Thailand O S E Bars Vlog 105

hi guys I'm in here welcome to any newsubscribers occurring the channel we've been enjoying some of the videos todaythis is when I teased you on OS e bars I did put it in discussion the other dayand asking you know none of you got it right and then when I was on pullingpulling fangs livestream couple nights ago I did give the answer itso OSE bars and OSE technicians what am I talking aboutno one watching blowjob bars OS e aural semen extraction bars Lilaand the technicians oral semen extraction expertsI think I'm up with a couple of others actually aural semen evacuation birthand oral semen exclusion bars he yes so these are dotted all around thecountry and let's talk about pets hair the most famous road for this sort ofthing is SOI 6 you will find quite a few in that road what are they all about andwill class this is the basics one as well you'll go into a bar you'll walk inthere'll be say bar on your once either in there and up the other side will besofas SETI's chairs usually two seats coffee table two more seats and allarranged but some of these bars have rooms upstairs and some have a largeroom upstairs where there's a I caches long a double seat but havedentist curtains that come wrap all rank well like the hospital divider curtainsin between the beds the ones with the upstairs rooms and things you'll go inget a beer point to a girl or a lady boy or a guy possibly those lows Basel ohyeah I don't know little girl annualnegotiate price again you guys are gonna have to put the prices down because backin 2000 2001 it was sort of 300 bar preach Ainge law so you go in point ofthe girl do a deal upstairs she will then extract from you and that's it bangbang can she drink off you go now the bottles that don't have roomswhich I find quite amusing is you're going to a bar and you'll sit on thesofas get a drink girl you smile at whatever I come across and do the deedthere and there and your friends might be SAP opposite you and some stranger'snext to you and others are rang and it's all happening right there and everythingyeah so that's what those bars are more most minutes or six is that there was abar seem to remember in my time in so we post office Pattaya they opened andtried it we had a long big long bar with cutouts underneath that your you'd sitright up a bar against here and hidden underneath were maybe lady boys maybegirls well you were sat watching have no point talking to your friends watchingthe TV don't think that one lasted too long because the guys now in you who wasunderneath do they put an invoice in your bin in those bars I'm not sure canI remember can you tell me about that you said he could have been an invoicewhat do they write on the invoice on the bin Heather that's intriguing ose oralsemen extraction bars yes and I think they used to be a famous place coolerliters which I remember Bangkok and Hawaiian I seem to rememberyes some of the happily wonder why in you'd go in and there was rooms upstairswith the curtains but you could play a game of set game of snooker or pool withthe manager and if you want door free yeah not that they ever tried any ofthis of course absolutely not so there you go OSE bars hope that wasinteresting for you I'm not going to do a very basics one on that because that'sit we've done a couple of things briefly the live-streamingI'm looking at I'm trying to get the equipment ordered wife's not IP I'mspending more money on the channel I've ordered and commissioned mr.

Andyright you've seen his channel if not pop cross and subscribe he's making buildingme a website for Land of Smiles so if any of you need a web site doing Ididn't realize Andy designs and builds websites and at a very reasonable priceas well I put up a few challenges last week I think it was and a lot of theguys came back completes them thanks for thatit was videos I wanted to see I've got a couple Graham Breyer who's living upnorth Chiang Rai around there Shang Mike with his wife and son PI and foundGraham you've just got in you easy and new software you're tryin a hechance to do another update video for me be rather good and either low in can youdo meet an equipment video what you're using and how you're using itthat'd be great right see you all guys on the next video bye extreme it's goingto take me a week properties get the equipment and get it sorted but we willdo a Q&A livestream soon this stuff bye for nowTara.

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