Study marketing online on Imperial's MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time)

we live in a very noisy and cluttered world and in this will demand for finding out how can you build a strong brand and how can you reach out digitally in build strong customer brand relationships I think we're facing increasing demand for programs that poor marketing at the

center of strategy strategic marketing quality of what we've done in the face-to-face program has been reflected by the performance in our rankings we're now one of the top rated programs in the world and we wanted to transfer that into the online world and reach more people we've done

one offering you get all the benefits that you get from the face-to-face version but on top of that wherever you are and whenever you want you can actually go for the sessions online this is this is a very empirical egde program so it'll be at the intersection of

marketing strategy and technology and innovation the market tomorrow will be the ones who've master these these areas both research driven data driven but also practical manage early relevant and something that students can immediately use is to come out of the program not just as marketers but as Future

Business Leaders it's really for everyone who's interested in marketing and it was facing the challenge how to reach out to things what we're looking for is really a passion for marketing whether it is because they're really practicing marketing so they're in a role and they've been for a

while marketing they want to have skill or or improve the knowledge and expertise of some of the most you know recent tools or it could be from a different function moving into marketing the program has nine core modules and a choice of six electives the electives give you

the opportunity really to specialize to focus on things that interest you for the first time we're often modules that are very focused on business analytics and they're a choice of those or they can do things like integrated marketing communications they can do brain experience design crisis management all

the teaching takes place on the hub and it's an amazing platform where you really engage with other students to do for example brickwork exercises etc login you can watch the videos there's lots of activities that every session is slightly different we put a lot of innovative to into

the teaching so to make it engaging as part of the online offering students can learn independently they can work and apply some of the things to their own jobs in real time but at the same time they're part of a wider community and we work very hard to

make that community in that collaborative learning work effectively the platform that we use is amazing at doing that and we also have live sessions and great opportunities to really engage with students make them feel like they're part of our family really the program kicks off with induction week

in London so we invite all students to come in and they'll be joined by the students involved in a face to face program so it's it's big we expect a big group of students coming in and lots of opportunities to network really kick off the program in in

a very inclusive way people will be learning and working together for it for two years so the fact that they can actually meet face to face work together here in London and have a great time hopefully together is really important I'm and I'm gonna see strategic marketing student

and I'm really excited that the programme is coming online so more students will have access to the program I think the marketing analytics course has been the most impactful because we had to learn how to use our coding and that was really involved in our group project so

it really took me out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot when I was researching other programs it what really stood out to me about Imperial was that it's a really practical approach to studying marketing as opposed to theoretical which is great for applying to jobs

the careers team has got a great history of supporting online students from things like delivering one-to-one sessions via Skype or another mechanism through to webinars other skills sessions recording employer activities and recording some of our club delivery for those students so that they can access them one of

the really incredible things about the Career Service provision for online students is that they have unlimited access to a careers consultant let's say you have an online student that's interested in working in the technology sector they could connect with the careers consultant who looks after technology and really

delve deep into what they might be missing to get into the career of choice that they're hoping for there's a really great opportunity there for the student to drive how they access that service and make sure it helps them get the job that they're looking for

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