Thailand KK and Karaoke Bars Video 107

hello everybody Simon here today I'mgoing to be talking about what I call KK bars karaoke bars hostess bars coyoteclubs so these are bars establishments that are outside of what you would deemas red light red light districts so away from Bangkok that say okay more likelyyou're going to find

these places in tangscan be large times smaller tanks villages in between villages in thecountry in the middle of nowhere and there's different rules and thingsthat go on in these type of bars for instance if you're in the country in thevillages driving between teams in the evening you'll suddenly

see anestablishment on the side of the road with Christmas lights all hung upoutside that's usually a sign that it's a bar of some form or another near whereI live in the village there's literally three miles up the road you have theselittle shell bars karaoke bars and it's mainly

for the Thai guys but as aforeigner you're welcome in all these bars so we start off with the what Icall the KK bar some people call these the karaoke barbut slightly different systems of KK bars right down in the south of Thailandone of my favorite places I go

is hot yo hey Katy why a I it's almost on aMalaysian border and I used to do these are runs there it's quite a big timelots of markets and it's a great place to stop over before a visa run a lot ofjazz bars and rock bars really good

now in your instance you have two types ofbars if you're looking for a lady or a gentleman or a ladyboy and there's quitea lot of lady boys in hockey I so be warned okaythere's a story the tiki bars are very small little bars I'll say withChristmas lights usually

outside dotted around the edge skirts of patio and afew tucked down back streets the first time when I was single and I was lookingfor some company I had to use a taxi a motorcycle taxi or a tuk-tuk to take meto these places because they are sort of out

of the way I didn't know where theywere when you arrived there if you take taxi have a look good warm have maybeonly two or three girls you can move on to other ones but you go in let's sayyou found one there's five or six girls you will go

in and buy a drink sit downtalk to the girls and if you find one of those girls you'd like company youactually pay the bar a total package so forget the drinking for you you'llpay for that but you would pay for instance as an example I'm guessing thisas a

sort of price today in 2017 2000 bars and that would be the bar fines ofthe bar payment for the girl and everything included you'd then take thegirl and where you go if there's problems you can go back and requestrefund or partial refund you've got protection from the bar

whichis good so that's what I call a kick a bar now karaoke bars again quite a lotof them have got the Christmas lights outside you can spotthem they are similar to a beer bar you go in you'll find ty I mean an examplewho don't saw me in the

back lanes and streets you find behind houses there'sthese little it looks like it's a back of a house like a garage or smallbuilder fill it up and they'd have one of these little karaoke machine with ascreen little my new thing sat in the corner maybe 10 or 15

girls sat aroundand some of them singing to the karaoke some just I just sat there doing nothingbe warned on the small karaoke bars around the country because that is theplace you need to check ty ID cards because there could be underage womenmen lady boys in those type of

bars so that's a warning check ID cards those little karaoke establishments youwoods there will be a over that stroke mamasan there you just negotiate a barfind like a beer bar take the girl eyes negotiate with the girl before you barfind them but prices are much lower in those

little places especially out inthe country as well so it's hard to say this is you know years since I've beenthere but much lower than the bigger bars so that's a little karaoke baryou're also in the village you've got these the front looks like a karaoke barwith the Christmas

lights again but you'll go in and there'll be twentythirty tables on a stage now girls will be getting up on the stage and singinglike a little show and you'll have a hostess walking around encouraging youto buy a string of useless flowers it could be anything for something liketwenty

bar you buy this string and she will give this to one of the girlssinging she'd put it around her neck like a revenant away put this therewhatever it is read her neck and she'll get twenty bar at the end of her songfrom the establishment or a cut of

it more likely probably a cut of it for youappreciating her singing it's also very fair chance that she'll come and sitdown and talk to you again you talk to the hostesses host hostesses there's abar finding these places some of them don't have a bar fight there's one localto

my village that guy is going to and they don't pay a bar fight they justarrange a fee with a girl and after they go sothat's a bit confusing but most time there is a little bit of a bath line forthose establishments as well so that's small karaoke and

KK bars there's alsothe ladyboy karaoke bars which work exactly the same somehow bar finds somedon't you go in chatter though to a deal it seems to vary around the countrywhether there is bar finds on these little karaoke bars or not suppose it'sand they're busy they're on where you

are in the country hostess bars andthese some people are calling them coyote clubsso in patio for instance usually in the big hotels you'll find on them maybe thetop floor similar to the village you'll go to this bar and there'll be girlssinging on stage where again you buy these

leis or whatever they're calledoff the hostesses and they put them on the girls on the stage and they get akickback from it the hostess bars definitely have a system one in hi-yah Ibelieve you pay the full amount including the girls charge so against a2,000 bar and then the

you can take the lady ate some have time restrictions onwhat time you can take the mate if they haven't got many girls but someof the hostess bars give you a choice of a bar fine and then take the girl justmore confusing for you or there also a soapy

massage so yeah that's going to bea menu somewhere in that hostess bar telling you what's what or you can askthe hostesses what some people call clarity bars so confused yeah there islots of little hidden bars and gems around the country in the middle ofnowhere you just really got

to find the owner hostesses what's the system herehow does it work yeah when you're in the villages say orany Sun on things you want some company or a translator or tour guide they'reall there and then the last thing just confusingmore again night clubs and discos in the tangs

outside of the Bangkok's andpotatoes etc so that's an example where I went to want conch n any sound on theway up so middle of e sound really I stayed at a large hotel and this hotelhad a karaoke Center in the basement now those are just places where you

can gointo karaoke centers you go in a group of youyou hire a room that's got a karaoke machine a service Coast s org I willbring you drinks and you're in your own private room and you're all just singingand looking around and I'm going to laugh so those are

sort of carry out theproper karaoke clubs on this hotel on the lower floor somewhere at the backwas a night club disco and these are you'll find freelancers I would saythey're not girls because there's no bars around there whether are in calledcamber a lot of them are freelancers that

are coming into the club maybe bargirls coming in later just enjoying themselves but they're also looking forcompanionship so there's no fees to pay you go in the club you'll usually getyou free as a foreigner some clubs might charge you under a bar and as soon asyou buy a

drinking air or start dancing you'll get mobbed by lots of girlstalking to you finding out about you so very good place to pick up a companionis the night clubs in the teens rock bars jazz bars in Hanoi the girls thereare freelancers and things there but the barman bar

men bar girls are the man asense you talk to the varmint or bar he'll say I'm looking for a companionthey seem to make a phone call from memory and a choice suddenlyappears of four or five girls it's another way that comes though the othertypes of bars around Thailand

where you'll find companionship I'm sure youguys are going to give me some more information in the comments below ofother types of bars and other names for them and maybe your favorites you knowlet's test your favorite slits and which city in times have which clubs are allover the place

or loads of them so there yep that's key K bars and karaoke barsand hostess bars and coyote bars and nightclubs hope that gives you an ideawhat's out there and thanks for watching catch you on the next video I'm notgoing to tell you what it is because I keep

mixing them all up and movingaround so see you soon bye

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