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It has arrived Standing so close to train is very scary How did you feel? Nice Today we are going to witness a very interesting thing.

You must have heard about a market which folds up when a train arrives and then again sets up quickly We are at Thailand's Maeklong railway market near Bangkok.

We will watch the whole process today If you are thinking, what came first? Market or Railway Track? The answer is – Market This market at Maeklong dates back to 1905 It's been more than hundred years old.

Araina is more interested in shopping than me.

These fans are so interesting.

These are being used to ward off flies and insects We are being told that train will arrive at 2.

30 pm It's 2 pm now Tourists are starting to trickle in now to see the train You can see the market behind me You must have come across that viral video of this railway market on social media Today we are also going to witness that process.

Maeklong railway market is around 80 kilometres from Bangkok Please check the train timings before you arrive so that you don't have to wait very long In summers it gets very hot here If you want to shop you have to walk on this rail track This coconut water costs 25 bahts which translates to around Rs.


So it costs pretty much the same.

This is Thailand's ice-cream.

Sprite, Coca-cola, Fanta are some of the flavours.

It costs 5 bahts (Rs.

12 – INR) These are made from fresh fruit delicious It costs 10 bahts (Rs.

25-INR) Nice Araina.


We will have mango ice cream Later What time will the train arrive? 2.

30 pm She is pretty Mango ice cream These are the ice creams This ice cream costs 10 bahts which is very reasonable.

It looks good.

We are going to taste it Mangoes for 60 bahts.

In india we get it for Rs.

150 Mango.

Papaya and Pineapple You get chopped fruits for 20 bahts (Rs.

45-INR) Yesterday we bought mangoes for 40 bahts in Bangkok This is almost half the rate from Bangkok But then rates are expected to be double at Bangkok's Khaosan Road Maeklong is a small town and therefore cheaper These mangoes cost 50 bahts (Rs.

110 – INR) per kilo It's pretty much the same in India It will be a lot of hustle-bustle when the train arrives So we have decided to show the market before it arrives Train will arrive from that side You can see how many people have gathered here The train is about to arrive We saw many tour buses in the parking area Train is going to come from that side Let us find a good spot to watch the train It's very hot here We saw a cafe along the track It is air conditioned so it's full The rates for a cup of coffee and tea is around 45 bahts which seems reasonable.

I want watermelon We will buy it later Araina.


As we say, you get the cheapest stuff on the tracks.


we are on the tracks today.


so ironical We also have railway markets in India But what is special here is the train passing through it and the market folds up.

It is very exciting.

Train is about to arrive and we are excited to see the whole process.

Train is about to arrive.

Everybody is preparing for it.

Everybody has folded up their sun shades Announcement is also being made This announcement is made 3 minutes prior to the train Tourists and shopkeepers are asked to vacate the track The train has arrived I have never stood so close to the train It feels really scary to be so close to the train How did it feel? Nice You can see shopkeepers have again started to put their sun shades back as soon as the train crossed it How did you feel? Very interesting It was so interesting to see the vegetables lying across the track and the train almost going over it.

Araina, How did you feel standing so close to the train? Nice.


Funny We loved watching it They have become very professional They fold up and set up in seconds.


So finally the train has departed.

We all saw it.

We really enjoyed it.

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Thank you.


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