The WORST Travel Experience OF MY LIFE!!! Screw You Too Delta/KLM

hi everybody, I'm Amanda the G and I believe I mentioned in my last video that my- I don't know why I pointed over there but my recent trip to Germany was the trip from hell ok, the- eeehhhh so much went wrong in that trip and the trip back

specifically was the worst travel experience of my entire life so my travel vlog to Germany stopped the night before I left and I was sitting there thinking hey, this is gonna be great, I'm gonna go home here's my whole flight thing we had to leave at 9:30 in

the morning, so I was gonna get up at 8:15 pack the rest of my shit go downstairs, check out, get in the cab go to the airport, get some food fly, have a little teeny tiny short layover fly again, have another short layover, go through customs fly again

and go home and pick up my dog along the way that was the plan ok and it didn't go like that at 7:10 in the morning, I started to get email notifications about my flight because my second flight was from Amsterdam to Detroit and that was delayed 18

hours that's not a delay! they canceled that flight and they canceled the last flight so well there we go now I've got one flight that's on time so my boss called our travel agency and I get out my computer, and I pull up her thing I see that

she's online and I asked her if she's talking to the travel agency and she's like yes, so give me all of your numbers so that she can book both of our- ours at the same time and have them just rebook both of us so two hours on the

phone with the travel agency later ok, mind you I had to wake up first we're now past 9:30 when that cab was supposed to be there that we ordered the night before so he's already outside and I had to go to my boss's room for a period of

this cause they were having difficulty with my account and uh, yeah, so I hadn't fully packed yet also on top of that, I have a special meal and you have to request it 24 hours in advance and I had requested it a month in advance to have on

that second flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, ok, this is important I asked our travel person, they're like, we'll see what we can do ok, whatever I leave to go pack up my stuff, run downstairs to the front desk to check out and also tell them please, please, please

hold our cab five minutes later, luckily, my boss comes down, she was done with, with that so we only made the guy wait for 10 minutes, I still feel terrible for making him wait for that ammmaont of time those were words, I swear whatever, I'm just gonna keep

going, I'm not re recording this still talking so we gave him a big tip, so it's fine, it's fine, it all worked out fine we get to the airport we go to the little kiosks scan your little passport and hers checks her in perfectly fine and mine says

we can't check you in to your second and third flights we can only check you in to your first flight literally over an hour with that person at the ticket booth over an hour! to find out that my travel agency was trying to fix mine when someone else

somewhere was trying to fix mine as well and I had a flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, which I was supposed to be on but then my last flight was not leaving from Minneapolis, it was leaving from Atlanta so I was supposed to teleport in the middle, which if

I could do that, I would just teleport home so now we're already late to the airport now we've got this extra time so we get to the gate and there's just enough time to pee and get on the plane basically so I didn't eat breakfast at all ok,

this is also going to be important we get to Amsterdam and our flight is delayed by 2 hours which means we are going to miss our connection we go to their help desk thing, because they're not at every like every little area, gate they're not at every gate

so we go to their thing, we wait 45 minutes in line there to have them spend 30 seconds with us to tell us there's nothing we can do, deal with it so we call our travel agency again but at this point, our bags are already booked through to

Minneapolis so they're like well we can put you on a flight that's gonna go to Atlanta but your bags are already booked to Minneapolis through customs and we don't know what's gonna happen with the bags, with customs, with all of that, and it was too up in the

air, so we didn't do it so I talked to those people as well about my special meal by the way wait until two hours before the plane is supposed to leave so the time that the plane was actually supposed to leave and now they finally have people at

the gate so I go and I stand up there to ask about my special meal again and I get a lecture again about how I have to order this 24 hours in advance again they're telling me this I did! they're like well, we can't do anything right now

for you you probably can't eat, we'll do the best we can but mind you that airport doesn't really have restaurants so I had a small wrap from Starbucks and a little bag of chips as my only meal that day I didn't have anything else and like all of

the stuff that was like grab and go has cheese on it, which I can't have so can't, can't grab and go something now it's too late, I'm not gonna just get chocolate cause there's chocolate places, and there's plenty of places to buy frikin tulips cause it's Amsterdam which

I love tulips I very much love tulips but I'm not about to buy tulips and fly with them internationally, it's not gonna work well I get on the plane, ok and I've already had it and I tell them the, the, the flight attendant I talked to three different

flight attendants about my food and they said that they would do the best they can all three of them gave me a lecture about how I can special order these meals they put together a “meal” for me that they “made” for me that is a “meal” ok? it

was a half a cup of dry lettuce and a little maybe half a cup of fruit that was my dinner BITCH PLEASE so then they come around with the pizza snack at the end and I tell them I can't have cheese and she gives me another one of

those little things of fruit and I complain, so she gives me a second little thing of fruit and six crackers so on a ten, eleven hour plane ride Amanda had three of those teeny tiny little things of pathetic things of fruit that have like two grapes in them

and, and a half a cup of dry lettuce and six crackers I left that plane shaking I was so hungry so we get through, we get through to customs and I'm just like god damnit, get through the end we've missed our flight, cause clearly we've missed our flight

and they're like ok, well we've rebooked most people and we have your new booking information and a little pamphlet thing so it also has a ticket for a hotel so they rebooked me they didn't rebook my boss I don't know why, but then she wanted to be in

the same flight and the same air- like the same hotel so I had to stand and wait with her in line, and they put me in the Mariott so she gets Mariott there's three different Mariott hotels, so she's at a different one than I am ok, whatever at

this point 6:50 am flight, bitch please it's past 10 o'clock and you give me a 6:50 am flight during a government shut down! and I thought about getting food but at this point, I was just so done it's 10:30 at night I'm exhausted, I have to wake up

at 3:30 so I just go to bed and then I wake up, I get dressed which thankfully I had more clothes because I still have my bag so I get there and there's lines everywhere and I stand in one line and I'm like oh wait this is the

wrong line so I go over to the kiosks scan my little passport you cannot be checked in at a kiosk you need to go to the specialty services my boss scans her little thing and she checks in perfectly fine so I go and wait 45 minutes in line

to go to the specialty services to have them check me in they check me in and then I gotta go stand in the security line that's wrapped around multiple times to the point where they have put up new barriers to have you wrap around and then I make

it, finally to the gate finally get there and I have a little bit of time so I went to Starbucks and was like give me all of your food! and then we finally get on the plane we fly there we get back in, my boss's daughter is supposed

to come pick us up and drop me off by my car and then take my boss home to her house and then I have to drive home to my house and then work for the rest of the day so I had to work a full day after all

of that, and my boss's daughter was, was like half asleep and late picking us up too so at this point, I was just done and I had to take my lunch break to get my dog and then I had to work extended periods of time to cover up

for the extra time that it took to get my dog for my lunch break and if you're wondering yes I complained with Delta slash KLM, of course I did because there is no reason why your special meal cannot follow you like your bag does if you are delayed

from weather, your bag is delayed from weather if your flight is cancelled, your bag doesn't go on it if your flight is rebooked, your bag goes on the rebooked flight you made my special meal because you need 24 hours notice so where da hell is it? it's in

da buildin'! I know it's in da buildin', it should follow me like my bag anyway, that's it for that ridiculous saga, and I clearly don't wanna travel any time soon right now, not after that if you liked this video, click the like button and subscribe to my channel

I make a new video every Tuesday and Friday thank you guys so much for watching MWAH!

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