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Hey you guys Phoebe here from LittleGrey Box with Matt behind the camera Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Known for its stunning tropical beaches incredible temples, palaces deliciousfood and smiling locals it's no surprise that Thailand is a favourite destinationfor many travelers now whether you're visiting Chiang Mai in the north, KohSamui and the islands down in the south the capital city Bangkok in the middleor anywhere in between here are some things I think you really need to knowbefore you go most Western countries simply get a stamp in their passport onarrival which permits you to stay in Thailand for around 30 days but youreally should check the visa requirements for your country before yougo and guys make sure you do not overstay how long you're permitted to bein the country for there are fines and restrictions if you overstay yourwelcome the official rainy season in Thailandusually runs from around July through to October so you are probably best placedto plan your trip outside of those times if you are looking to save a little bitof money going during that down season might be the way to go one thing you doneed to be really really careful of when you visit Thailand is the heat you wantto make sure that you are drinking plenty of water try to avoid going outright in the middle of the day try to stick to those air-conditioned spotsduring those times when you can I like to carry an umbrella with me I've alwaysgot sunscreen on and for me with long hair I usually need to tie it up to helpme stay cool don't underestimate that heat you guys it is sapping and it willget ya! The local currency in Thailand is Thai Baht it is advisable in myexperience to have some cash and there are ATMs located pretty much everywherethere's always a convenience store on a corner or somewhere nearby where you canget cash out.

Now just a quick tip something that Matt and I did a coupleof years ago was we switched to a bank that has zero transaction fees on theircard even when we're traveling internationally if you travel a lot Iwould recommend looking for something like that because it has saved usa lot of money.

There are lots of different ways to get around in Thailandof course you can hail a tuk tuk on the street if you're going to do that justmake sure you barter with the driver before you get in.

There are taxis if yougo by that route you want to again make sure that they are going to run themeter so you aren't getting ripped off or paying too much than you shouldthere's trains and buses I've actually caught the night train from Bangkok toChiang Mai and it was fantastic it was so much fun that kind of adventure issomething well worth having.

There's also Grab taxi which is a great way to getyourself a ride or if you're proficient and comfortable and confident you couldlook into hiring a scooter.

Now I wouldn't recommend hiring a scooter inbuilt-up places like Bangkok it would be probably more islands like Koh Yao Noimaybe Koh Samui that I would look to do it personally I wouldn't drive thescooter because I just don't feel confident but Matt has a lot moreexperience and confidence than me so I would let him drive.

Please, please, pleasebe safe I would hate for anybody to get hurt in a scooter mishap.

When it comestime to pack for your trip to Thailand you really do want to keep it lightwhere possible I like to wear lots of cotton there are lots of reallybreathable light airy summer dresses I like to cover my arms a little bitthough because I do worry about the harsh sun and heating me up and burningmy skin.

I like to wear cotton skirts sometimes maybe linen shorts and baggylinen tops at the beach you'll definitely need your swimwear make sureyou have a hat, sunscreen, a water bottle all those kinds of things for the beacha towel etc maybe your floaties.

For Matt he likes to wear board shorts andsweat-wicking tops.

Now on our last trip to Bangkok we did go to a couple offancy restaurants so if you are planning on having some of those high-end diningexperiences make sure you do have a couple of nice outfits another thingyou're going to need to pack is definitely a temple outfit especiallyfor women when we get there I'm often told that I need to make sure myshoulders and my knees are covered and this is particularly at places like theGrand Palace in Bangkok or temples in Chiang Mai so make sure you havesomething that can go past your knees and over your shoulders and doesn't bareyour midriff for shoes and footwear I recently bought a pair of saltwatersandals and they are designed to go in the sea and in the water and they havebeen amazing for me I don't know why I didn't buy them sooner I love them sothey're perfect for all those island destinations and in Bangkok I reallylike to have my sneakers with me because I'm walking around a lot and my NewBalance sneakers are just a godsend one thing to bear in mind with your footwearis that you will be asked to take your shoes off from time to time so maybelike full lace-up boots like Doc Martens or your Converse boots probably aren'tyour friends with all those shoe laces just make sure that you can get yourshoes on and off easily and quickly at temples and even some restaurants.

In myexperience Thailand has always been a safe destination for me I have neveronce run into trouble or had a situation where I felt unsafe if there was anymoment I was worried about my things maybe it would just be my backpack in acrowded street market in Bangkok or when I had to leave my suitcase overnight onthe train a little bit far away from me other than that I've never run intotrouble that said I think there's always an importance on having a common senseapproach to safety when you travel if you get rip-roaring drunk and walk downthe back alley by yourself at 3 a.


in the morning of course the risk of yougetting into trouble increases.

Following on from that in my experience Thaiculture is one that is extremely polite and that's one of the things I love.

Nowbecause that's how they are I believe as a good traveler it's important to matchthat and when Matt and I are in Thailand we're always saying thank youacknowledging people bowing you'll see this a lot, yes, like this.

It's just a signof respect and appreciation.

Thailand has a King now it is really, really, reallyimportant that you are very respectful of the King.

The late King passed and theThai people.



I was there shortly after he did they were heartbroken people werewearing black ribbons as a sign of respect black armbands the love for theKing and the Queen is real.

You might find yourself in situations like at amovie theater for example where at the beginning they play a short clipand there's a requirement for everybody in the movie theatres to stand and paytheir respects for the King even in some of the parks around Bangkok that happensso if you do see people doing that just make sure you join in even if you don'tunderstand what's happening just stand silently and show the King that samerespect.

Okay let's talk about this one because I've gotten into trouble a fewtimes.

While some of the toilets are absolutely fantastic some of the ones inpublic places are quite rough they can be quite dirty, you may not have accessto toilet paper and all of that kind of stuff.

So I always like to have a littlebit of a toilet ready kit in my bag I carry tissues I've got someantibacterial wipes for my hands I've got hand sanitizer as well you'll alsoneed to have some coins with you because in many cases you do have to pay to usethe toilet you might want to do some squats as well to get those legs niceand strong so that you are prepared and ready to use a squat toilet should theneed arise one thing to note is in Thailand you will often see signs sayingthat you cannot put toilet paper in the toilets.

Don't be freaked out if you seethat it's just that the plumbing in that spot might not be so great so you justput the toilet paper in the bins provided.

Now for women I reallyrecommend that you carry your own feminine hygiene products with you sotampons, pads, menstrual cups whatever you use make sure that you've got that withyou because you could find difficulty getting the kinds of products that youwant to use or that you prefer to use Thailand is all about that hag life youguys so if you are going to a market and you are going shopping make sure thatyou get into the spirit and you haggle with the locals I believe that if youwant to ask for a discount the phrase is something like 'lod noi nah' andyou're meant to say it really sad like 'lod noi nah.

' Matt does a really good'lod noi nah' actually I'll have to get him to show it to you one day.

Nowone thing I would say especially people from Western countries like Matt andmyself we do have more money than people in Thailand have it's just the way it isand so we are very mindful that we're not trying to get a price so cheap thatwe leave the local person earning a lot less money than they deserve, yes we wantto bargain but not at the expense of that person's livelihood.

I love theThai language it is so much fun you can really get into it really like letthe phrases fly and I always find the locals beam with a big smile when youjoin in now you guys know I do not speak Thai fluently so what I'm about to sayis gonna have a strong Australian kind of accent on it quite often people liketo have a little bit of a roast about the way I pronounced words from otherlanguages but hey you know it's all about trying at a different language andthere is absolutely no shame in trying there is a difference between the waythat men and women will say words in Thailand if you were going to say hellofor instance a lady would say sawadi ka Iike a man would say cup.

Sawadi kup and what I love about the Thai language is they have agender-neutral pronoun and it is huh so if you didn't identify as male or femaleyou would say hello Sawadee huh hot you ready Sawadee kup for the ladiesSawadee Kap for the men and sorry ha for a non-binary friends if you're going tosay thank you Kop kun car for the ladies and you can really get into that car Ireally like to lean into it Kop kun car they really get into it forthe men Kop kun cup and for our non-binary friends Kop kun ha and what Ifound as well and what at one of our guides told us is that you can use caror four men cup as kind of a polite acknowledgement during conversation soif I was talking to you as I am and you were listening to me you might say carlike that like kind of a yes I hear you I understand you that's greatrespect this one's pretty straightforward you just can't drink thetap water now when we travel Matt and I are always looking for ways to cut downour single-use plastics and one of those is to carry our own water bottle with usunfortunately in Thailand you cannot refill your water bottle froma tap in the hotel or around the place the water just isn't reliable to drinkwe do still take our water bottles with us and try to fill it up at the hotelsfor example the breakfast buffet might have a big water jugs everywhere I go itseems to see options for gluten-free or vegan or vegetarian orscat Aryan no chicken they're poking their beef whatever your requirementsare I always find that restaurant staff are so accommodating and willing tolisten and help and adjust the food to whatever your personal requirements maybe I do have to say the only one I think you might run into some trouble withcould be peanuts especially if you had a cross-contamination kind of an allergyyou may struggle with that one as there are quite a few peanuts and tree nuts inThai cooking if you see monks around the streets as you're traveling throughThailand just make sure to be respectful especially women unfortunately womenaren't permitted to touch monks I believe that if we do come into contactwith a monk there is a big ritual they have to go through afterwards we're justtoo fun for our good lady it is also really important to note that Buddhismin Thailand is very very very important and Buddha is revered it's not okay tobuy Buddha artworks or Buddha head statue think about it this way Buddha isGod to Buddhist and you are carrying a statue of their gods decapitated headyeah it's really awkward so what art works but the statues decapitated headstatues Buddha tattoos whatever is not an artwork Buddha is a god and should berespected as such while you're in Thailand as you guys know I do havesocial anxiety shout out to the guy that said that's just a millennial diseaseand not a real one mate it's a real thing I do have social anxiety and whatthat means to me is that I just struggled in social situations and I dofind crowds really really paralyzing if you are the same just be prepared itdoesn't mean that you can't visit of course you can you're just gonna have tostick away from those areas like I do kind of take a wide berth plan yourvisits to your major sites like the Grand Palace just outside there's reallyreally busy times I have the most sensitive stomach it is like a tissue ina hurricane it is just not up for the challenge in Thailand I have never oncehad a problem with street food that said I don't eat me so maybe that's a part ofit I'm not really sure but I always used my common sense judgment I would nevergo and eat at a street food place that looks dirty or how do we smell or Ididn't the person was preparing the foodfreshly or to a high standard so just use your common sense and you should befine street food in Thailand is unmissable ifyou are really worried about it and you're somewhere like Bangkok head to aspot like icon sense I am their big shopping mall because down the bottomthere they have an incredible food court it's all indoorseverything's incredibly high standards of quality and preparation and care forsome reason whenever I talk about this one whether it be here on the website italways seems to stir up quite the hottie debate so I'm just gonna do what I canwhich is just to speak to my experience and my personal beliefs I don't believethat people should take part in animal tourism experiences in Thailandspecifically elephant riding and Tiger temples when I was younger doing anelephant ride in Thailand was really really high up on my life travel bucketlist was something I desperately wanted to do but then I found out how theelephants are actually broken in and to be able to be ridden by tourists and itis a process called crushing now we're gonna put a link to a couple of videosbelow if you do want to do an elephant ride in Thailand I would just encourageyou just to watch those videos first and if you watch them and you still feellike that's something that you can go through with that's your decisionpersonally after watching them I felt very very sad and very very sick abouthow the animals are treated on a visit to Thailand I did ask around a littlebit about it about how the industry is regulated and I was told that thoseelephant performance shows and elephant ride operators are self regulated so theonly requirement is for them to have a vet on staff who says that everything'saboveboard and who pays that vet the people who operate it so there is anopportunity there or the potential there or the money to take priority over theanimals health and welfare it's totally up to you what you do with your life Iwould just as I said encourage you to research it look into what happens atthese places and then make up your mind yourself oh my goodness there's so manycheap massages and cheap tethers going on offer in Thailand and I would justsay this to you if it sounds like it's too good to be true it probably is nowMatt and I have had more a fair share of five-dollar massages inThailand and each time it has not gone well personally I feel like I wouldrather splash out a lot more money to have one really good massage than $5 tohave a really cheap massage that leaves me in a lot of pain and couldpotentially hurt my body and my back it's just not worth it and cheap shadowsyou guys there are all kinds of problems that could come from that one thing wealways do when we go to Thailand is get a sim card at the airport they havegreat bundle packages there where you can get something like three or four gigof data someone have unlimited data and it just helps us stay connected they'rereally really affordable find you know great local restaurants and spots thatyou want to visit and understand the context of where you are by being ableto Google search it another flame something I like to do what is the grandpalace one of the best things about Thailand is it is so very affordable youcan pay very little for accommodation and stay somewhere fantastic you can eatcheap out at restaurants you can eat great street food the beers are cheapit's just such an affordable destination it's also really good in terms of budgetif you do want to have the luxury experience because the high-end luxurystuff is probably I would say about mid range Australian prices so you can staysomewhere amazing have these incredible dinners and not pay anywhere near as youmuch as you would somewhere like here in Australia so it is budget-friendly onall spectrums and in terms of budget-friendly I just want to say Ihave heard that as a backpacker you can stay in multi bed dorms without a fanfor like one or two dollars a night I couldn't do that that sounds reallyintense but if you are on a budget that could be a great option for youalright you guys that brings this to an end thank you so much for watching Ireally hope you have found this video useful now if you don't already be sureto subscribe and say Sawadee kha in the comments below have a great weekend andI will see you next week you.

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