There's two of us but you think you can makeit by eight o'clock? Yeah, we hope so too.

Good morning guys.

It's day one of our Ireland adventure andunfortunately we are stuck in London's Stansted right now.

We hopped on the wrong tram, the flight closesat 7.

30 and it's 7.

30 right now, so um.


We'll see what happens.

Hopefully we'll make it on this flight.

Cheers! Well, as Alex might have explained our venturein Ireland is off with a bit of a mishap but once the trip starts it's going to be amazing.

We're doing a 9 day trip through Ireland, down the wild Atlantic way, experiencing Ireland's nature at its finest, down to County Cork, the food scene that hassprouted up down there the last couple decades and up to Dublin to cover design and a bunchof cool hunting stuff in the capital.

So it's going to be an amazing trip.

That all depends on if we make this flightor not.

The plan right now is to go surfing on thewest coast of Ireland today, but we got to make this plane.

Wish us luck.

Hopefully, RyanAir, you guys come through.

[Travel music] Doors open.

Thank you.

[Travel music] How cliche can it get? Arrive in Ireland and find a rainbow out thewindow.

[Airplane turbulence] Whoa! Whoo hoo! That will be us later though.

Boom! [Travel music] Our first stop on this epic Ireland trip isStrandhill.

And this is one of them surfing destinationshere in the wild Atlantic way.

The Atlantic wave we should mention is actuallyone of the longest defined coast around the world.

It's 2500 km long, so we will be hitting acouple of spot on web net in the next few days, but first off we get in the water, so we aremeeting up with some local surfers.

What's going on? Hey guys! Please to meet you.


Thank you.


Nice to meet you.

Sup? Alex.

If you guys did not know that Ireland is actuallyone of the most underrated surfing destination in the world, it's cold water but there's some serious waveshere, there's some huge waves.

It is kind it is like a coast it's like oneof the most way rich part of Ireland, there's limestone topography, pretty goodreefs, a lot of good different set ups but very difficult because of huge amount of tideand variables, when it goes off it goes off.

Yeah we get you guys in the water it's notas cold as it looks, bum um.



Sounds good.

Let's do it.

[Surfing] Guys we just finished our surf.

That was super fun! Even though the waves were not anything reallyto write home about the whole experience was unforgettable, and I think that is probably the best wayI have ever started any trip.

Off the plane, into the car, boom, right intothe ocean and had a little surf.

Big thanks to Sheamus and Eddy for showingus around and taking us out of the water.

How about you bro? Yeah! It was definitely a lot warmer than I thoughtit was going to be.

It was just beautiful to get into the oceanwith some beautiful surroundings right here.

But right now we are going to go and try outa seaweed bath, which I have never done before, but apparently a hundred years ago seaweedbaths were all the rage here.

Traditions were going on for 300 years andit is one of the few original seaweed bath they kind of brought it back here so whenyou in to Voya and meet with Neal who is going to tell usmore about therapeutic properties of seaweed.

My name is Neil Walton this is for seaweed baths, and the reason why seaweed baths work is becauseseaweed and sea water is alkaline by nature.

Generally our blood are mildly acidic, soyour body always wants to get back to a mild alkaline state, having seaweed baths will help your body getback into a balanced state.

You literally get this seaweed from out front? Yeah we harvest the seaweed off the reefs.

So what we do we cut the seaweed three quartersway down and that gives the seaweed the ability to grow back within three to four months period, put in the barrels, bring it back into thebaths here, wash it, steam it Then it goes into the bath and all this spent, which is the used seaweed, we use in organic farms locally here.

So completely organic and renewable? Absolutely yeah.

There is a circle that goes around all thetime and we are always working with nature here.

Post surf to a seaweed bath? Luxury.

We have had such a wild filming schedule inthe last couple weeks that I just want to really hop into this bath, and just soak, and get ready for the next 8 days of awesomeness.

Which means that I'm going to turn the cameraoff, I don't want to film anymore, I just want to soak.

You know if we get a naked seaweed bath thismight get a million views.


Not happening.

Well guys that was absolutely… It was unexpected, no? Oh my God, such a surprise but so relaxing.

Yeah there was like a gel that came out ofit that we were rubbing all over our faces.

It is super nice.

I feel 10 years younger.

Yeah but right now we're going to get somelunch next door at Shelf, which is like a surfers kind of cafe.

I am Jane and I'm one-half of Shells Cafe.

My husband, Miles.

Where we are now is amazing.

We are across the Atlantic ocean, surf everyday, and we are both like seriously foodies.

We both love food and cafe culture.

The west of Ireland is beautiful and stunningtoday to come but may be a bit behind and you couldn't get a good coffee or you knowreally good homemade food.

So we just wanted to put like city food andthat lovely vibe into the country side as well.

It's nice.

It's a good flat white.

We don't have flat whites in America.

For some reason we are missing out.

I don't know why.

Alright guys well we've finished lunch andwe've taken a quick drive to a place called Knocknarea.

It's kinda like a mountain, but it's got alot of significance in the past and it's full of some really interesting archaeologicalruins and tombs.

So we are meeting up with Auriel, she's a marine archaeologist, she's going to show us why this place is sospecial.

So tell us a bit about the history.

We know that this is very significant in theage of times, Can you tell us what we are going to go seeright now? So just behind us is not very much and ontop is a really famous cairn and said to be the burial place of Queen Maeve of Connaught.

She's sexy.

She's quite pretty yeah.

So a cairn is the amount of stones and isextend or covering something, so inside here is a prehistoric tomb dating back to the stoneage, so it's probably by 5000 years old.

How far is it to the cairn? It depends how fast you can walk.

I like to stall.

It's not a long way, probably about 20 minutesfrom here.

Let's go do it.

[music] This has to be one of the most spectacularsunsets I have ever seen.

It's just stunning.

You can see why they called it the wild Atlanticway because the winds are just blowing right off the ocean it's so rugged, just rugged natural beauty.

Look at the sun raise coming to the cloudsman.

It's insane.

You can say there is just a lot of elementsat play here and actually right there.

Random fact! That's Coney island, the one in New York wasnamed by a captain that was sailing between here and New York.

It reminded.



Next stop actually over there.

Yes straight across the Atlantic.


So we are going to go walk down the mountainand head over for a pint and some dinner.

Sounds lovely.


[music] Cheers! The first Guinness in Ireland.

I heard they pour a good one here.

Looks like it.

I'm going to get used to this this week.

This is going to be really nice.

Wow! Whoo! That was a good meal.

That was a great day.

Surfing, seaweed bath, awesome cafe, epichike to royal burial ground, amazing sunset and seafood dinner.

I mean that's day one.

There's still eight days more to go, tomorrowwe're going down the wild Atlantic way towards Gall away We're going to be doing amazing stuff as always.

So if you like the video, then give it a thumbsup! Share it with your friends and don't forgetto subscribe for new travel videos twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road.


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