Thailand Tips: Money Exchange, Cash or ATM? The cheapest options

you hello and welcome to a Thailand tip thisis Andy right here and today I want to talk about money exchange now from myresearcher watching a few videos and going on the internet with my recentupcoming new new series coming up real soonI've been looking into money exchange and I've

done it the traditional way forup until now and I've suddenly dawned on me that I'm paying a lot of money forbasically to get my money out the back what I'm doingit up until got what I've been doing is using the cast point card ATM andputting in there and

withdrawing 10,000 baht which is that the limit on the onthe machine but did I end up paying the fee which isused to be a hundred eighty bar and it was two hundred but last time and Ibelieve that they're going to be putting up to 250 bar which is

a fee for thebank for the Machine and the bank and then you have your euro bank they willcharge you over a percentage and a translation fee the foreign currency nowobviously that would depend on what account you have in the UK my banker isa Street banger so I therefore

I will pay the 200 bahtplus the percentage fee plus the translation fee and in other words I'mpaying a lot of money when I shouldn't be playing it really and I can't reformto pay that I've been looking at other ways and some of the recommendationshave been to take cash

with me so you know you end up take it and taking moneywith you say a thousand pounds in cash in in real real termsyou know maybe Twitter Padnos going to an exchange booth say in spine upon theairport you will finally route for you two or three only two

or three brandsmoney exchange in in the airport and they're owned by their major banksthere's only there's only one independent one at the moment theexchange rate is pretty loads 42 to 44 but per pounddon't ask me what it is for other other currencies because I don't really don'tknow you

can look them yourself I know that Kevin Thailand does a really goodjob at keeping you updated on that so maybe PI over 2 channel either or a linkthat up here you know even if you think it is 44 last year it used to be 52 Ihad you know

50 to 53 part per pound so I lost about 10 barper pound a lot of bloggers have done videos about this I'm going to try andI'm going to try and copy them but I'm just going to say that you need to goand look at this because what you're

going to find is that when you go to getyour money changed and you've got your money there they are going to spooksnicely the notes again they only want perfect notes Unni what sort ofbrand-new unmarked bills and them that is really I mean that's just wrong inone respect that's

just wrong because that is our I mean it's legal money soit doesn't matter what it looks like it's still legal money but they will notaccept it so you let me my ends up that you take a hundred pounds well yes andthen 40 pounds of it's not usable because

they won't take it so I'm goingto look at doing this taking cat food media and then trying to change it intocurrency because I think that I'll probably come off betterevie from only gained 44 bar per pound I'm actually gonna be better off longterm because I will have not

have to pay all of the fees I am going to put somemoney into the bank as a backup and then obviously use the ATM if I need to whenyou do go abroad don't forget that if you're coming from a UK bank you need toinform your bank that you

are going to Thailandespecially for credit cards because if they see a payment on it that they willprobably stop it and it can be quite embarrassing because I've had thathappen to be one time you're trying to buy something and theyand they refuse it and you're stuffed really it's not

that you can do about ityou need to take with you the telephone numbers for your bank and I I have themlaminated I mean you can see watch a video that I should put up here which isthings I take with me and highway how I Pat my back as

far as money extreme zoneso lost the best way obviously credit debit cards you can take with you andyour ATM card for cash and you die is it really uh they say that you could taketraveler's checks but you end up having to find somewhere that would catch themand then

you pay a commission and all in all it's not most better than having acash card our ATM card so there we go that's my brief look at money exchangemoney exchange rate and how to do it and how to get your money out for Thailandwhen you're there so thank

you for watching come back again next week foranother trial on tip bye for now

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