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So now, I know riding on a hot air balloon is probably one of the things on many people’s bucket lists.

But as a broke student who has just recently graduated, I’m basically drowning in student debt.

But I’m currently here in Myanmar right now, and I saw that they had a hot air balloon experience in Bagan during sunrise.

Basically, I saw that this tour flies you over the temples and villages, and it also provides you with light breakfast and like champagne.

Ooo, she boujee.

And a certificate of accomplishment once you land.

Like how I'm about to land on this slide.

Oh my- That’s all gonna cost you a whopping $450.

Now, to put things into perspective, these are the ticket prices of hot air balloon rides in other parts of the world.

And all of these packages also include about an hour’s ride up in the air, some sort of breakfast and hotel pick up.

So, imagine experiencing all of this but for $450.

$450? Just for a hot air balloon? That's crazy! Right? Anyways, I’ve got 2 tickets with me so I’m kind of hoping that I can convince one of the other travel interns, specifically Lucas, because fun fact, he actually has a fear of heights.

So, what fun would it be if I didn't bring him along? And let me just check.

Yeap, we best be going because our hot air balloon adventure begins.

Let's wake him up! So, it's 4.

30am in the morning right now' and we have about half an hour to catch our ride to the hot air balloons.

And I'm gonna be waking Lucas up so hopefully, he'll get up for this.

Lucas, wake up! It's 4.

30! We have a hot air balloon to catch.

What? No, no, no way! I didn't agree to this.

The fire was kinda cool.

And wow, it's actually pretty incredible.

So, behind me right now are all the inflated balloons that are gonna be ready to be flown off into the sky.




I just have to tell ya'll, right, I had like special restricted access to the inside of the hot air balloon.

You get a pretty good panoramic view of everything.

You get like the sunrise over here.

You get the balloons right in front and the villages down below.

I'm speechless right now.

It's uh.



It's pretty scary actually.

The cars are like this small.

So, we're gonna be landing in a couple of minutes.

Our ride is officially over.

But the views don't stop.

Okay, so we have officially landed.

I'm pretty sad that it ended so early but I don't think this one is quite as sad as me.

He seems to be really happy that he's back on land.

Yes! Land! Onto the actual review of this hot air balloon experience.

The actual ride itself was about 55 minutes.

I would say that if you didn't go for the private tour, there would be about 16 people.

But different people have different experiences and thoughts about this entire thing.

So, I decided to ask the people who were on board with me about their thoughts on the entire hot air balloon experience.

He's flow on the hot air balloon before in Mexico.

So, how is it like here in Myanmar? It is really cool.

It's almost the same.

So, would you say the price is worth it? Yeah.

It's worth it because you have the view.


With the stupas and the pagodas and everything so it's an amazing view.


And then you have that freedom feeling.


And with a very nice environment, of course.

So, the real question is, is this $450 hot air balloon ride worth it? Wow, I mean.



I can say that like at the start, it was really scary when we got really high and the balloon just kept shaking.




as we started getting on the cruising altitude, and things started to stabilise and you could see the sunset.

The balloons.



Wow, it was quite a magical sight.

Something I will definitely recommend people to try.

Without being rude, look at what you've video-ed today.

It's just such a beautiful experience every time you fly.

For us, it's the change in wind direction and just everything that's going on.

Just the beauty of seeing an area.

You know, when we're up really high, just seeing the vistas, flying in the temples.

Everywhere you go, people always say to me, you know, “favourite place to fly?”.

It's about flying.

It's not about, you know, everywhere is different.

No two flights can ever be the same.

It's not possible.

I've rambled long enough but hopefully you guys found this review helpful in any way.

And if you've got any friends or family that are planning to make a trip down to Bagan, Myanmar, send them this video so that they're well-informed and that they know what their money is going into.

But yeah, I will see you guys on the next episode of The Travel Intern Life.

That is all for me.

Signing out from Myanmar.


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