Thailand Travel Scams

Millions of travelers head off toThailand every year to take in breathtaking sights while many will havethe perfect holiday some will fall prey to local scams.

Here are five of the morecommon scams that one may encounter and what you can do to avoid them.

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For many Thailand is their first journeyinto Asia and can be a little overwhelming between the long journeygetting there a language that sounds and looks different from anything they haveseen before and sights and smells that envelope all the senses.

It is no wonderthat seemingly ordinary people who would never fall prey to a scam at homesuddenly fall hook line & sinker when on vacation.

Number 1) the Grand PalaceScam For many going to visit the Grand Palace is top of things to see in Bangkok.

You start to head off to the palace when you are told that the Palace is closedor will open in a couple of hours this is usually done by someone in the knowlike a tuk-tuk driver or someone in the tourist trade.

They will usually suggesttaking you to an alternative site like a temple or to a gem shop until the palaceopens up.

The gist of the scam is to have you spend your money on any expensivetuk-tuk ride ending in his friends gem shop where they will get a commission.

How to avoid the scam do not listen to anyone who tells you the Palace isn'topen.

Check in your guidebook or online for the hours.

If you are concerned haveyour hotel call to confirm that the Palace is open.

Number 2 Jet ski andscooter scam.

This scam is popular in beach destinations like Phuket and PattayaWhen you go and rent one of their vehicles it is fun under the sun untilyou return.

Upon your return scammers will claim your Jetski or scooter hasbeen damaged.

The scammers will now demand money, holding onto yourbelongings including your passport which you left as collateral the fines areusually very high as much as a thousand US dollars.

Some rental agencies alsokeep spare keys for stealing back scooters locked outside tourist sitesyou will likely be forced to pay a steep replacement fee, even if you purchasedinsurance.

If you choose the rent a jetski or scooter be sure to use areputable company check your guidebook or askyour hotel for a reputable company.

While handing of your passport may beunavoidable, always take photos and video of the vehicle before renting, clearlypointing out any scratches or issues beforehand, even taking a jet ski out ofthe water make sure the person who is renting the vehicle sees you do this sothey know they can't get away with a scam later.

If you do run into a problemit is advised to contact the local tourist police but remember sometimesthey are in on the scam.

I hate to say it the jet ski scam is so bad I just wouldn'trent.

Number 3) Tour boats scam Bangkok and its floating markets are amust for most visitors.

It's something you should see and do however if you'reapproached by someone offering a canal tour with a too-good-to-be-true price, run the other way.

Tour boat scams can vary from overly inflated priced toursthat with a little research you would know are high to tours that are great andeven fun but as the tour concludes and you approach to pier the captain will stopand the guide will demand more money.

Unfortunately you'll probably have topay unless you want a swim to shore.

How to avoid the scam? Don't boat with anyonewho approaches you period.

If you want to do a canal tour know the going price andorganize it in advance with a travel agency or through your hotel.

Number 4the rigged taxi meter and or the fixed-rate Taxi scam.

Damned if you do damned if youdon't.

Always insist that the taxi use the meter.

Cabbies that insist on a fixedrate, many times charging anywhere from double to five times the actualcost of the trip .

In very touristy areas many taxi drivers will outright refuseto use the meter and would rather pass up your business because there willalways be the easy mark around the corner.

On the flip side some cabbieswill rig the taxi meter to run at a faster ratepadding the bill.

Adding to all of this some cabbies at the end of the ridewill say they do not have change when given a large bill.

How to avoid this, usetaxi sharing apps like GRAB to ensure you know the fair price of the trip evenif you end up not using the app.

If your driver won't turn on the meter simplyget out.

If you're leaving from a hotel have a staff member demand the meter beused and have them write down where you are going and having a variety of smallbills, this will help if the driver can't or won't make change.

Number 5.

Tuk Tuk scam Tuk Tuks can be be fun and for many the ride can be ahighlight but one should be aware of the scams that can accompany with thesethree-wheeled wonders.

Only use for short rides, Negotiate the price upfrontand never get talked into a tour, for more information and detail please clickon the video above and if you have found this video helpful please, like, subscribe, comment and share and remember to ring the notification bell.

Till ' nexttime happy and safe travels.


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