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you ever to be money on business in the airport burger and you realize wow I really have a 13-hour flight ahead of me hey YouTube world it's me Evelyn back in November I flew from Austin to Seattle Seattle to Taiwan Taiwan to Bangkok times when I was a

kid as the host of the trip Julie and I got very diary and Chloe of one love Travel Club to the super room and to dinner ladies at night it was my first time riding in a tuk-tuk took to flight a motorcycle boarding passes inside your heart if

you can imagine Bangkok wasn't even our final destination the trip really started the next day when we all as a group made our way to another airport and flew to Chiang Mai [Music] this is our first full day in Chiang Mai I got here I got to Thailand

on a Saturday so much has happened I'm tired of planes and I'm so happy to be here the final destination Chiang Mai northern Thailand one love Travel Club I'm getting sick I drank a bunch of apple cider vinegar before I left my house like Saul back I burned

the inside of my throat I was like take that throat yeah keys they're coming back without your keys are coming back and I rebuke how we rebuke to get now you got our itinerary last night had a good dinner last night don't have any footage of that went

to market last night we'll have an effect of that ah but you know we're regrouping these birds are on one we stated a hotel called city fauna and when you pay for your one lot of travel club trip you can opt for a double orphan yes I got

air conditioning yes they had all the amenities you're used to and why because this is luxury look at this look look at it and there's a door for the window so I mean if you want to see whoever else bathe in here they blue cheese while you're in

bed I do that first order of business after breakfast a couple of us went to get our first-time massage complete rich live your best life it all begins now live your best life please Oh [Applause] [Music] so we're getting a super-sized they're giving a Chinaman fan power when

I post this video someone who was watching see I got a match she submitted a REM cycle mouthal oh can you hang on man every trip has a day of service on the schedule and while adding volunteering to tourism is usually kind of grungy I was relieved to

know we were really just there to learn for the most part the wild flower house cover rarely has is pregnant and edward mother's teaches them skills with the goal of leaving the house and supporting their families on their own they makes shampoo and hand die clothes so they

showed us how and we made a bunch for them to sell later if they're good enough busy with drugs [Music] even though I couldn't read anything it was still pretty easy to navigate Chiang Mai by myself or with a group people started organizing their own little trips on

our free days some hung out with elephants or Tigers visited temples went on hikes or attempted to analyse so yeah here on the Taif simple and I'm taking my really kind of it like for real I said ago who do we have go to the dark side this

all all right so they went that way and I'm turning back because I can't breathe I really wanted to see the top of the mountain but who did I think I was climbing to the top oh not the trip was a nice balance of activities we did touristy

things like visit the education center of a monastery and learn about Buddhism from a monk attend cultural dance performances we did active things like zipline hi ready I'm very afraid like hairy very very very afraid crystal crystal good you good oh yeah I remember crystal I decided to

give this trip to a deserving Internet cousin and crystal one she survived her first international flight and now she was fin as if line through the Thailand trees you'll be fine okay first the basket down okay what do I do with this yeah your dad yeah okay good

big legs up are you ready uh yes yeah well there you go – and you can hold now your free hand sir – my night yes one Oh okay no breaking through him oh yeah okay yeah you got Rick hold on okay we're good yeah wise rules where

you go oh I would have died but you don't push through right no I'm stopping at the next one I said how do you stop keep on telling me well done weird right yeah we're done we did it oh she's so just looking at the final review look

what the bottom of you the final review is definitely doing but hold on your head morning it is Friday it's 4 o'clock in the morning and we are leaving Chiang Mai we're flying to Bangkok for the final few days my Thailand trip gonna been real Chiang Mai Bangkok

here we go I'm so tired I Chiang Mai is of course a lot more quiet and peaceful than Bangkok one of my favorite parts of the trip was a motorcycle tour through Bangkok look ma no hands cuz I'm African and the Buddha Buddha instincts kicked in oh that's

not anything really how do you think I don't know we rollin out [Applause] by all babe I lay I spent the beginning of my trips sitting in bangkok traffic and to just be able to wheeze do it all was like invigorating and whatnot I [Music] think both my

street that's my favorite thing we've done so far the void aboard at the motorcycles Oh truth his will go away Jeeva ha Julie and I also hosted a little chat where we talked about our healing and our place in this world as blessed and unbothered magical black girls

and guys guys long the trip to nice glad hey I think islands and we're being bad thank God I feel good I'm listing kind of ligaments talking our water supply and then we're going to get this opposed yeah we're going down somebody's early in any lunch yes while

temples are beautiful they're not museums their holy places both you love to show lodi me remember to pack something to cover your legs with because you can't be allowed in without it you also have to take off your shoes in some areas I've traveled to South Korea in

Al Thailand and my camera never captures just how large and ancient things in Asia are these ruins are from the 12th century crystal was enlisted and I was ready to go home – today is Monday and it's the days we all leave we all leave Thailand so I'm

headed downstairs to check out I'm gonna have lunch with Chloe it was another Travel Club and then Josie and I are gonna head to the airport and begin the journey but I drew some slight eyebrows on I'm feeling positive about life don't know taking over random reggae club

the vast direction flavours 3 our massages for $20 and getting to know the people who came on this trip from difference they Canada Kenya Australia y'all made this trip amazing I am so grateful I had the opportunity to come so where to next I want to make a

separate video answering your questions about travel or this trip in particular now that you've seen this vlog I even have some footage from the founder of one loved Travel Club Chloe so leave your questions in the comments and I'll get on it eventually you know I don't have

the best track record see you on the internet somewhere bye [Music]

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