So, there you go.

A fancy Intro.

Ahm… Yeah… Just waiting for it to finish.


So, how you get to your destination is hardlyever interesting, so I would prefer to skip that part, anyway.

Just thing I would like to note is, that weflew with Eva Air from Vienna to Bangkok and also back.

The flight was great and everything, but therewas one thing no one, really no one on the plane was expecting: the food was delicious.

When we arrived there, we took an Uber tothe Hotel.

We booked the Siam@Siam Hotel for three nights, it was really great and… I guess there is that.

We were only a little jetlagged, so we bracedourselves up and went to the MBK Shopping Center.

So, I would like this to be at least a littleeducational, so I’ll tell you some facts and stuff: There are over 2.

000 shops in theeight levels of the shopping center and here is also to link to the Wikipedia page.

Just, you know, go there and… I don’t know, get educated and all of that.

There was also a market in front of the shoppingcenter.

I don’t know if there is always one, butI would recommend not eating the food.

Just, you know… Look at it.

You should be fine with looking and won’tend up having, you know… “special problems” The next day we took an Uber to the GrandPalace, this is more or less Bangkok’s landmark, even if you think their king is their landmark, because there are pictures just all over the place.

I have mentioned Uber twice so far and willcontinue to do that.

This isn’t because I get paid to do so, it is more of a personal preference.

I think they are great, straightforward andcheap, so there’s that.

[Whisper: But I would really like to get paid]Also the Uber driver kicked us out of the car at an totally different place, than agreedand we had to walk 10min which was even better, because of all the rumors regarding humantraffickers around the Grand Palace… Yeah, but we survived and eventually endedup there.

Walking through the Palace is more like gettinglocked into Harry Potter’s Vault 687.

So, all the buildings on the property arereally nice, have gold everywhere… Yeah.



See, I was travelling with girlfriend, sothere is not really a form of my own opinion, regarding what to do, how long we stay orwhat we should do next.

So, you just adjust and keep floating withthe current.

Oh, and the Grand Palace has also a Thai name and it is rabano ahm… rararataram… ahm, sothe Thai name is [Google Translator].

From time to time there will be sexy editsin this video.

They are… Yeah, I guess you will see, what I mean.

After that we planned on getting back to ourhotel and got the crazy idea of taking a Tuktuk home, instead of an Uber.

So, for those, that don’t know, what a Tuktukis, it can be described as some sort of motorbike, just with two passengers and a driver on it, all of them staring death in the face, while keeping in mind that they just paid a highlyoverpriced trip and always weighing the odds, if it is more likely to get kidnapped or justto die in Thai traffic.

Not knowing, that we soon would be part ofthe crazy traffic situation ourselves, we went to Hard Rock Café and also took a showeron the way home, which was especially great, if you have another flight in 40 hours andyour shoes are just soaking wet.

On day three we went to the Jim Thompson House, which is one of the highest rated Tripadvisor Things To Do.

[Believe it or not, those guys don’t payme either].

There were two human beings, that showcased, how silk is being made, because after all that is, what Jim Thompson got famous for.

This is a perfect example of things in life, that are nice to know, but not really necessary to survive.

However sometimes you just wonder, what therich people out there are spending their pennies on – now you know: it’s handmade silkand you won’t be able to purchase it just… Not even… A sock of that fucking silk.

To fulfill the educational expectations, Imade myself for this film, I would like to tell you something about… And is exactly where we need to pause, becauseI am running out of footage.

Keep that little house in mind, because Iwill play now this video of flying dogs instead, by the way: this are my dogs, just in orderto not making you stare at a still frame for a minute.

So there are those little houses.



And Thais build them so that there are no… Aww, look at how cute they are! Even their ears! Awww… Ahm, yeah, the houses.

They build those houses and then they don’thave any bad ghosts in their houses.

In the real ones.

Or something like thatSo, where did we stop? Right.

The Houses of Jim Thompson.

After all that Jim Thompsonness we slowlymade our way towards Lumpini Park.

Getting there we came across a mall with manyof world’s high-level brands.

Can you even imagine getting through therewith you girlfriend? Yeah.

After what felt like two to seven days – soat least for me – we also visited a smaller temple, which we left behind soon to finallyget to Lumpini Park.

Once we arrived at Lumpini Park, we were amazedby the wild animals, like birds or Komodo dragons.

It is beautiful, how this little park, surroundedby this busy city, provides such a relaxing environ… Yeah, I know, stop that Instagram captionsand give us the sexy edit! In the evening we made our way towards the red-lightdistrict [whisper: We went to Patpong].

We stood there just a little bit, tried toget onto a well-known rooftop bar, which was closed, because it was pouring rain.

Or to be more precise: there were literallyindividual water molecules falling from the sky.

That much rain was there this evening.

However, we ended up heading back to our hoteland enjoying some drinks at our rooftop bar.

In the end this also opened up some unexpected, yet enjoyable… ahm… Insights I guess would be a great choice ofwords.

The next day we took some nice pictures inthe morning at our pool, followed by packing up and heading to Koh Samui.

Our hotel [whisper: Novotel Koh Samui] islocated somewhere in a mixture of a red-light-, tourist- and party-district, so we ended upwatching fire shows and checking out small booths.

The next day… Wait, wait I need to pause here.

So on Koh Samui we didn’t take an Uber, because guess who hasn’t made on that island so far! Right.


However, there are those Taxis that just ridealong the coast road and pick up everyone, which is great! They are quite cheap, have an open back, whichdoesn’t make you go crazy at all, if they speed with 70 or 80 kilometers an hour andoverall it is a wonderful opportunity to come face to face with death, while keeping inmind, that you suck at negotiating the price beforehand and you most likely paid way toomuch.

That being said, this was our first trip withthose taxis and we 100 percent got ripped off pricewise by the first fucking driver.

[whisper: I get the feeling, that dying inThai traffic slowly becomes a recurring theme.

] So, we took that Taxi to Wat Plai Leam oras the Thais would say [Google Translator].

Thanks, Google! There we visited the temples, because thereis a whole area dedicated to them.

We also tried to light an incense stick… Yeah, tried, because we miserably failed andended up nearly extinguishing other sticks.

There are also many animals and decorativeTemples, so roll that sexy edit! [whisper: just in case someone hasn’t figured out, that I’m into filming animals up to this point: I love it.

] After that we went to Big Buddha, which isKoh Samui’s best known landmark.

[whisper: Google Translator] There a monkdecided to bless our honeymoon for some reason, guess he can see multiple years into the futureand is a quintessentially optimistic person.

All in all: I would recommend Big Buddha farless, than Wat Plai Laem.

Because Big Buddha was maybe a low 6 out of10.

[whisper: totally overrated]In the evening? Well, guess what! We again went to Chaweng Beach.

You know, that thing with the restaurants, parties and slu… I mean drunk people! So, from now on the days are starting to blendinto each other, so I will stop numbering every day.

[whisper: now is a great opportunity to wakethe person you are watching it with, because they will think they missed everything]Yeah, of course you wouldn’t fly to Koh Samui without planning to spend multiple dayson the beach, which is exactly, what we did.

The sea was comfortable warm, the pool witha bar was next to us and we laid about 8 meters away from the water.

Laying there we sometimes had really niceviews… Yeah… [whisper: sexy edit]Please don’t die, please don’t die, please don’t die… One day we came up with one of our dumbestideas so far: Let’s rent two motorbikes and cruise around the island on a 60 kilometerstrip, even though I have never ridden a motorbike or anything like that before in my life, howeverI’m sure Thai traffic is a great opportunity to learn that.

Our first stop was Namuang Waterfall 1, wherewe took pictures and spent a couple of minutes, because it is beautiful there, with all theelephant abuse in the background and stuff… Our next stop was Namuang Waterfall 2.

Yeah, I know, someone must have knocked outone great name after another.

So, we hiked to this one and let me tell youone thing: 500 meters of elevation means something entirely different when hiking with temperaturesover 32°c and 85% humidity.

And also, if the trails are not sign at all, you just… you know… hike through the jungle and there is absolutely no one around you, except your girlfriend, who’s just going faster and faster and even faster… [gasping]Yeah, the hike became some sort of climbing pretty fast, however the view was more thanworth it.

After that we drove to the famous Hin Ta HinYai rocks, which were… rocks in the water.

However, not worth it at all.

After that, we took our motorbikes to coralbeach for some diving between corals and fish.

And we loved that place.

Sadly, I had no underwater camera with me, however we will get back there soon.

There was also that one day, when we bookeda planned trip to Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, I think, or as my Thai friends wouldsay: [Google Translator].

We were picked up by a not at all trustworthyvan way too early in the morning.

In the van we laid bets, whether we get kidnappedor would really arrive at the harbor.

Surprisingly we survived and had only leftbehind two other passengers.

Guess the ransom for us would be to low… However: 90min boat ride to the national park.

We also spent that extra 300 Bhat for a canoetour, because… you know, let it rain! But seriously: it was worth it.

Paddling by beautiful, untouched beaches, floating through naturally formed water caves and after all that, we made landfall at abay.

There we hiked up a small mountain barefootto see a beautiful naturally formed lagoon.

After all of that our boat took us to themain island of the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park and we spent there the rest of our time, hanging around and doing an exhausting hike to a lookout, from which you can overlookthe whole national park.

Do you remember the girlfriend situation, when hiking? Yeah.

Exactly the same thing again… On the date of departure, we spent all thetime we had left at the beautiful coral beach, swimming with fish, sadly however, the waterwas quite muddy.

By the way: When flying home, the food wasthe complete opposite compared to food, we got when we flew to Thailand.

This time the food sucked and mostly wasn’teatable at all.

So that concludes our trip to Thailand I guess.

Hope you had… fun and stuff.

I definitely had.

At least, when we were not hiking or… socializedwith each other or something like that… Over all 10 out of 10 Buddha statues.

[whisper: I’m expecting my girlfriend towatch this, so I have to end on positive terms].

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