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I am rushing to get the free visa on arrival I am at Kolkata airport Going to fly with Air India I have reached Bangkok After 3 hours long flight I am now at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International airport After landing I first used their washroom Even in the washroom, I met a few subscribers but I feel happy to meet you people anywhere I was the last one to deboard the plane Now I can't see anyone here Wow! I can see in this camera's LCD and check whats behind me It was not possible with my GoPro camera now if someone waves a hand, I will know it Let me tell you about the formalities at the airport You will be required to complete these formalities at any foreign airport after landing Now I am at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport you can follow such instruction boards to find out the facilities at the airport they are in English but if you face problem, feel free to take help from the airport helpdesk Now let me tell you what you have to do after landing at a foreign airport first, set your watch with local time Your smartphone will automatically set the local time once you switch it on or put off the flight mode Your smartphone start getting signals from the local network For eg.

You are a subscriber of Airtel in India the moment you reach a new country Your phone will start getting signals from a network with whom Airtel has a tie-up this is how you start getting sms though you have to pay for incoming calls that can be very costly unless you have activated international roaming on your sim You will find such shops at the airports They are here to exchange your currency for eg.

you can convert your US Dollars to Thai Baht You can get local currency from such places Though they charge you more at the airports For eg, One US Dollar values 70 Indian Rupees then you may have to pay 72 Rs at the airport to get 1 USD Whereas the same USD can be bought at cheaper rates from the city but if you still need someone's help like where you should go for immigration where you should go if you are just using this airport as transit Where are the washrooms and water dispensers then feel free to contact This is the information counter They are very helpful they are here to help you you have to get the visa for doing immigration formalities visa is actually permission by a foreign country to let you in From Dec 2018 to Oct 2019, Thailand is offering Free Visa on arrival which actually costs 2000 THB which is more than 4000 INR But now it is completely free Though you need to have some documents You have to show hotel booking proofs they basically want to know where will you be staying You also need a return flight ticket Your airline may ask for it while boarding the flight in India to Thailand You also need to have a minimum of 10, 000 Baht so that you can survive here you also need to have a photograph but you can use it to get an instant photo if you don't have it so now I am going to get my free visa on arrival there are a lot of Indians and Chinese at the airport because visa on arrival is free for Indians and Chinese previously it was 300 metres .


now just 90 metres left i am going in the right direction Everyone is filling their visa on arrival & immigration form You can get visa on arrival forms in front of the ID Photo Kiosk You can also use their free pens to fill up the forms but they are secured so that no one can take them away This is a sample of Visa of Arrival form Just a minute back there was no one, but now here is a long queue It took a lot of time in completing all the formalities I showed you a sample of Visa on arrival form but along with that form you are also supposed to fill up this one Usually, passengers are given these cards in the flight itself but this time I didn't get it in Air India flight but while waiting for my turn in the visa queue i saw others were holding this form as well so i was supposed to fill up this form as well i went back to the same place where I got the visa form I got this form from the same place after waiting in a long queue you have to submit all the documents you also have to give your passport to them so you have to give your flight tickets & hotel bookings i didn't take a printout of them They saw their soft copies in my mobile phone they also need one more thing you should have atleast 10, 000 baht though its not necessary to take Thai currency other currencies like USD or Euro equivalent to that amount will also serve the purpose although many people have shared their bad experience saying that Thai immigration asked them to show 10, 000 Baht some of them were even refused to board the flight in India as they were not having this amount in Thai currency specifically I didnt have Thai currency I had a few USD I also had a soft copy of my bank's statement though they didn't ask me anything about it Then they took my passport with all documents and gave me a token I had to wait in a waiting hall with that token after almost 10 minutes an official came with some passports They will display your token number if they have your passport go and collect your passport with Thai visa stamped on it Third level is for Biometrics it took a lot of time I stood in the line at 8:50 pm at 10:20 pm I got free from the biometrics so it took 1 and a half hours I had to keep standing and now I am tired This is the area where you get your checked-in luggage you have to come here to collect your bags So only after Immigration, you can get your checked-in baggage You get complimentary WiFi for 2 hours at this airport I am going to eat something and relax for sometime Here are the tariffs of TrueMove Sim the minimum plan is for 7 days, costs 200 Baht which is around 400 Rs you get 4.

5 gb I am going to take 299 plan which offers 8.

5 gb of data at 4g speed according to them, after you exhaust your data you will get unlimited data at 3g speed after subscribing my channel he wants to take a selfie with me I just compared all the 3 mobile service providers here TrueMove and DTAC are offering 8.

5 gb of data in 299 Baht only 2 of them accept credit card for payments AIS refused to accept my card I dont have any Thai currency so now I am going to swipe my card to purchase the sim from TrueMove The sales person was helpful so I am going there to buy He wants to travel to India but is it safe? So I told him to watch YouTube videos since then he is watching random youtube videos He is Min Because of him, I purchased this sim You just have to show your passport and pay money they will click your photo and your passports photo and you'll get a pre-activated sim so now after a long friendly gossips with him he also taught me a few helpful things You say 'Sawadee Krap' when you meet someone Thank you is said – 'Khap Khun Krap' there are many other helpful phrases written here, I will tell you later While getting out of the airport I saw this money exchanger You can exchange your Indian Rupees directly to get Thai Baht but they are offering a very bad exchange rate For 1000 INR they give you 270 Baht whereas on Xe.

com the rate is 1000 INR = 457 Baht So instead of 457 Baht they are giving just 270 Baht which is actually very poor but if you dont have any other foreign currency like USD Then this can be an option to exchange your INR with Thai Bahts There are 2 airports in Bangkok Air India, Spicejet and Indigo operates from Suvarnabhumi airport Air Aisa and Nok Air operates from Don Meuang airport Now I am going to take a free shuttle bus you need these documents to get the free shuttle bus.

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