Thailand Bars What is a Freelancer Video 82

hi everyone Simon here today I'm goingto be talking about freelancers now a lot of you already know about thembut it's quite a few people now new subscribers means asking about thebasics and what is a freelancer so I thought I'd cover the subject also it'lllead into my next video

which should be complaints in a beer barso as most of you know I was a manager of bar for a couple of years in pattaya15 years ago and this information about freelancersis from that back in that time although I think it hasn't changed much so afreelancer is a

girl or a guy or a ladyboy stroke toy who doesn't work fora bar or an establishment it works autonomously on their own with nosupport no backup no help totally on the streets and let's talk about to tear youwill find free dancers will frequent although that'd be true this

might achange but bars like the bamboo bar thing which isthe entrance to walking Street and the nightclubs discos nightclubs and anybeer bar that will allow them in without any problems they're everywhere and justwalking up and down walking street lots of freelancers you find girls who workin bars as

bar girls when they finish work they'll go out and they'll become afreelancer and in Bangkok everywhere that is quite few bars all over Thailandwhere your five freelancers but then basically not attached to any barsso there's Gamble's if you're looking for a friendfor an evening or a couple of

days with freelancers there's no comeback you'vegot no real protection you've got no history on them quite a lot of peoplehave been asking me to do videos about STD drug tests and all this sort ofthing which we'll do in the in the near future so that again there's given

noknowledge of that a few simply massage girls after theirshifts become freelancers I think next to an airport yeah I'msorry 20 planes mmm and even cleaners at hotels things they suddenly finish workat the temporary glasses so all sorts even students that want a bit of extramoney become freelancers so

there's good bad or ugly egg there this base we'redescribing it and you have to be careful with freelancers because there's nocomeback now as a bar manager we only eventually we decided on 10girls working for us but we have freelancers coming in the bar what'sthat all about why freelancers

maybe pick guys girlsbut up open the bait but they've met them in the streets inthe freelancer bar and and like that and they want to go around bars drinking theguy especially you know is going they want to go around for a few drinksso these freelancers will come to

our bars and all the other bars and talk tothe mother sounds way in advance they've probably gone to every bar in the areaand they've negotiated that if they bring a customer into the bar that theywill get the lady drink commission so the guy comes in buys them a

drink askedas a lady drink so huge it coke cost the bar 20 bar they give 20 bar kicked backto the freelancer and they profit a forty bar for the bar and that they'llget it in little tickets slip to them after each drink you might notice thatyou might not

so if they've already negotiated with our bar for instancethey come in bring the customers in great for us because every and morecustomers in so we didn't have any problem they wouldn't tend they wouldn'tpick up customers in our bar because our girls that's their territory sofreelancers will take you

around the bars for drinks and things and youprobably none the wiser that they're getting a bit of a commission and somebars gives an even more commission and persuade them to come in but you aretaking a risk if you're going to go with a freelancer um for whatever reason

youdecide you're going to pick a freelancer sometimes can be great sometimes lots ofgood but there's no comeback no protection recommendations I'm not goingto record I mean it's a bit of common sense a few questions make your own mindup but that is basically what a freelancer is it's a

girl that's notattached to a bar a lot of lady boys kotori's are freelancers other lots andit's a field I don't know a lot about however I did have one lady boy workingmy bar for over a year so I've got a general feel there'scertain areas in every tank where

you will find the freelancer kotori'sladyboys if that's the scene you're into you just got to ask at the lady barblady bullying bars you do find it they'll probably tell you where they areand the gay scene and the guys looking for guys and girls looking for guysforeigners foreign girls

looking for Thai guy again there's certain areas andcertain places and there's freelancers as well so you just have to ask you outa bit but it soon becomes apparent where they are again no protection no backupno they're not attached to a barrel of these so just be careful and

thatgenerally that's basically what a freelancer is it is a girl boy etceterathere's not attached to a bar that works autonomously on the streets and pricesusually from my memory and what people have said I'll lower you haven't got apair bar fined for taking the person out of the bar

so more negotiableand there also if you want a partner for more than one night you wanted aweek-to-week simmer freelancers are easier to accommodate you becausethey're not attached to a bar so again there's ups and downs axe syntheticright so there yeah that's up then next video complaints in my

beer bar that'syou've been interested in more thanks for watching hope that basic video helpssome of you I'll catch you soon bye Oh

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