Thailand Tricks of Mamasans in Beer Bars + Info

hi guys I'm in herethanks for coming long time look new subscribers welcome hope you enjoy thechannel hopefully a couple of days ago you've seen the video with the mammothsounds and tricks in a go-go bar so this is a follow on to that with someinformation of mammoths sons in

the beer bars now not all beer bars have got mymy sound sometimes it's the cashier in the smaller bus or it could be one ofthe bar girls the lead bar girl may be slightly older girl maybe she chubbymaybe she's very noisy usually and just pushing the lady drinks

so you have towork out who's the one in him in the bar that's going to give you the informationyou need if you want now my bar the Mammoth's and looks after the girl shesupervises all girls she has a black book let's call it black book when thegirls come

on shift at the beginning of the shiftshe likes cool little register take off the names and the shifts say in my barwas failing the afternoon till close to in the morning girls were expected towork six shifts a week and providing they turned up successfully they gettheir basic salary

now yeah but beer bar I mentioned before the girls used to getthree thousand baht a month salary plus the ladies drinks plus kick back off thebar fines and then they get money other customers the Mammoth's ana in my barfrozen was on fourteen thousand but quite often Amazon's are

like eight orten thousand bucks can you bar find a mamasan keep askingme this question some bars yes it's down to money is going to what you want topay you can get a mamasan and offer them definitely the end of the shiftyou can bar fine or if you get

a phone number after the shift magic black booknow imagine you could see in that book that book tells the mammoth on how manylady drinks the girls have had in a shift in a week in a monthit also says how many bar fights now if you were looking for

a girl thatyou had your eye on and you wanted there as a girlfriend or maybe more matchingif you could get that information bit of background on her well you canand his money I saw a guy do this with frozen he paid a thousand bars and shegave him the

numbers of a girl he was inquiring about for a month or so howmany times she be involved I gave the guy a good insight the girl he waslooking at was only once or twice a month she was really quiet and shy andjust more interested in just getting lady

drinks so that helps him make hismind up if you can get that information out of a mamasan it will help youthe mamasan also knows if like for instance you wanted Apple ahead of mybar the top girl she knows that apples always eggs but she'd also tell you whattime

Apple will come and clock in and if you go there and apples not there theman I'll tell you she's back in a day a week a month or whatever by theMammoth's and drink you gain information but that black book priceless pricelessgave me all the data I needed some

of the girls weren't getting bar find so asthe bar manager the bar would pay we'd get them nice clothes we'd get them outto go and buy some nice dresses smarten them up then they start getting barfight it's amazing what a red dress will do for a lady the

mummer sound like the go-go bar willalso score you when you come through the doorshe's the Apple used to score all the girls call you but Apple was instant shecould call you the mamasan would look in more detail properly because if Applehas all looked at her and now I'm

not interested the mamasan job was to tryand work out which girl would be a chance of putting with the guy againlike the go-go bar frozen used to get a kick back off the girls not as much Ithink Apple gave them maybe 500 bar for a good customer and

the girls maybe ahundred bar but added up over a month mamasan would definitely look atfingernails smell I'll show you deodorant whatever labels on yourclothes whether it's made in Thailand and you'rea cheap Jardine you've just bought cheap knockoff yourswatches frozen could spot a replica watch like I can you

can spot them theshoes the hair whether you shave close shave or not general hygiene if you area guy that takes care of yourself on how you look you're going up the scoringlist and you're going to have more chance of getting the better girlsso again mamasan kickback not as

much or anything is likely gogobars ice huge money in the gogo bars but is similar the lady drink system acouple of people have asked the way it works we used to have a book like araffle booking two numbers the same cashier will you write the killer's nameon the

back of both tickets give one to the Gill and put one on a spike underthe desk end of the night Adam all up mamasan would then take the notes of thelady drinks put it in a black book if we have problems with girls as well mamasanwill be the

black marks in the book that black book also contained the girls IDcopy and information which part of the country they are from all the rest faceso if you have got a girl out of a beer bar and you're not you don't think maybeshe's telling you the whole truth

but you want to go further without girlnumber sign get in that book I'm sure every man of sign has one I'm sure everyone of them will open the book for X amount of bars so they go just a coupleof little things on the beer both going forward let's

talk about the workcoments a lot of you have asked me my information yes when I was managing backin 2000 2002 I was offered a work permit from the Thai owners it would have beeneasy to get but I didn't bother because no one cared in those days nowadays is

alot stricter you can get a work permit as a bar owner manager I think it'sunder the lines of something like a sales and marketing manager one of myclose friends in Hua Hin had a bar that up to over 10 years he has his workpermit up on the wall

and I saw it last time I was there so it's still currentcosts and how you get it I don't know maybe some of you guys can commentalthough if you get work permit you've got a different visa so is it a businessvisa again you guys pop it information but

it enables you to get a longer visawith the work-permit you still won't be allowed to go behind the bar okay ifyou're closing shutters down you can go behind the bar but when the bars out andyou're not lay behind the bar even with a work permit it might be

wrong but I'mpretty sure I'm right but if I'm wrong guys tell me everything behind the guystie persons is the barman's domain and the cashier so you always see the owneror the manager floating around the bar outside somewhere the bar usually ativsize of the back is there good if

you talk to the bar owner bar manager canthey get their hands on the Mallesons book yep it'll be a kickback to both ofthem so someone offer me a thousand but Ionly give 500 so frozen and either kept 500 and I've got the book so you can doit that

way as well there we go so just a couple of little bits andpieces today I'm going to do a video on bars the beer bars that way they'refailing why they losing money what's going on and quite a lot of those areusually a foreigners come to Thailand got a

girlfriend decided to buy a bar sohe can get a visa married the girl marriage visa or business visa workpermit but the pass fail and they lose money why what's going on so I'm goingto give you some examples on a video what I think's going wrong there anotherinterest lawyer

you are asking for medical fees are about the medical andinsurance and etc in Thailand I haven't never had medical insurance in ThailandI always have travel insurance when I get there I will be getting aa package deal from hospital near to my house and the package is about four

fivehundred pounds a year and it covers everything even for the top hospitals inBangkok and it's with a large I think is a swiss company but these medicalcenters do different packages it's up to you how much you want to cover how muchyou want to pay but until I get

there actually physically do it it's no pointme doing a video on that because I could be totally wrong when I get over thereand do that we'll do a video on all that I think Kevin Thailand recently did oneso my boo is pop it over and handle quick look

at his channel on the one hedid he did MOT Medical MOT and a package and some prices so look that right seeyou soon bye

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