This Thailand travel guide will show you12 fun things to do in Thailand, hitting up the province and islands in the southof Thailand, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

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LearnThai phrases for travelers.

Which is like “Hello, thank you!” Find out what to eat in Bangkok, where to stay, and more.

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Let's begin.

First, let's head the south of Thailand to the province Krabi.

Krabi is a quieter version of Phuket.

The particular town we're looking at is Ao Nang, known for its limestone islandsand this spectacular view.

You can get a four island tour for 800 to a thousandbhat on these longtail boats; however, it's been said by many travelers to bean unpleasantly rushed experience.

If you're coming to Thailand to vacation, take this fun alternative.

A pirate boat tour! Yes, you heard that right!I sailed on this pirate ship to all limestone islands poda, si, chicken andmore.

We snorkelled, jumped off the rooftop and witnessed a stunning sunset.

From Krabi I headed to Phuket, althoughyou'll find that most people go from Phuket to Krabi or just choose one.

Toget around the south of Thailand it's a combination of ferries, speedboats, or vans.

I just booked a transfer combination at a local tour stand and I explain morein this vlog about the transportation methods.

Phuket is a province with some ofThailand's most popular beaches.

It's also known to be quite the party town.

Bangla Road is where the music's at and you really get a feel of that crazynightlife that ensues here.

You'll find people offering cheap shots, interestingshows, and all kinds of random lively festivities.

My friends and I went tothis club based off of a locals recommendation and had a blast.

Sometimes a night out with friends is much needed.

While you can lay on the beachin Phuket, I'd recommend taking a day trip to koh phi phi.

If you can I'd just stayon Koh Phi Phi for a few days.

Phi Phi Islands are filled with towering cliffs, softsand, and lush landscapes.

Some destinations to see are Maya Bay, get there before everyone, and this stunning lagoon.

The islands Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Koh Tao are known to be great for diving.

I didn't get a chance to do thatbut if you go, get your dive on! From Phuket I headed to Koh Pha Ngan to try andcatch the crazy full moon party.

Now the journey from Phuket to SoutheastThailand can be a bit rough.

I took a five to six hour bus ride, then atwo-hour ferry, to get to Koh Pha Ngan.

But what greeted me was a wild night.

The Full Moon Party is one of those things you should experience just once andprobably wouldn't want to go back again.

It's an all-night beach party witheveryone in neon and buckets of alcohol.

DJs, people everywhere, it's crazy! It happens once a month but gives you a lasting hangover.

Honestly I'm more of a grandma so Iprefer something like number five.

If you have time I really recommend living onan island for a few days, especially Koh Phangan because it's got aco-working space you need to get work done and some great street food.

Rent a scooter, go waterfall exploring or just lounge out at these hotels by the beach.

It's the ultimate relaxation and my definition of fun.

Now let's head over toBangkok.

There's a vast amount of things to do in Bangkok but for me this time itwas more of a layover city.

Although one thing that stood out to me were themarkets in Bangkok.

Chatuchak is the largest market in Bangkok but I found agem at the Ratchada Train Market.

They had all kinds of food from bizarre bugs to all the most delicious Thai dishes.

There's even cheap and trendy clothes tobuy with live music all night.

I felt this was manageable enjoyable andactually kind of a perfect place for a date night or casual outing with friends.

For a more local and authentic market check out Rachawat.

You can find foodhere cheaper and even more delicious than you would in Chinatown.

I think thefoodies will particularly enjoy this market.

While there are budget flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, if you want to save the cost of a night ofaccommodation and experience something different other than a plane.



take thesleeper train.

The sleeper train takes about 14 hours to ride from Bangkok toChiang Mai and vice versa.

But it usually leaves at night and arrive in the morning in the next city so it doesn't feel that long.

Honestly it was somuch fun and felt like a first-class experience.

Chiang Mai is really a culturaland religious hub for Thailand.

When you arrive you've got to visit its majesticBuddhist temples.

In the center of Chiang Mai is Wat Chedi Luang and you got tosee its massive pagoda for yourself.

You also cannot miss the Monk Chat.

MonkChat is an opportunity for young monks to practice your English and for ourvisitors to learn about life in the temple, Buddhism, and more.

Another popular temple is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and I apologize for the pronunciation.

The sacred temple overlooks the city ofChiang Mai.

It's the perfect place to catch a view of a city.

One important thing to note as atraveler in Thailand or any parts of Southeast Asia is that riding anelephant is actually harmful to these beautiful animals.

An alternative isvisiting an elephant sanctuary.

Here you can spend a whole day with the elephant, feed them, bathe them, and watch them interact in nature.

I really recommendyou watch this vlog on the elephant sanctuary experience.

It's one of myabsolute favorite and it'll have you booking a ticket to Thailand as soon aspossible.

If you didn't get enough market time in Bangkok, headover to the Sunday night market or walking street in Chiang Mai.

This market every Sunday is filled with local thai goods, delicious food, and an ampleamount of art in both performances and crafts.

It's the perfect way toexperience the crowded and exciting market life of Thailand.

Now if you'relooking for a weekend getaway somewhere close to Chiang Mai, Pai is a small townin northern Thailand that's near the Myanmar border.

This is really the placeto go to get some peace and tranquility.

It's lush parameters and waterfalls willhave you feel at peace.

Thank you so much for watching this travel guide on 12 fun things to do in Thailand.

I've only scratched the surface of all the amazingthings you can do here but I hope it gave you some ideas of what stunninglandscapes and fun experiences you can have here.

My advice is to eat as muchstreet food as you can, meet locals, and embrace this beautiful country.

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