restaurantsbakeries, 24 hours supermarket/shop it's actually near the beach out of fivestars i give it 4 stars okay guys I forgot to mention that thishotel is near to a metro station which is so convenient for us to go around inthe city as I was editing this video I realized it's very hard to talk abouthotels without talking about our travel route you see Raju and I decided thatwe want our to a treat to consists not only civilization like shopping eatingfast food and more shopping we also want the quiet and relaxed time so we renteda car from Sixt the total price we paid at the counter was 853 ringgit and 17 centswhich included insurance coverage let me tell you this renting the car is one ofthe best decisions ever later we will talk more about the car rental tollparking and petrol okay on the fourth day of our 12 days vacay we tookthe metro to airport and got our little blue colored Kia Picanto and drove out ofBarcelona and head to Lleida well it's crazy I know how to pronouncethis word right double L E I D A Lleida that's what Google Maps says anyways thesecond hotel that we stayed is Ibis Lleida those who travel a lot will know Ibis isa well known brand of economy hotels it's weird that there's suddenly a little bed by the side but everything else is perfect it's within the budget i think we all know Ibis is a a well-known international hospitality brand so of course it has its reputation everything met what I expected it to have including the very nice bathroom it's all white water heater, mirror everything is great the bed is comfortable there's phone this time mirror is big location is which is strategic but Iwouldn't say as strategic as our first hotel which is the Travelodge Hotelhowever there is McDonald's there is like supermarket even a very nice cafe just walking distance behind next we were and Zaragoza and we stayed at hostel Cataluna the onlyaccommodation that is not Hotel in our list I just checked in the third hotel it is within the budget that's why we chosethe hotel regardless that it is actually an old hotel an old hostel the hostel started 1960 it's an old hostel but I will give you more feedback about it tomorrow about hostel Cataluna for me the place is a bit scary because it's a bit oldbut actually when you see it real life no la it's not that scary after all thevery big letdown is at night when we were trying to sleep there's a lot of sound coming from aboveit's not that they're partying it's just simply because it's an old building and maybethey didn't do so well in sound proofing so you canactually hear the people upstairs walking around going to the toilet even talking the phone rang and all another con is i don'tknow why that's a bidet in the toilet like it's very extra la having to have the thing there I put my towel on top of it I am soafraid that it will fell into it it's very unhygienic la for me oh i terkejut (surprised) that the heater worked at one point Raju and I we woke up in the middle of the night to take the blanket off because it'sso hot the location is superb you can visit the basilica or the underground archeologyplace location is I would give it a full five-starfood and everything tourist place walking distance however you have to give and take lahlike what I said so overall I would give this a three anda half star upon 5 do you agree with that yes so now eyes on the roadbecause it's raining zero Celsius and we actually sawsnow on to the next location we didn't expect to come across snow atall during our trip we were initially happy to see snow but it turned out to bequite scary as we were driving in the snow at night I can tell you so muchscary snow stories in person so ask me when we meet okay I will tell you all assupposedly two hours drive became nine hours because of the snow but nothinglife endangered scenario happened la thank goodness I didn't film much duringthe snow because I was terrified and the last thing I wanted to do at that timewas filming for my youtube I wanted to stay focused on the road with my husbandeven though I wasn't the one driving and we did finally arrive at our destinationTeruel thank goodness the check-in was smooth at SercotelTorico Plaza and I think we even got a little surprise from the hotel want toknow what was the surprise don't forget the tune in next episode towatch part 2 and we have 4 more hotels to go please subscribe and ring the bellso you will get notification when I upload a new video thank you so much andI will see you guys in the next episode bye.

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