The Northern China Adventure

My name is Winston Sterzel.

Also known as China's original Youtuber, SerpentZA.

I have been living here in the south of China for over 11 years.

Welcome to my city, Shenzhen.

My name's Matthew Tye, otherwise known as Laowhy86.

Just like Winston, I'm also a Youtuber here in China.

I live in a small city in the south called, Huizhou.

Every week Winston and I come together to do our adventure talk show on two wheels, ADVChina which is our Youtube channel.

After getting together with Candid Pictures, last year we released our biggest adventure to date, Conquering Southern China.

So we made it to the mountain, what do you think it looks like? Conquering Southern China was such a success and it was so well received that we had to do another one.

I mean, it was the biggest thing we've ever done.

All of our subscribers kept asking us, and many people who'd just seen the film kept asking us to make something longer, something more in depth.

So, we decided we'd go ahead and do that, this time, Conquering Northern China.

People think of China as just one country, but the north of China couldn't be anymore different than the south.

Neither of us have ridden motorcycles through northern China, so we're gonna be seeing things up there that we've never seen before.

We're going to be encountering people and ethnic minorities that we even didn't know existed.

So it's going to be quite the adventure.

There's gonna be a whole lot more of this kind of thing.



It's an entire hornet! And a whole lot more of this.



She says that she's never used shampoo her entire life.

Smells delicious.

Our journey starts us off in Qingdao, which is the home to China's most popular beer.

From there we're going to be going through the relentless factory towns of Hebei and Tianjin.

But it clears up because we're gonna end up in some beautiful, beautiful countryside wilderness as we go through Liaoning.

As we enter Jilin Province, we're gonna get really, really close to the North Korean border, which is not only scary, but it's gonna be super, super interesting cause it's actually home to a Korean ethnic minority that speaks Chinese and Korean.

And shares the same cuisine as North Korea.

And then all the way up to Inner Mongolia where we'll experience the rolling grasslands, horses, yurts, horse milk alcohol, lamb cooked in its own stomach.

All sorts of interesting things.

And the whole, kind of finish to the trip, is we wanna end up at the most northern tip of China with the border of Russia.

Cause we've heard some rumours up there that there's really interesting local minority cultures, and even some Russians that ended up in China, which is kinda weird.

You think we can get some vodka up there? I absolutely think so.

That'll be good.

So why Kickstarter? Why didn't we just self-fund this new adventure by ourselves? One of the biggest pieces of feedback that we got from the original series, Conquering Southern China was that it was too short.

It was so well received, and so many people loved it so much, but they said why can't we have more? And that's simply because we just didn't have the time or money to be able to do that.

Yeah, it comes down to budget.

Absolutely every cent that we've made on Conquering Southern China is going back into making Conquering Northern China a reality.

However, it falls way short of what need to actually pull this off.

This time, if we get funded, and if we get your guys help, we'll be able to go on the road for about a month.

And that means longer episodes, more content for you guys, and I absolutely can't wait to get started.

We're incredibly fortunate to have an awesome production team behind us, so if we reach our goal, you can expect fantastic quality.

But, if we reach our stretch goal on top of that, the entire series will be produced in 4K.

These are some of the rewards that you can receive: You get your name immortalised forever in the credits.

You actually get Conquering Northern China before anyone else, early access.

You will be able to choose whether you want to speak to the talent, or the directors.

You can ask us those real, real dirty questions you've always wanted to ask.

Be a part of the team.

An associate producer credit.

For $10, 000, the largest pledge we'll actually buy your plane ticket and fly you all the way over here to come meet us, and you'll be able to see the premiere of the show.

You'll also actually see how we film ADVChina, which is our weekly Youtube channel on our motorcycles.

You get to hang out with us, we're gonna show you some of the local food, you get to drink some beer with us if you're a drinker, if you're not, well, we'll take you out for some special Chinese tea.

Either way, you're gonna have fun, hang out with the crew, and we're gonna show you the time of your life.

There are opportunities for anyone of any price bracket to be involved in the making of, and being a part of this new adventure of ours, and this is gonna be the biggest thing we've done to date.

We need your help to make Conquering Northern China even bigger.

Help us Conquer Northern China!.

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