Thailand travel vlog: showing my friend around Bangkok, Phuket and Tak / พาเพื่อนฝ.เที่ยวไทย

hi guys so my German friend came toThailand and I'm gonna be the one who show him around while he is here so Ithink it's gonna be a nice idea to do a vlog because there are so many placesthat we are gonna go and I want to share it with you guys today I have a plan to take him toAsiatique it's the place where people usually go and chill out cuz there arerestaurants, pubs what else.



shopping areas and it's located at the Riverside we'regoing to take the boat in order to go there now I'm gonna go and pick him up let's try this huh Try this one want to be on there what are we doing here party boat a tourist guy without money there's the palace it's gonna be really paceked right? seriously? that's the line? cool right? i dont think i can film inside Really? i heard someone said that democracy, I guess that's why they moved out.

I'm learning Thai history camera is not allowed inside here I will put a picture for you guys so here is the old palace i guess so wait wait im not ready we are going to take this kind of boat what kind of fish is that? shoe fish we're on the way to chinatown.

*singing* sound effect about the boat trip don't don't try that.

i mean you can try it, but don't trust every first person on a street maybe oh my god how does it taste is it good? no do you still want to try it? i wanted the cricket okay then go for it maybe the frog the fr.


og no just the cricket why not the frog? they still open their eyes like they still looking at you it's too hard taste like nothing try the cricket still alive good? which one is better? like chips taste good? he said yes tryy it's not that bad eat the whole thing i mean it doesnt taste bad, but it looks disgusting and this is for us 2 for you though that's how you eat it apparently you have to eat this part first okay if you say so tasty? want to try it? my god after eating that if youspill it you can wash your hand here and actually we just decided to go therelast night ok.

let's go good you don't have to take the speed boat again cause last time i feel like i almost puke i was like oh my god we are at the Walking street, and we gonna walk from the end of one side to the other side this street is much better for meee.

You don't like other street? Why? feel uncomfortable for myself.

I dont really get it it's not really for girls I guess but he wants to gothere.

I want to take a look why not? Oh doesn't smell that bad i only won that game once i won like 6 times we are having dinner at Baiyok sky hotel.

it's a buffet we are at Kao san road, and im so sleepy dont be weak we just arrived it's super safe arent you're gonna say something here is the waterfall let's go back Pacharoen waterfall you wanna go? give me the camera then there are a lot of ants i dont want to step on them that's not a temple it's like the king shrine what animal are you? tiger tiger? really? i think im chicken or something not cool we are gonna worship the king with this thing my mom ask you to take a picture of me and her so i have to film, and take a picture yep hold my phone then eww oh i put it on the table how am i gonna keep this? just put it in your pocket and my pocket gonna get dirt on there rice with shrimp paste and that is fried rice this thing is lemon with.


here's the dam in Tak, one of the province in Thaialnd i want to eat them you want to eat the fish? yes! tasty where can we buy the food I want to give it to them you translate please give me that this is for Andie he said he wants to eat it i like fish food is it better than human food you can try nahh taste like a.



choco puff you know? maybe you like it i need milk for that you gonna eat all of that the river between these two areas is called Ping river, and there's my mom still sunny.

Actually we should come herearound four don't do it they arent gonna come near you because you stole all of their food like this gonna crop your face, and put the fish picture on there look at your leg and look at mine it's really short step one step that's all? look like a shark cool right? we are at the market.

It's an evening market that open at 4 till night i think not sure you want to buy something for your brother right? i dont know what sock! everybody need socks hello hi is he talking with me or what? that's a nice present for yourbrother maybe i will just give him the pants i bought at the palace did you wash it? just give him like that eww that's why I having a big brother isnot a good idea cactus cactus for my brother that's cute though what is this? nothing much here just like food and clothes that's all just fanta right? good business today i didnt see any foreigner im the only one yeah that's why everyone is staring at you how are you? good, and you? good bye they have kebab here i can eat it in Germany everyday i mean it just surprised me probably is better Germany is the invention place of the kebab oh really? isnt it from Turkey? Turkish person invented it in Germany last day here's the hot spring guess it's time to climb then again why not? it was fun last time someone got hurt i alomost die, but it was fun so yeah we can boil the egg here what do you mean you can boil you saw it right they sell the egg there? you can get that, and boil it here boil the egg, and eat it that's hot? i told you that look very hot should be you can boil the egg eggs what kind of eggs are those? small eggs thank you.

just put it in here put it in it's really hot i want too is it too hot for you? it was ok at first it was ok, but then i got sweaty.

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