The Hidden Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing (Best Online Business Model)

you know it's really crazy but most people don't give a marketing the credit it deserves and I don't mean by its potential but that's a business model and there's kind of a hidden reason why affiliate marketing is one of my favorite business models quite frankly at the end

of the day it makes me feel good and that's what's important to me money is great and all but it's how you feel about yourself which is really the ultimate measure of success right so here's what I mean let me just break this down really quickly affiliate marketing

if it's done correctly basically what you do is you choose a product that has a demand and you choose a product that you believe in okay almost everything I've ever promoted successfully in my entire four year affiliate marketing career was something that I've used past it try loved

experienced and benefited from there's something about when you believe in a product that it just makes promoting that product so much easier so affiliate marketing done the right way doesn't involve any selling guys you don't have to feel like one of those sleazy gurus and push crap so

what you do is you choose a product that you believe in and then you add value to the product right so if this is software maybe you had the training course that teaches people how to use the software and if you're promoting a weight loss shake maybe you

create the 30 day weight loss program that incorporates the shake so we give away this extra value that's how you attract people to you affiliate product because anybody can go out there and promote any affiliate product so really what you need is a differentiator and that's the key

to affiliate marketing so the point I'm getting at is if you do affiliate marketing correctly you choose a product that you believe in and you become an authority on that product you create value that's gonna benefit the user of that product and you give away that value for

free to the ideal customer so they have no choice but to purchase the product that earns you the affiliate Commission so at the end of the day guys you feel great like it's amazing what I want you to do is I want you to imagine this right now

imagine you become an affiliate marketer imagine you choose a program like click funnels for instance which is a software that helps people launch their data business meaning it helps either scale a physical product business that isn't quite working without funnels or it helps people take their passion and

their interest and their expertise and turn that into a business so they can walk away from their jobs so they don't have to work for somebody else so they can do what they love every single day that's what clickfunnels is all about so let's say you went out

there and you created value around this product and you became an expert or at least an authority or at least someone who can help beginners with clickfunnels and you created this piece of value and imagine you're giving this away to people who needed it people who didn't know

how to use click funnels people who want to build the business around their passion but didn't know what click funnels is you simply introduced them to a product that could completely change their life and you do so by adding additional value and then people they sign up for

click funnels and you earn money with it and then they thank you this happens to me all the time guys they thank you they thank you for providing value they thank you for introducing them to a product that can change their life and get them what they want

that's what it's all about guys you get people what they want and you'll get everything you want in life so that's the power of affiliate marketing that's why I like it now if you want to learn more about how to make money online with affiliate marketing there's a

link down below it's amazing everyone who joined it has been over the moon and super excited this is by far the best business model because once again guys this isn't like a thing where you're gonna go out there and you're gonna start taking random products from some random

website and then shipping them to people you never met you're actually going to be out there and helping people you gonna be changing lives and you're gonna do so by adding value you're gonna be helping people every single day you're gonna not only get the Commission but you're

gonna build a following you're gonna become a leader people are gonna reach out to you and say hey this guy this girl is a great person because they introduced me to something that could change my life and that's no joke guys that's the beauty of affiliate marketing thank

you so much for listening to this little rant it's truly a great business model it completely changed my life and I think the reason is not only did it allow me to get started quickly and without a lot of money but the foliat marketing I think I believe

in the process meaning I've never been the type of person who can just sell something that doesn't add value to people's lives like for me it's never been about making as much money as I can you know and then go in and pat myself on the back in

the marketing groups it's been about impact in changing people's lives and that's why I love the affiliate marketing model guys that's why I think I'm so good at it because I believe in it and I want you to consider it too because at the end of the day

is helping people I think it was six Ziggler who said if you help people get what they want you'll have everything you want or something along those lines and I think affiliate marketing I think it's the way to go and I start to realize these things as I

communicate with more people and it's not just me thinking okay what kind of content do I want to create I actually start conversing with people and I'm seeing the reaction and the results and a breakthrough and it's like that's the beauty of affiliate marketing guys like it's not

just about the money it's about the impact if you do it right we're not talking about spamming links here we are talking about adding value guys if you want to learn more about modeling my system that's working right now go check the first link in the description below

thank you so much for watching subscribe to this channel if you believe in making an impact and actually helping people and then of course benefiting from it in the process so everybody wins guys we'll see you soon and bye for now

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