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In this video I am going to talk about my 1 week trip of Thailand Hello Friends Welcome to my youtube channel I am going to give you detailed guidance about my trip of Thailand Which I think you have already watched if you are subscribed to my channel if you are here for the first time please subscribe for travel videos which come every week.

After this video you will only see hindi vlogs on my channel which will start after my Vietnam series which will start after this video which is in english but after that all the videos i share will be in hindi and mostly after that all the videos i share on my channel will be in hindi I took this decision as I saw on my youtube analytics that the people subscribed to my channel are hindi speakers and i also checked with people on social media also I got many comments on youtube that why i dont make videos in hindi if you liked my decision comment it below in the comment section I know this is my first video in hindi so there might be some errors in the speech for the next set of videos i upload on the channel so forgive me for sometime.



In this video I am going to talk about my 1 week trip in Thailand from Bangkok Pattaya and Phi Phi Island with my friends 4 people so in this video i will teach you how you can travel Thailand as a solo or group traveler As Thailand is a major destination for Indian's to go I have divided this video in 4 parts flights, hotels, food and the last one which is the longest one is a day wise itinerary about the whole trip whatever i did in Thailand how much I spent and everything related to my trip So let's start todays video So friends first part of the video is about flights As you know flights are a major expense for every trip which comes to around 30-40% We booked our tickets just before 2 weeks so we had to pay a bit more so we booked Sri Lankan Airlines We came upto 18044 Indian Rupees With which we got 30kg luggage, with food drinks and entertainment.

It was an amazing journey If you wanna see my Sri Lankan Airlines review check it out from the description link down below Or you can click on top of the information bar You can get a round trip ticket from 14-15000 Indian Rupees if you book 6-7 months early So guys this was the first part about flights now lets get started with the second part which is about visa and sim card.

In Thailand if you are an Indian you get a visa on arrival If you are an Indian citizen with a valid passport which is very important like if you are planning to go Nepal you don't need the passport but in Thailand you have to have a passport as you need to get a visa after reaching there if you are planning a visit to Thailand recently you are getting free visa till April 2019 from Thailand Government which is really amazing as you will save 4000-4400 Indian Rupees for visa on arrival for Indians When we went there we didnt get this facility so we had to pay 2000-2200 baht for the visa which you need to pay when you aren't getting a free visa you get a regular visa in 2000 baht but it has a huge queue which might result to waste of 2-3 hours at the airport if you want a quick visa you can go for the express visa which we were able to get in just 10-15 mins after which we collected our luggage and went out but in the middle we also bought our sim card which we paid around 800 Indian Rupees including the 10GB data and some calling minutes as we were not planning to make international calls and whatsapp call and using data we will stay connected to our friends and family.

If you are going for a trip of 7-8 days so that you can use the facilities like grab and google maps to find location which will help you in getting from one place to another so that was about visa lets talk about the third part In the third part I am going to talk about hostel and hotels so firstly i will talk about solo travellers if you have no problems in staying in hostels which comes around 400-800 Indian Rupees If you wanna get a hostel in Bangkok Khau San Road is amazing place for hostels for solo travelers as you will get some really amazing hostels out there for around 400-1000 Indian Rupees for hostels you can try hostelworld.

com or booking.

com where there are many hostels listed if you are going in a group you can get hotels from 1000 Indian rupees to depending on your requirement how much you wanna spend depending on your requirement you can check in goibibo and trivago for hotels at Pattaya, Bangkok and Phi Phi Island the different types of hotels you can get like i got hotels for about 1000-2000 Indian rupees with my friend in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phi Phi Island I stayed at some really good properties I dont have any videos for that but if you check my old videos you will get a glimpse of the same which I will try to show you guys from the next vlogs which are about to come You can get rooms even cheaper than hostels if you are going in a group of friends on the trip so the next part which is about food if you are foodie and you dont mind trying different types of cuisine then definitely you can try some local thai food and if you wanna maintain your budget you should definitely go for the local food definitely go for local food which is really cheap compared the food in the hotels or if you wanna try some different cuisine like Indian food like we tried in Phi Phi Island at a Indian restaurant Papaya and the bill came upto 1600 Indian Rupees for 2 people which came upto 800 Indian rupees for 2 people which is really high.

So if you want to keep you budget low goto some local hotels and try some street food which we also tried except the scorpion which was really good and if you are a non-vegetarian Thailand is a heaven for you even South-East Asia where you get some really amazing cuisine totally different from others for you to try if you are a budget traveller if you wanna try some local food and you wanna keep your expense down 800 to 1000 Indian rupees is really enough for a day which includes breakfast dinner lunch is included again if you book a hotel or hostel with breakfast included you will just save alot which is really an awesome thing which will save you lots of money so that your dinner and lunch gets cheaper at 600 to 700 Indian rupees that was for solo travellers who want to do there trip in budget and spend on activities and other things if you don't have any problem in spending money on Indian food and hotels you budget should come to around 2000 Indian rupees per day and that's it for food so that was the fourth part in this part I am going to talk about the full itinerary where i am going to talk about my day to day plan of my thailand trip if you haven't checked my vlogs yet go check them out now where you can see the full flow on how i travel from one place to another where i haven't talked much about money but you will have a decent knowledge on what you should expect and do on your thailand trip like i did many activities from snorkeling, sea walking, island hopping and much more where you spend a lot but i am fine spending on such activities because i love to try these activities.

I was planning for scuba too in scuba some problem happened because of which I wasn't able to do it but i had to pay for half of the cost of the dive but what can we do these things are common when you travel right so let's get started on the 5th part which is about the itinerary where i am going to talk about from day 1 till the last day of my whole thailand trip where i will talk about everything i did on my thailand trip as you already know about the flights and visa so i won't talk about that now so the first day we started from India towards Bangkok on Sri Lankan airlines where they took us to Sri Lanka and then from there we got on the flight towards Bangkok at the main airport Suvarnabhumi airport where you get the visa after getting out of the airport we took a taxi from grab and started our journey towards Pattaya which is around 150 kms from Bangkok for which we paid 3100 Indian Rupees which came to around 600-700 Indian Rupees per head if you are not in a group and don't wanna spend so much you can take the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya which costs around 150-200 baht so with a decent rate you can reach Pattaya it will take some time but if you are on a budget but as you are on a budget you definitely have to spend some time for reaching the places after which we checked-in to the hotel and then everyone started to take some rest as I wasn't that tired i thought to head towards the Sanctuary of Truth you can try the grabbike which is really cheap if you are travelling to thailand and if you want to go from Pattaya beach to Sanctuary of Truth you have to pay 60 baht for which is decent if you take the grab taxi which comes around 120 Indian rupees after reaching Sanctuary of Truth you need to pay a fee of 500 baht to enter the place which is alot for tourists but as you know even in India when you go to a tourist destination you are charged a lot if you a foreign travellers compared to the locals which is really cheap for locals the Sanctuary of Truth and if you are a foreigner you definitely have to pay 1000 INR fee you can check my vlog where I visit the Sanctuary of Truth where I show you the whole place it's an amazing temple in Pattaya that was my first day in Thailand after which in evening we went to some tour companies and discussed about sea walking which is really famous in Pattaya where we booked the next day's full day trip where we got speed boating, island trip and sea walking and snorkeling trip was included in that so next day they come to our hotel to pick us up and take us to the pattaya beach from where they take us in a speed boat which at crazy speeds takes us to the main spot where we try the sea walking after which they take us to an island where we spend our 2-3 hours including the lunch where you can chill and after spending some time they take you to the snorkel trip which is also good that's why i will say that the trip is totally worth because you enjoy the whole day after returning you can head over to the walking street which is really famous in Pattaya if you wanna eat your dinner and have some other activities live show, live music everything happens there our third day was a traveling day where we left pattaya and headed over to Bangkok and from Bangkok Don Mueang airport which is known for the domestic flights we took a flight towards Krabi for that flight we paid around 3-4000 Indian Rupees for the round trip like we had to goto krabi and from there take a ferry towards Phi Phi Island you can go Phuket too but I thought why not goto Phi Phi Island as most of the crowd goes towards Phuket and I thought to have a less crowded for me Phi Phi Island is also crowded but not many people stay there compared to Phuket so I thought first lets visit Phi Phi so we booked the flight to Krabi and from there you take the ferry which is easily available and nothing is needed to be booked in advance which is also a good ferry with all facilities like drinks washroom and everything is available on the ferry from Krabi to Phi Phi it takes around 2 hours and you need to pay around 700-800 Indian rupees In two hours we were in the beautiful island of Phi Phi What to say guys Phi Phi is just an amazing place with so many boats and ships you can see all around you and with most hotels having the sea as a view we booked the Phi Phi Don Chukit hotel for which we paid around 800 Inr per head so for 1600 Inr we got a 2 bed room including the breakfast and if you see the breakfast in my vlog you will think the breakfast in only 800 inr worth as you are in a foreign country with coffee, fruits sausages and lots more you should definitely checkout my first day's video of Phi Phi Island where I show you the breakfast after that we went to our rooms and took some rest and we had some Indian food in the evening at the Papaya restaurant and the owner there is really an amazing person and you should definitely try there coconut water as it was huge and I have never seen a coconut that big and after having it all I was full and the food we ordered we finished slowly as you know wasting food is not a good thing to do after the dinner at Papaya we just walked around the island where our hotel reception guys asked us if we had any plans for the next day.

if you goto any hotels and asked for details they definitely help you in the same so in our hotel itself Phi Phi Don Chukit we booked the half day Snorkel tour where the boat takes you to many beautiful places like the monkey beach where you can play with the monkeys as they are really sweet.

As you know the monkeys are scary maybe its the way we treat them they treat us after monkey beach they took us to Loh Samah Bay, Maya Bay which is famous for the Leonardo movie the Beach and that was our 2nd day in Phi Phi like our fourth day in Thailand and the next day was another travel day for us where we take the ferry and then the flight towards Bangkok we had just one day in Bangkok as the next day we had a flight towards Bangalore the day we reached we had nothing to do so we had our dinner and met our friends after which we walked around bangkok and slept the next day we went towards Grand Palace in a taxi which which took around 300 Inr to take us there but guys Bangkok's traffic just reminded me of Bangalore as every 5 minutes we had to stop in a jam or stop after Grand Palace we didn't have much time as we woke up late so we thought why not spend the other half of the day shopping so we headed over to Platinum mall which is just amazing for if you want to buy some cheap clothes or many other accessories its an heaven for even boys with so many options i bought like 5-6 tshirts which costed me around 500-600 Indian rupees which have lasted till now and i wear then and also for girls theres so much to buy like first two floors are for boys and after that next floor is for girls clothes next foor is about , accessories, shoes and all if you get hungry in the middle you can eat there and continue your shopping so that was our half day in bangkok after that we met our friend who is working in bangkok and went to Khau San Road which we should have went yesterday itself which is a crazy street where they party on the road itself like if you go to the next side of Khau San Road there is nothing but if you come back to the main street you will see there are many pubs, hostels, massage parlours where they party just on the streets which is totally an amazing experience if you are going there so i will suggest that if you are going bangkok you should definitely stay there with your friends after Khau San Road we went to our friend's place where we partied and then headed towards our hotel as our flight was next day morning and then we had to return to our country India and that was our trip to Thailand Hope you got lots of information from this video our whole budget was about 60-70000 inr because we spent alot on the activities i hope you got lots of information on where you should book your next trip if you are thinking for a foreign destination.

50-60000 inr is a good enough budget if you are planning a thailand trip if you go in a group or if you go solo you can save more on your trip and if you dont enjoy doing activities much you will end up saving a lot so that was our whole trip if you got lots of information from the video or you liked the video definitely subscribe to our channel and like this video which will help me grow this channel and make some more videos for you guys and yeah with this said see you guys in the next one hope you like this video bye bye.

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