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Phoebe: Hey, you guys! Phoebe here from Little Grey Box.

Now, Matt and I are in beautiful Thailand and we flew right here toKrabi.

With over 150 islands off it's 150 kilometre stretch of pristine beachthere are so many beautiful places to go including right here in Ao Nang.

Home oftowering limestone cliffs, beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clearwater this place is a haven! So we are going to be showing you a little bit of this areaand a few other spots as well between here and Phuket.

All right you guyswe are staying at the Centara Grand Beach Resort in Ao Nang.

It is hidden in thisbeautiful little cove and the team there have organised for us to do boat hopping/island hopping experience today! I am so excited! You know me, I live for the water and Thailand.



oh my gosh! Look at this! It has some beautiful beaches! So we here at Boda Island, this place islovely, there's this beautiful little island, not too many people around the water is clear you can see all the waydown to the bottom we've got limestone cliffs in the backgroundlong tail boats behind me.

This is just the first stop today this is the way theto see and experience Thailand.

So this island is beautiful there'scoral reef below we're about to jump in with some snorkelling gear and explorethe underwater, I'm so excited for this! *Underwater Booty Montage* Alright so our next stop on our island hopping tour today ishere to this string of three islands we have Tup Island here to my rightMor Island to my left and Chicken Island in the distance.

Chicken Islandhas a distinct chicken head rock formation which you cannot miss as you go past it.

At high tide the water comes up and the islands look totally disconnectedbut at low tide the water goes down and there is a beautiful sand bank soyou can walk between the string of all three, lay out in the sun or jump in fora swim.

It is picture-perfect! When you think ofThailand and you think of island hopping this is the place you imagine in yourmind it is stunning.

Phoebe: So we are onKoh Klang, now this island is the closest island to Krabi Town and it isaccessible only by longtail boat.

The island is home to 915 families orthereabout so that's roughly about 4, 700 people.

Interestingly, 98% of thepopulation here are Muslim and 2% are Buddhist.

We are doing a really greatguided tour today just seeing how the locals live.

We've been spotting mosques we're seeing a lot of people as we go around and seeing some of those traditionalcrafts that you may not see on the mainland.

We're trying out some Batik paintingand the way it works is that you have this fabricthese are imprinted on with wax and then you take the dye and you apply it.

Ibelieve you don't have to be too accurate it doesn't take a Picasso tofigure this one out you can just put it in there and the wax stops the colorfrom running out and then you boil the fabric to get the wax off and then you'releft with your design.

My finished work! You guys I'm charging a million dollarsfor it.

PayPal me.

So the great thing about whatwe did today you guys is that anybody can do it it's a really accessibleexperience.

You just come down here to the Chao Fah Pier.

From there you don't have tomake any pre bookings there are loads of guys here, loads of skippers that cantake you over you should expect to pay about 400 baht.

Now I'm told that is for agroup, I don't know if that's gonna change when you get down here it couldbe per person but we were told by a guide it's 400 Baht to get over to thevillage.

Once you're there again no reservations necessary they have peoplestanding by on tuk-tuks and local drivers and it's 300 baht per tuk-tukand they will take you around to all the places we visited today the locals havelearned to speak English so don't you worry if your Thai isn't quite up toscratch.

So I'm going to show you the room that we're staying in shortly but Ijust want to let you know that a couple of years ago Matt and I came and stayedat this exact resort and we stayed in a private villa and it had its own littleplunge pool and it was just spectacular! That kind of thing is perfect for a veryspecial getaway or if you just want to treat yo self! Maybe it's an anniversary or your honeymoon, your birthday.

So our room type is not that room type but we still want to show you ours because it'sfantastic for holidaymakers too.

So we start out here on this huge balcony, comethrough here it's lovely and cool.

We've got two big beds.

I don't know why butwe've been sleeping on one each anyway because we've got so much space! Thosepillows are incredibly comfy! Look out the window you can see the Andaman Seaout there.

Rainforest shower head and regular showerhead if you don't wanna get yourhair wet then we've got some beautiful big space in this bathtub here you cansoak, relax, this room is a huge size you guys you feel like you have your ownspace those million-dollar views at the front, limestone cliffs, the works.

I can't think of anything better.

Phoebe: Gooooooooooooood morning you guys!Well would you look at this! It looks like paradise out here today Matt and Ihave just been for a walk along the beach after having our breakfast and itwas so so beautiful the sound of the water is just mesmerizing I just want toswim all day.

But sadly we are leaving Centara here today we are about to govisit another Island then we are going to Cape Kudu Hotel where we''re gonna be spending the night.

So today is gonna be all about the outdoors all about the island lifeand experiencing a new destination! I've never been to Cape Kudu Hotel before so I'm really excited to see what it's all about.

I have heard wonderful things from the locals.

Welcome to paradise! Look at this place!So we are at Koh Hong in Krabi and it is absolutely spectacular here there isthis beautiful Lagoon that you just cannot see unless you knew it was hereour boat driver drove us through here we've done a bit of a loop, stunninglimestone cliffs are all around us the sun is shining people are jumping offboats swimming now it only took us about 20-30 minutes to get here by boat fromCentara and that's definitely something that you can organize quite easily fromAo Nang whether it be through your resort, somewhere like Centara, or just onyour own.

Phoebe: We have checked in here at Cape Kudu.

This hotel is beautiful! The interior is incredible it's all things white and beachy and Ilove the bed head, those oars, they're so cool.

Oh, yeah! Look at this look atthese views you can see the islands in the background out there we have thisbeautiful swing you can sit in oh you guys you could just picture yourselfjust sitting here just enjoying your holiday having a few cold cocktails Ilove a room with a view like this because it always feels like you'remaking the most of your holiday there's nothing worse than being stuck inside ahotel room feeling like you've got to get out to really enjoy it you can sithere make the most of your balcony and enjoy those views wander down to thebeach if you like.

Great food at the restaurant.

Cape Kudu.



it's incredible! So we're just about to do a Thai cookingclass here at Cape kudu and I am so excited because I love Thai food.

I reallywant to learn how to prepare some of it so I can impress my mom and Matthew at a later date.

Yes, that's you! So, let's jump in and give this cooking class a go.

Wehave made so much delicious food we made a really great selection of Thai disheswe made the famous papaya salad, we deep fried some delicious fish and madethe sauce for that we made a beautiful soup made on coconut milk overhere and we also made some fried rice and the really cool thing about all ofthis food you guys is that if you do a cooking class here at Cape Kuduthey are totally open to dietary requirements so vegan, vegetarian, nopork, no chicken, whatever it is you require they can help meet it and thechef is so lovely.

It was a really great experience really fun really well pacedyou guys I'm starving, it's time to eat! So the island we're on now you guys isKoh Yao Noi island and that is where our hotel Cape Kudu is located gettinghere is really easy it is the same distance just about from Krabi and Phuket.

It lays right in the middle so it's actually a really nice journey ifyou were going to go from Ao Nang then out here to Koh Yao Noi andthen to Phuket you could do all three really easily.

Now you don't have to makeplans to get out here if you don't want to you can just wing it but of course ifyou want to make plans that's cool so you can catch a longtail boat or aspeedboat here from both Phuket and Krabi now we came here from Ao Nang andthat's one way you can do it as well it should cost you about a 100 Baht perperson to get out here when you get to the pier, don't worry, you don't need toprearrange your transfer if you don't want to it should cost around 500 Baht to get from the pier to your hotel.

Now this place is located inthe middle of the Andaman Sea and it is just stunning it's so beautifulwe've got little jagged rocky outcrops out there beautiful sparkling water andthe vibe here is very different.

Where Phuket is kind of frantic and busy anda little bit more built up this is very low-key and chilled out so definitely Ithink it's a bit of an underrated destination and perfect for anybody whoreally wants to relax and get away from it all and as we've been told repeatedlysince we arrived the locals here are so so friendly if you are lost if your scooter breaks down, if you have any kind of problem people will stop andhelp you out.

We're about to do a guided tour I'm really excited to dig a littledeeper and see what Koh Yao Noi has to offer.

So our next stop is here at thecoconut farm there is only one coconut farm so it's not hard to find and youcome here and this lovely gentleman who runs the place he lives here and hegrows everything that you see here we've just been wandering through the gardenpicking things off and trying them he doesn't charge for that but he doescharge 30 baht for a coconut.

I've gotten some beautiful kaffir lime leavesand scrunched them up and put them in here and they're absolutely delicious.

He's cutting those up like an expert, it's not even funny! He's a real ninjawith that knife.

I've got a lot of respect for it.

Just a really cool thing to come andsee and experience and see how a local person lives and try something you maynot have tried before.

So Boom has just picked us some green mangoand.



you're not trying to stitch me up are you? You really do eat the skin.

Okay it looksdifferent.

Let's try this I'm gonna try.

I've nevereaten green mango like this straight off the tree.

*Destroys tooth* Someone call my dentist! GAWH! That's really sour!! Suree: The redone would be sour a bit but the black one is sweet, organic.

She know's what she's talking about! Now like I saidwe've been doing a guided tour today thanks to Cape Kudu Hotel but guys youdon't have to go that way if you don't want to if you were to hire a scooteror motorbike and run around the island it would only take you an hournon-stop.

You can hire that scooter or that motorbike and you can stop atdifferent places as they catch your fancy Duck in for lunch here, stop here andvisit the coconut farm for example or come right here to the pier at thepublic park to watch the sunset.

One thing that's really great about thisisland is that it does lend itself to spontaneous travel so we've been seeinglots of different accommodation providers as we've been driving aroundtoday so if you didn't want to plan your trip out, you just want to wing it and maybebook your first night but not the rest this is the place to do it you can comehere quite easily stop it in an accommodation provider that took yourfancy spend the night and then move on it's a great location greatpeople and plenty to see and do.

Phoebe: Good morning, you guys! I had the best sleep last nightthat bed was so comfortable those are the kind of pillows just kind of melt intoand then don't wake up for like seven hours.

So this morning we are about tohave some breakfast here at Cape Kudu hotel and then we're goingto go out and do a bit more island hopping and swimming I'm really looking forwardto it this is my dream holiday I love swimming I love Thai food I love thiskind of weather I'm just having so much fun.




look at that pool behind medoesn't it look absolutely beautiful you could easily just spend all day swimmingin there but hey for now I need some coffee and I need some food! So if you're going to come to Thailand youneed to know a few local phrases because it's a really good way to connect withthe locals and the Thai language is really really fun and easy to remember!So I've asked our lovely guide Suree just to teach us a few basics today.

Howwould I say hello? Suree: Hello normally we'll say “Sawadee Ka.

” “Ka” for ladies and “Krup” for men.

So if you're a girl you'd belike “Sawadee Ka” and if you're a boy “Sawadee Krup”.

You know what Ifound really interesting, I was talking to Suree about this yesterday is theyhave a gender neutral pronoun, is that right? And it's “Ha.

” So you would say, “Sawadee Ha” if you didn't identify as male or female.

Alright and how would you saythank you? Suree: “Khob Khun Ka” Phoebe: Or, for boys, Khob Khun Krup.

Yesss! What else do you think aresome basic phrases people need to know? Oh, spicy! Spicy because a lot of timeThai food is quite spicy okay so spice mean “Pet.

” And if you say you you don't want spicy, “Mai Pet.

” Oh! Like, “My Pet!” See, I told you it's easy to remember! Our first stopon today's island hopping adventure is Kudu Island and this place is an oasisso there all these limestone cliffs towering around us and in this beautifullittle swimming bay it's not all wavy and crazy it's beautiful and still inhere the water is a stunning turquoise color the sun is out and it's justpicture-perfect I cannot wait to get into that water it is beautiful.

Now weare doing our island hopping adventure today with the guys at Cape Kudu hotel.

Ittook us about an hour to get here to kudu island if you weren't stay at Cape Kudu Hotel you can still do this all you have to do is talk to the locals oryour hotel reception and they can organise this for you and it would costyou around 3, 500 Baht to go to three different islands.

Sogetting to Krabi was really really easy for us we flew from Bangkok to KrabiAirport on Thai Airways and the flight was really quick it only took 1 1/2 hours.

If you didn't want to fly to Krabi to get here you could also go to Phuket the flight time is going to be about anhour and again direct flights there are so many during the day from Bangkok toPhuket and that flight is also around about an hour.

This spot is only accessible by boat and we have come here to see this stunning huge, big tree it is a Fig I believe and it is gigantic! The guides are saying it mustbe at least 300 years old it's over 50 meters tall and you can only see the topof it from the water and while we've been standing here we also got to see areally beautiful little green tree snake they are not venomous they're not gonnahurt you it was just working its way up the bigmother tree behind me and we also saw a hornbill which this area is famous for.

So our time here in Krabi and this region has really shown us somedifferent sides to Thailand other than the busy streets of Bangkok now Ao Nanghas that kind of little town atmosphere with lots of bars and there's lots ofshopping but you can still hide out at Centara Grand Beach Resort so that'sreally good if you're after a little bit of a party or restaurant scene but ifyou do want more of that really low-key kind of destinationYao Noi Island where we are right now that's the spot for you.

The population here is predominantly Muslim so there's only three bars on the island alcoholisn't sold widely on the street so it doesn't have that kind of partyatmosphere.

That said, don't worry you can still get drinks at the hotels like hereat Cape Kudu.

If I had to choose one I really like Cape Kudu and Yao Noi IslandI like that really laid-back disconnected feel either way you cannot go wrong, Wellthat brings our time here to an end if you don't already be sure to subscribeand say hello in the comments below have a great weekend and I will see you nextweek love ya! Phoebe & Matt xx.

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