The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing

– A lot of people tell me hey, Neil, I can see Ubersuggest hassome tons of really cool data, and interesting features togrow my website and traffic, but how do I use it? How do I get the most out ofit so I can get more traffic, create more content, andrank higher on Google? Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today I'm going to give you The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing.

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So, let's start off top to bottom.

The first feature withinUbersuggest that I want to go over is the Keyword Overview section.

So the Keyword Overviewsection gives you data on any keyword that you'relooking for information on.

The reason I love this, isyou can put in a keyword, it'll tell you the volume, the CPC, SEO difficulty, the paid difficulty, it even shows you how many links you need toroughly rank in the top 10.

Here's the cool part.

What's unique aboutUbersuggest is it shows you how many people aresearching for the keyword on a mobile device versus desktop device.

It even tells you how many people click on the SEO resultsversus paid results, versus not clicking at all.

It even tells you the agedemographic information on what's the age range of the people that are searching for this query.

That's why I love the keyword overview.

Now, if you dive intothe Keyword Ideas Report, this will give you alaundry list of suggestions related to all the termsthat you're researching.

So, if you type in marketing, it'll give you all the otherterms related to marketing.

It'll do it based off of relatedkeywords Google suggests, comparisons, prepositions, the list goes on and on.

Even tells you all the questionsthat people are searching related to that keyword that you enter.

It tells you how difficultthose keywords are to rank for, who's ranking for them on the right side, how many links they have, howmany social shares they have, it tells you everything you know to see if you could rank for that keyword, or it's going to be hard or easy.

Now, the next report that I love, and this one's not used enough by people, but I would recommend youstart spending more time here.

If you start typing in specific keywords, the Content Ideas Report will tell you all the popular blogposts that are popular based on that topic.

And it doesn't just breakit down on social shares.

It breaks down by socialshares, backlinks, and estimated traffic.

And when you go down andclick on the backlinks, or the estimated traffic, it shows you all the keywords thatthat blog post ranks for, the position, the term, andeven from the backlinks, when you click down on to View All, it'll show you every singlesite and the anchor tags that's linking to that article.

This will help you createcontent that's similar to them, and you want to create better content using Brian Dean's Skyscraper Technique.

Like, you know, if someonehas a 10-story building, someone in Dubai may be like, we're going to createa 100-story building, and someone in China may be like, we're going to createa 200-story building.

It's never ending, that'sthe Skyscraper Technique, you're outdoing other people.

But the Content Ideas Reportwill show you what's popular, and just outdo them, createsomething that's 10 times better.

Now, the next section of Ubersuggest is the Traffic Analyzer.

You can put in any domainname like neilpatel.

com, and it'll show you the trafficthat that site's getting from Google over time.

Now, what's interestingabout this report is, not only does it show youthe traffic over time, it shows you how many keywords that site ranks for over time as well.

Just because a site ranksfor a lot of keywords, doesn't mean it gets a lot of traffic.

Some keywords don't get much traffic.

Other keywords get tons of traffic, and that's what you can see in this Traffic Analyzer Overview Report.

Now, if you scroll down, you can click to Top Pages.

Top Pages will show youany of the top pages on any given domain name.

You can click to see thekeywords that someone ranks for for each of those pages, right? because it gives you estimated visits, and when you click to View All, you'll see all the keywords.

Same goes for the backlinks, you can see all the backlinks, and the keywords thatany given page ranks for, and you can keep going tonext page to next page, and see all the pages onany given domain name.

There's also the KeywordsReport in the Traffic Analyzer.

If you put in a domainname, it'll show you all the keywords that a URL ranks for.

And this is just a full list of keywords sorted by popularity.

And this is useful because now you know what a site is targeting.

Now, the next area of Ubersuggest, is the Site Audit Report.

You can put in a URL, and it'll tell you all the SEO issues of the site.

Now, here's my favorite partabout the Site Audit Report.

It breaks down, in therecommendations area, based on errors and recommendations, what you should focus on.

It puts the stuff atthe top that will have the highest impact, and isthe easiest to implement.

And the stuff at the bottom, typically is harder to implement, and has a lower impact.

So, you want to do all thestuff at the top first.

Now, the last section ofUbersuggest is the Backlink Report.

Put in the domain name, it'll show you thebacklink growth over time.

Is the site growing inbacklinks, or is it decreasing? It even shows you the new andlost links on a daily basis.

Heck, it'll even tellyou each of the links for that page, or that whole domain.

Now, the very, very lastsection of Ubersuggest that not a lot of peopletalk about is the dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to add a project.

This allows you totrack your SEO progress.

Is your traffic goingon, is it going down? It even tracks yourrankings on a daily basis and tells you are yourrankings going up or down, and it sends you a report.

It even crawls your website for SEO errors on a weekly basis and tellsyou what you need to fix.

And it even looks at your competition and tells you if you'redoing better than them, or worse than them.

So that's it to Ubersuggest.

If you use all those features, you're going to be better off, you're going to get more search traffic, because it'll guide youthroughout your journey and tell you what you need to fix, and what you're doing fine on.

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