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welcome to Alaska Alaska is one of the last great frontiers for adventure travel in America and the best way to explore it is by ship we took an uncrewed adventure to get off the beaten path and witnessed the untouched fjords and wilderness of this beautiful land there are

many advantages to taking a nun cruise because it is a small ship and there's only maximum 80 passengers many of the others even have less the great thing about it in Alaska is that you can get into a lot of places that other big cruise ships can't go

we're coming up to the John Hopkins glacier and this is very rare because a lot of the larger ships can't come up here and it actually just opened up in July of July first and it's rare to come on up here because the harbor seals have their puppies

we're very lucky to be up here witnessing this place being on a small ship allows the captain the luxury of changing the route with the weather and the wildlife our first day on the SS legacy was reroute 'add to Glacier Bay as it was the best weather of

the trip we traveled through Johns Hopkins Inlet where several other glaciers led the way to the massive 12 mile long Johns Hopkins glacier that's where we managed to get up close and personal with nature's beauty next on our journey is south marble island this place is going for

its birds especially puffins and whales [Music] [Music] well when there is a good flute the whole crowd is excited and that was a good flute please another advantage is that all activities are included you don't have to go and book tours on your day trips you can go

on the skiff you can do kayaking you can go bushwhacking you can go hiking you are you are obviously whale watching there's a lot of things you can do here and that's what makes each day so unique and fun we're all suited up and ready to go kayaking

here on George Island in Alaska let's go all right we're in our double kayak here and we're ready to take a beautiful day of kayaking here on George Island hi Deb hi Dave Wow what a kayak already we've seen bald eagles we've seen a sea otter and now

we have two whales right in front of us and I forgot to mention we've seen the Brady glacier it's just spectacular to be surrounded by all of this vast nature [Music] as many of you probably already know Dave and I just love kayaking to explore the wilderness when

we're traveling really there's nothing else like it and I think that the polar regions and Alaska it's the place to do it because it's just filled with wildlife well it doesn't get much better than this day we saw it all we had the opportunity to kayak nearly every

day discovering different bays and inlets while searching for wildlife above and below the water each morning the crew scouts the area looking for hidden waterfalls and wildlife they know how to read the glacial terrain keeping passengers safe while giving us all a great adventure wish you were here

skiff tours operate nearly everyday allowing you to cover a lot of terrain and it gives you a lot of opportunities to see wildlife and get up close and personal with icebergs and glaciers it's not every day that you get to pick up ice that came from a glacier

after in Alaska I'm gonna lick it and taste it it's not too salty though it's very fresh this is you could use it like this don't get everyone huh oh how did I get everybody they also keep you very entertained and informed when you're out on the water

now that's the way to have peppermint schnapps wow that was pretty amazing we're now riding the waves of a calving glacier Wow it's interesting how long the waves last right like you think maybe just one big wave would come no that's up quite a bit right we're gonna

hit them that one back there [Music] each day on our uncrewed has been completely different one day you're going up to a glacier the next day you're looking for bears or seals or whales we saw some orcas last night you'll be kayaking one day on the skiff the

next day and going for a hike another every day can be it as adventurous or as relaxing as you choose on board there's a lot of things that will keep you busy they have every night talks from the experts about the flora and fauna of Alaska there's a

hot tub where you can go relax there is an open bar which is fantastic so you have cocktail hour and happy hour where you have some snacks and the meals are outstanding prepared by a chef with wine pairings so you can't beat that [Music] well when you're doing

a cruise with on cruise you have to come up at least once to the bridge to see the captain at work this is where all of the magic happens we're on the whale spotting or he's navigating the icebergs and glaciers and the high seas some very cool [Music]

all right it's time to check out where all the power comes for the SS legacy here we're going to check out Dan jury unlike larger ships you have access to many behind-the-scenes activities on in HoN cruise we not only got to peek into the bridge we got a

galley tour and when the ship was moving we were allowed to pop into the engine room it was really cool seeing the engine room you know not a lot of ships allow you down there to see how everything works and all of that is operated by one man

[Music] there are also opportunities to get off the ship Bartlett Cove is an interesting stop to learn of the local cling clip people we had landed at Bartlett Cove and it is a really historic place here in the park the clink let people have made a long house

a traditional long house that they reopened on the 100th anniversary of the National Parks here in the United States and this is all about starting the healing relationship between the King clip people and the national parks this building is really amazing because it's all been carved by hand

so if you're looking for a cruise to Alaska or trying a cruise I think this is a really great way to start there are many activities to keep you occupied we made great new friends and we created shared memories that will last a lifetime [Music] you if you

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