Thailand Travel Precautions | Flying to Khao Sok

Aww yes! Itchy butt! I'm Claire and this is my best friendJustin.

We are currently on a mission to see as much of Thailand as we can inonly a week and a half so even though we only had one day in Bangkok, it's alreadytime to catch a flight to Surat Thani Airport and grab a taxi to Khao Sok.



butfirst breakfast.

Alright we have sweet and sour chicken, garlic fried rice and a.






egg and bacon waffle? Meanwhile Justin's having a real breakfast.

We're running alittle bit behind going to the airport.

It's a local flight so hopefully onehour at the airport is going to be enough.

There are no functioning seatbelts in this car.

Thai Air? Thai Lion Air? Domestic flights don't include a checked bag, but to pay for your checked bag you have to go todoor number 14, so you have to go all the way across the airport to pay for our checkedbags.

This is a ridiculous system.


We're on time! Both of uscarry a ton of cameras here when we travel and I have a drone on me and Ihave never been through so many security lines without getting extra screening inmy life.

So it's been kind of nice to actually just walk through security andnot have to do a whole song and dance about my equipment.

The extra precautionsthat we're taking because of the Corona Virus have mostly involved wiping downall of our equipment with Lysol wipes at least twice a day.

Whenever I handleanything that I know has been handled by a lot of people, I do extra wiping oneverything in those circumstances too.

We've been going through a little minihand sanitizer bottle everyday, hand sanitizing all the time.

Ignoring my faceand not touching it has actually been going pretty well for me.

I thought itwould be harder but since I'm here and the motivation is pretty serious, it'sbeen fairly easy for me.

Another precaution that we're taking is that ingeneral we're really careful about where we put our bags down and we wipedown everywhere that we're gonna be.

Claire: Oh look it's Tina and Matt.

Justin: Wipe their seats too Claire: so check that out look atthis I'm not trying to be a germaphobe but like that's actually kind ofdisgusting.

Tina: YayyyClaire: Eewwww gross The interesting thing that I've noticedmaybe 10 to 20% of people are wearing masks and a lot of them are wearing themincorrectly.

Some people are only wearing them over their mouth and not their nosesome people are just pulling down the mask and like rubbing their faces which sort of defeats the purpose of the mask.

A lot of them pull it down and wear itaround their chin walking around with it just half off.

We have masks with us butI feel more comfortable just being really careful about what I touch.

Ourflight today is going to be an hour long.

It's Thai Lion Air, it only cost about 20 bucks.

Justin: So in Surat Thani there's 2 options.

We can get a public shuttle where you basically share the shuttle with other people (Claire: ok) and I think that's around 300-350 Baht or you could just get it toprivate taxi or private transfer and I think that should appear on 1800 baht.

Claire: it cuts down on the travel time a lot because the shuttle had lots of stops so doesn't it almost double the length of the trip? Justin: Yeah I think that's part of the reason why it's worth it (to take a private taxi.

) We have so much leg room, we've got so much space! *Airplane PA* and cover your mask over your nose and mouth.



This is a sweet little airport, it's kind of tiny.

They had an airport employee who approached usright as we got out and offered to arrange the taxi for us.

It was the exact price that we had read online and it was really easy to set up.

Do you hear the bugs and the birdschirping? Look at this place.

Here is our hotel.

This place is such a littletreasure.

We were hoping to go tubing today but tubing is not in season rightnow so we're gonna sit and wait for our room to be ready and decide on a plan forhow we're gonna spend this day cuz we don't actually have a plan.

Oh there's alittle swimming pool! This place is actually paradise.

Our room is ready.

Let's do a cabin tour.

We have two beds, room for three to sleep if you wanted.

There is no AC but there is a fan and a little shower.

We have a backdoor that goes to a little porch.

I love it! Claire: $19 a night? Nice!!Justin: Yeah for both of us! So pretty! This place is laid out so beautifully.

There's cabins everywhere but there's enough vegetation and forest in betweeneach one that it feels so private and cozy.

We're just checking out the river now.

This is where we were hoping to go tubing but the water levels are too low sowe're going to grab some food now with Tina and Matt and then we're gonna spend theday chillin by the river and by the pool Justin: So unlike us Claire: Yeah it's very very unlike us Justin: It might be nice, change it up a bit, rest.

What is this rest that you speak of? I don't understand REST.

We're gonna be eating at Pawn's Restaurant Justin found this place online.

They have mango stickyrice here so I think we're gonna try mango sticky rice for the first time.

I'dbe perfectly happy eating Pad Thai every day until I die.

Hi Kitty! Hiii Kittyyy! There are two clocks in this place.

They disagree with one another.

So we have pad thai and we have pad cha .

Claire: It's less sweet but it's really good.

Justin: It's really good.

This is the Pad Cha it has like gingerand lemongrass.

Mmm! The lemongrass is really interesting.

This is pineapplefried rice.

How great is that? That is beautiful! Really nice subtle flavors it'sdelicious.

This is our mango sticky rice.

I've never tried it, before Justin'snever tried it before.

Justin: I'm excitedMatt: This is the best stuff ever Justin: So I'm guessing you grab a little mango and a little rice *everyone responds yup* Justin: Ooh it's warm! Tina: Yeah it's supposed to be Claire: Is it too sweet for you or is it good?Justin: It tastes like rice putting with mango Justin: It's deliciousClaire: Huh! Alright! Tina: I think she approves Justin: Good? Tina: Approval When they said mango sticky rice I don'tknow what I was expecting but this is so so delicious and it has that little bit of condensed milk that you can taste.

It's- it's- it's good.

Alright we had our lunch and now we're going to go exploring this little river.

I got these swim shoes off of Amazon.

They were only $9 and they're super cozy and comfortable.

We were told that the water is too low for tubing but they get to gokayaking.

I want to do that! Justin: Claire, monkey!Claire: Monkey?! Aren't you adorable look you beautiful little monkey, hello! I want to do this.

Who do Ihave to pay? I want to do this.

Justin: We're Body Kayaking oh my god it's a baby monkey, it's a baby monkey, it's a baby monkey, it's a baby monkey.

Hello! Hi beautiful baby! You're so gorgeous, look at you go! You have no boundaries.

You're kind of bold, are you feeling okay? So it's a little slippery but it's notso bad.

I have a lot of equipment in my backpack so I really need to not slipand fall.

Alright, I'm almost a little island but I wanted to get to.

Ok, I just finished my first flight inThailand with the Mavic Mini.

It is 249g and the weight does not impactwhether or not you need certification to fly this drone.

Because it has a cameraon it, you have to have all kinds of certifications which I will put in thedescription below.

All in all the process to get all the paperwork to be able tofly this took me over a month.

Flying a drone in Thailand is not a casualendeavor.

There's still a lot of rules that you need to follow when you fly butI'm so excited to fly this little bugger Hopefully this one doesn't go off a cliff.




Watching the monkeys is like a realityTV show.

They're so cute! Oohhhh That was a good jump! Well that's a monkey acting exactly like a monkey's supposed to.

AWWWWWW You got a nice booty! An entire monkey army is trying to cross the river right now and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Awww yes, itchy butt! Awww baby NOOO.

Good job, you did it!! I'm in heaven Ooh do they have metal straws? That's wonderful! We are at the little bar by our hotel.

I havesome Thai Tea, this doesn't have any milk in it so we'll see.

It's a little bitter apparently.

Tina: Just a hair Claire: No I really like it I'd like it better with milk, but I reallylike it.

Justin's gonna regret this later Justin: It's like a mango piña coladaClaire: Nice If you just don't want to finish that at some point, Claire: I'll be happy to finish Justin: That can be your next thing! The sunset is absolutely beautiful We're just relaxing.

I am backing upvideos and getting some work done and so we're just never really relaxingrest of the day.

This is dinner.

You look so extra right now.

This justlooks so weird.

I feel like a little kid in here.

I kind of like it.

It's like having my own little clubhouse*Justin giggles*.

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