Terry Prachett on What's Gained from Travel and Adventure | MoveMe Weekly S1 • E14

Matt Hogan here from MoveMe Quotes and thanks for tuning in! This is Episode #14 of our MoveMe Quote of the week series and let's jump right into it.

This week's quote comes from Terry Pratchett and it reads: “Why do you go away? So that you can come back.

So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.

And the people there see you differently to.

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

” I recently had a few days off work and decided to capitalize on the opportunity by planning a quick trip to the Adirondacks with a few of my friends.

We were planning on driving down, hiking to a campsite and camping overnight, and then waking early the following morning, hiking to the top of two mountains, and then returning back to the car and then driving into one of the local cities when we were finished.

Long story short it was miserable and a super demanding trip.

It ended up down pouring for a majority of the time in the woods our packs got soaked and were super heavy.

The mud was like thick and plentiful.

The ice was super slick and there was snow that was super deep that we kept falling in and the gear that we brought just wasn't up to par to meet the demands of the weather that came out.

After camping out for an entire night we ended up deciding to go through with our original plan and trying to hike to the top of the two mountains that we mapped out.

And after we packed up the campsite and decided to go out and venture into the woods up the mountain Um the more and more we went the more and more intense and challenging it got and we ended up having to bail on the original plan.

We were like 85% to the top and then had to stop and turn around because of the intensely challenging conditions and so we had to hike three hours back down to the original campsite back out to the car and we ended up just driving to a hotel to recover.

And we ended up taking a pretty big “L” that day.

Actually that's a lie.

I believe we ended up taking home zero “L's” and actually we only took home “W's” that weekend.

And I'm gonna share with you three of my favorite takeaways from that miserable trip that I think might help you on your journey forward too.

Takeaway #1: Perspective changes everything.

Sure there was more rain, snow, and ice than I'd care to quantify.

There was more slips and falls than I'd care to mention and talk about.

And there was definitely more challenges than I care to get into details discussing.

But what also happened in those 24 hours in the woods was more bonding than I could ever quantify.

More inside jokes than I would ever mention or explain.

And more tear-jerking, cheek-hurting, hilarity that would only make you laugh if you were there to experience the details.

You see, perspective changes everything.

You get what you focus on.

and when you focus on the “W's” so too, shall you receive.

Takeaway #2: Expectations ruin everything.

If we only ended up comparing our expectations of how we thought the trip was gonna turn out to how it actually turned out we all would have been miserable and we all would have taken home “L's.

” The weather was awful.

The trails were terrible.

We didn't even make it up a mountain—let alone two.

And we had to bail out early.

But because we were able to drop our expectations and focus more on just being present none of the other crap mattered.

We embraced nature and let the weather keep us connected to the present moment.

We laughed at every fall and failure along the way and we focused more on gratitude when we were feeling low.

You see, gratitude and mindfulness elevate everything.

And takeaway number #3: As Terry Pratchett mentions we leave so that we can come back again with new eyes.

Break away from the every day and force yourself into new, uncomfortable situations every now and again.

So, travel! Explore! Disconnect! You may very well end back up where you started.

But, just as it was true for me and my friends the same will be true for you and yours.

That you won't come back the same.

For us? Dry clothes never felt better.

Food was tastier than ever.

Well-prepared beds were more magical than ever and the quiet lull of the room was more luxurious than ever.

So, spend some time with these observations and think about how you might move forward from these ideas and how you might apply them to your life.

As you continue to travel and explore don't forget to keep perspective and to drop expectation and to focus on just the present moment so that you can continue growing inwardly.

And as always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below we'd love to have a conversation with you guys.

And as always thanks for watching.

we look forward to seeing you guys again next week.


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