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as The Cove in nineteen pandemic spreads leaders around the world are invoking executive powers passing emergency decrees and legislation expanding their permits their remit rather using the crisis to grab more power joining us now Susan Rice former national security adviser for President Obama from a US ambassador to

the United Nations her New York Times best-selling book is tough love my story of the things worth fighting for Susan Rice thank you very much for joining us let's talk about hungry for example the Parliament they're passing a controversial bill giving their leader Viktor Orban sweeping emergency powers

that far-right political leaders in Italy are defending now and others around the are modeling it's really quite extraordinary we've had a problem obviously and hungry for quite a while where Viktor Orban has repeatedly demonstrated his autocratic tendencies but this power grab is near-complete he's taken all the reins

indefinitely and there's nothing to check him and so we now have a member of the European Union that is essentially an outright dictatorship and you know given the values given the institution of the European can be tolerated we've seen it elsewhere as you point out from the Philippines

of course where you wouldn't be surprised to see it to Israel where you might be surprised to see it where Prime Minister Netanyahu has also used this opportunity to consolidate power under him and eliminate a number of freedoms that Israelis have become accustomed to so this is a

trend and it's a worrying trend and it's one we have to guard against and stand up very clearly in opposition to now secretary Pompeo has seemingly back down a little bit from what he has been referring to as the wuhan virus we've seen this after a call between

President Trump and President Xi in China but it did the The Moron virus meme that came from Pompeo did break up a g7 foreign ministers call last week where they couldn't reach agreement on steps forward because of the insistence by the American Secretary of State that this beam

blamed on China Andrea it's shameful I mean for the United States to be race-baiting and to be a virus which never has a flag can't have a flag as as being the provenance of one country is designed to be divisive it's designed to stigmatize people of Asian descent

and it's certainly not the way the leadership of the United States the Secretary of State the president United States ought to be behaving in the best of times but certainly not in a crisis the reality is that viruses can arise in any corner of the globe and spread

to any corner of the globe in 2009 when we were dealing with the swine flu pandemic that arose in North America in Mexico and then in the United States before it spread across the planet so it doesn't serve us well it doesn't serve the objective of squelching the

virus globally to brand it in nationalistic or xenophobic racist terms we all have to work together on this we can stamp out this virus of effectively eventually in the United States China may be able to do it on its a side of the world but if it's not

stamped out everywhere it will come back be resurgent and be our problem yet again so the reality of this is we have a global problem it's worse in the United States right now it's worse frankly than it needed to be given the lack of preparedness given a lack

of focus given downplaying of a threat a loss two months where the administration didn't take the time that we could have utilized to put in place the mechanism so that we had the threat the mass we had the ventilators we had the test and now we're playing catch-up

but it didn't need to be this bad when the President of the United States gleefully says on Sunday that will be Willy will have done a very good job if we can limit the deaths in the United States to a hundred to two hundred thousand people I'm not

sure what circle of hell one has to be in for that to be a very good come it's a tragic terrible outcome and now ambassador deborah birx the white house coordinator is saying that's the best-case scenario if we all do our utmost so this is a challenge that

we have first and foremost here in the United States but it is also a global challenge it's going to require all of us to do our parts from social distancing to supporting our healthcare workers and our first responders and it's going to require presidential leadership of the sort

we have not yet ever seen from Donald Trump and finally we just have a few seconds left I just want to share something one of your tweets your tweet about your Michel sindoor and you wrote you go girl pathetic when insecure men can't stomach strong black women brief

comment Andrea the only thing I might add to that is maybe I should have just said strong women because it's he has a particular problem it seems with black women but I think as was pointed out in your earlier segment it's a problem that applies to women with

strong personalities and a willingness to stand up for themselves and their beliefs across the board it's a sad thing it's a reflection of one's own insecurities it's not a reflection of the talent or the capacities of the women we're talking about and I hope very much that we

can move beyond that it's so unbecoming in the context of a national crisis for the president to lash out at individuals whether the governor of Michigan or the Speaker of the House or a reporter who asked a very fair tough question so as I said you know for

us to get through this maximally it's gonna require each of us as citizens to do our part thank God for the governors and the mayors and those who are stepping up and taking this crisis as seriously as it deserves to be taken but at the end of the

day there isn't a substitute for leadership coming out of the White House the White House needs to be stepping in prioritizing the procurement the federal procurement of massive tests of PPE of ventilators and distributing them on a rational basis they can't have States competing against each other States

competing against the federal government it's chaos and we don't need that kind of chaos we need leadership hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just

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