Superior Hobie Trimaran Adventure Ep #10

Here I am and the historic Sault Canal and lock system, got the whole thing to myself maybe the first time that they've had a Hobie trimaran in the lock.

You see the big gates closing there This thing was originally built in 1889 I believe get the big ships through now.

It's just pretty strictly for pleasure craft For now, I'll just eat some tasty chips This bridge you see here is the International Bridge from Sault Ste.

Marie Ontario to Sault Ste.

Marie, Michigan Got a nice little light breeze here that's blowing me past Lake Superior Power Incorporated Find there's something so beautiful with wind turbines And same with the sail, especially when there's wind and it's it's working well So for the longest time people have been warning me about Lake Superior about how cold it is about how rough it is how Ships have been sunk How it's nuts To canoe in it and how I'm just crazy for even attempting and I've been telling them that I know people who have done it and that it's possible and you can just Duck out of the bad weather when you have to Maybe it won't show it's gnarly side to me at all.

Maybe it will So I just had a lovely night with Peter and Jana Schwartz just on Sunnyside Beach just an opening to Lake Superior and Listened to Peter who's a pretty hardcore kite surfer slash wind surfer consistently warned me about how gnarly Lake Superior can get and how Right about where I am now is where the Edmund, Edmund J Fitzgerald sunk went down in a big storm took on too much water, and I think it broke in half and sunk.

10 to 20 times when I was hearing You know stories of people having really gnarly bad experiences on the lake whether it was in a canoe or a kayak or Or even on a windsurfer or sailboats or giant ships So I'm a bit nervous to tell you the truth Probably would have felt more comfortable not hearing all about that, but it's always good to you know Keep me keep me on guard apparently the wind can change really fast weather can change really fast on this Lake pickup and Can be in a bad spot in a couple hours Thankfully, I'm in a boat that can get wet and hopefully won't fall apart This is a bit plasticky and a lot of bungee cords holding stuff together.

So that's not super comforting Sailing downwind on Lake Superior Pretty sweet nose of my boat pretty much Just eats up water and I'm sitting in a puddle of water and every wave pretty much I Can steer it a little bit still there's less water coming over the bow, but most of the time I'm getting quite a bit I'm a bit nervous Even though this is pretty much the conditions that I want.

It's like absolutely perfect.

I still just feel like I'm on a bit of a plastic Life preserver, I'm just sitting in the water.

So it just seems like I'm very close to it and I Could easily be swimming, but I'm cruising along at about four to five knots Seven to eight kilometers an hour It's taking a bit of a risk making this hop just because There was some islands back there that I could have camped out on sandy islands It looked quite nice actually, but I figure if I could make it over here in time Then it should be good to take advantage of this wind I wasn't sure if the wind was gonna stick around and it has so I'm making good time So I should have a good spot to sleep tonight, hopefully in a bay Crazy gnarly super windy big wavy Lake Superior It's glassy and It's foggy and I have pretty much zero visibility Nothing I can see about 50 to 100 feet right now, it's been like this all morning Anybody know where I am help Another day on that extremely wild and gnarly Lake Superior.

I could use a little bit of wind just a little just a tiny bit This is what a lot of the Lake Superior Shore has looked like quite a bit of rocks with lichens on them and pine forest behind every once in a while, there's the Pebble Beach or even some sandy beaches most of them are pretty rocky beaches though And what we're looking at right now is Lake Superior Provincial Park.

I haven't seen anybody yet Not even a bear or a deer just me and some birds towards the Sun there is Thunder Bay, and I don't know if Lake Superior has ever been this flat.

It's been like this for the past three days I'm pretty sure I got more death warnings about Lake Superior than I did before crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat There's been one afternoon where it might have been a little bit of sketchy in a canoe I was still going downwind but I might have pulled to the shore earlier in the canoe.

Who knows? But I'm not in a canoe and I do have a sail But instead I'm pretty much being forced to pedal It's okay, it's actually it's quite peaceful Oh been listening to music out here and enjoying myself And it's hot and it's sunny I'm sure the water is a bit cold but hot and I'm wet not because of the water and the big waves, but because of my sweat It seems like every day there's at least once maybe two times where I think about what I'm doing and An overwhelming love Comes over me realizing that I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing on the planet right now and It makes me want to cry.

I love this planet Out in the middle of Lake Superior here and I saw this guy in the water scooped him up He was probably gonna die drown.

No, he's just washing his head off Coming into Michipicoten Island after largest crossing of the trip yet 50-plus kilometers Across Gitchigoomie or Lake Superior Apparently this island is occupied by tons of caribou Who knew? the middle of the biggest lake of the Great Lakes that There was caribou on an island It's been a long day Lots of sailing more pedaling I'm looking forward to getting off this boat getting out of this dry suit and going for a dip and then eating and Then sleeping.

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