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Today we are visiting a special little place.

We got up super early at five in the morningand check it out this is where we are – Angkor Wat, Cambodia! We are inside Angkor Wat and this is the largestreligious structure in the whole world.

This is my very first time visiting AngkorWat but Sam over here has been to this place a whopping four times.

World traveler much? How is your forth time here different fromyou the first, second and third? Tell us! Well the temples are certainly still as impressiveas ever but there are so many more tourists here than when I first came.

I would say it has tripled or quadrupled ormaybe even more than that.

It is just unbelievable how people are sharingthe experience.

This is actually a Hindu temple that was dedicatedto the Hindu God Vishnu and the temple was built by a Cambodian King who helped unifythe country and to also spread the Khmer influence across Southeast Asia.

One of the most impressive things about thistemple here is actually the massive moat that surrounds it.

It is one of the first things you notice asyou're coming up to the temple.

There are several options for booking ticketsto visit the temples of Angkor.

We went with the three day option and thatwas $40 USD dollars but you can also go with the one day option, two day option or if youreally love temples the seven days.

I would image that is quite pricey.

A good time to come to Angkor Wat is actuallyright at lunchtime because a lot of the tours, buses and tourists are out having lunch orat that point in the day temple-d out, which means they are really hot, tired and sortof seen enough temples for the day.

If you want and alternative time to come definitelyconsider coming around between 12 and 1:30.

Coming back for the forth time was amazing.

I never get tired of this place but one funnyobservation I have is that I noticed that any family's dragging along their childrenreally didn't seem to be enjoy this as much.

They were just dragging their feet.

I think it has a lot to do with the heat andhumidity outside right now.

It is really really hard to be walking aroundand not sweating profusely.

I really enjoyed getting up early and comingto watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

I thought that maybe the experience wouldn'tfeel special because there are literally hundreds of people also here at that time of day butit felt like we were sharing the moment together, so I really enjoyed it.

Today we're going to be having a special experience.

We are taking a bamboo train along these oldtracks that used to run from Phnom Penh all the way to Battambang.

This train is really just a bamboo platformwith a few mats laid over top.

It has a six horsepower engine and we're goingto be speeding through and see what we find.

We're on the bamboo train in Battambang! Having fun? Yes.

It's going really really fast.

Oh yeah! This morning we've got a special activityplanned.

We are taking a cooking class – a Khmer cookingclass.

I'm all thumbs in the kitchen but I'm goingto give it my best shot.

Right now we're at the local market and weare going to pickup some ingredients for the cooking class and it is raining.

It's a red curry paste and this is a chilipaste.

They are fresh vegetables.

And then they say ginger.

It is not ginger.

It is galangal.

Coconut and then she grates it to get a coconutmilk.

So we've got our aprons on and we're readyto cook.

Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville theyconverse and they change how to make fish Amok.

They make shortcuts for three or four minutes.

I'm trying to slice lemongrass.

These are our ingredients so far.

They smell really good.

What might you be doing? I'm just crushing the ingredients.

You're making the curry paste here.

It looks so good.

We're really earning our meal here.

We're making our curry paste.

We've been pounding away for almost ten minutesnow.

Now we're slicing up the snake fish.

I still haven't cut my finger.

Here is our Amok.

We made a little curry type thing and putit into the banana bowl that we've prepared and now it is going to be steamed.

Here is the meal we prepared today.

We have spring rolls with a nice dipping sauce, lok lak (a kind of beef meat) and over here Amok, which is fish in a coconut cream sauce.

I'm going to try my Lok Lak.

Let's see how this turned out.

It is really nice.

I cooked it myself.

I'm going to try one of the spring rolls wemade.

I still can't believe I didn't burn down thekitchen and it is delicious by the way.

We just finished our cooking class.

I didn't cause an International Incident.

I didn't burn down the kitchen, so overallit was a success.

If anyone wants to come the Kitchen is calledNary's Kitchen and they have a morning and an evening class.

It costs ten dollars a person.

This restaurant and cooking school is runby Nary and her husband Toot.

They will take you to the market and you willspend an hour there just looking at different vegetables, picking up ingredients and thenafterwards you come back to the school you cook for two hours and then you get to enjoyyour meal.

We highly recommend it.

Excellent food.

Today we are having a feast of a dinner.

We are at a Cambodian restaurant and we havejust ordered ourselves an eight course meal.

This restaurant is called Angkor Palms andit is highly recommended, so we have high expectations for this meal.

Right now I am trying the fresh spring rollsand I think they have rice noodles inside, so let's see.

Woah, that is a mega bite! That was a really good spring roll.

It had some very fresh and zesty flavors anda little bit of seafood as well; so far so good.

Next up, we have the spare ribs and thesedo look good.

It just melts in your mouth.

Next up we are trying the Amok, which is oneof the most popular dishes in Cambodia.

Amok is fish that has been coated in a coconutcream and then baked in a banana leaf.

Did it hit the spot? Um-hmmmm.

And she takes a second bite before I get any.

This is the one thing that I'm probably themost excited about – the homemade green curry with chicken.

I've got a slice chicken.

Wow, I can really taste the curry.

Once again, just like the spare ribs, it justmelts in your mouth and I barely even have to chew.

Is it coconut based? I don't think it is that strongly based, no.

Up next is our shaved mango salad, which hassome peanuts and mint leaves on top.

Sweet? It is sweet? It is also nice and crunchy because of thepeanuts.

It has some nice spices and is really flavorful.

You just took a second bite.

And last but certainly not least is the friedwater spinach.

That is tasty.

It has kind of a butter-y garlic flavor.

Time for dessert.

Tell us what you are having? To finish off we've got a sweet little treat- a tapioca based pudding with banana.

Oh, take a big bite.

Oh yeah, it is so sweet and so good.

We have finished our feast of a dinner.

I must admit, when I first saw the platterbeing brought over I thought 'hmmm, is this for two people? I think I could probably eat my own but inthe end we still have food leftover.

That was just so much to eat.

It was so tasty but it was really fillingat the same time.

” So, it was good stuff – it was a good dinner.

The 8 course platter is $14 for two people.

For those who want to come here this restaurantis located right in the heart of Siem Reap nearby the Central Market.

You can't miss it.

Today we are visiting Choeung Ek also knownas the Killing Fields here in Cambodia.

This is one of the many sites scattered aboutthe country where the Khmer Rouge executed its own people.

To put it into perspective one out of fourpeople of the Cambodian population were executed during this regime.

The peaceful orchard setting it is just hardto believe the atrocities that took place.

Not all of the graves have been excavatedhere under this lake there are still many graves where bodies were thrown.

This is the kind of place where you come outfeeling heavy emotions and even though it is not necessarily a pleasant visit, I thinkit is important to visit sites like these in order to learn a bit about the historyof the countries you travel through.

Visiting this site just gives me extra respectfor the Khmer people how resilient they are and how they've been able to overcome theseatrocities.

Hopefully this memorial here will serve toeducate others and future generations so that this never happens again.

Today we are at an Apsara performance whichincludes traditional music and dance.

We've also just finished feasting on a wonderfulmeal and we are going to enjoy the show.

Normally, this evening performance show anddinner is $12 USD but we got a special deal from our guest house for only $8.

I would say just the food alone is well worththat.

Now we get the performance to check out.

There are several parts to this performance.

It includes folk music, dance and mime.

Background music playing.

Today we are taking you to a very happy placein Siem Reap.

And where is your happy smile? HahahaWith all of these happy pizza joints to choose from I don't even know where to go.

And there is ever one that is ecstatic.

Wow! Background music playing.


Woah, what is that? Background music playing.

Eating sounds.

Wow! Eating sounds.

Actually this is just delicious normal pizzathat we're feasting on right now.

So once upon a time Happy Pizza meant a completelydifferent thing.

They had a special topping that was grownin the mountains.


But recently, there has been a police crackdownon these happy pizzas so they are no longer available.

Nothing like ice cold beer and one of thenice features of all of these happy restaurants around here is that draft beer is only fiftycents.

Background music playing.

There are never any pizza slices left whenI'm around.

We are here at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museumformerly known as S-21.

This area used to be a former primary schooland high school before being turned into a detention, interrogation and torture center.

There was an estimated 20, 000 people killedhere between 1975 and 1978.

These atrocities were committed by the KhmerRouge which was lead by Pol Pot's regime.

Today we are outside Siem Reap and we areexploring the Temples of Angkor starting with Angkor Thom.

The most fascinating thing about Bayon arethe cold faces that have a hint of a smile.

This massive complex has 54 towers with 216faces on them.

Over here we have the Terrace of the Elephants.

It is 350 meters long.

This was once used as a viewing platform fromwhere you could watch the ceremonies that took place for the King.

Well, we're traveling right now in Cambodiain April and it is the hottest time of the year here.

It is always hot in Cambodia but this is literallythe worst month.

I'm just sweating buckets.

As a tip for people coming here – if you wantto come at bit of a cooler time from December to January or even February it is a greattime to come.

It is also peak season here so you will besharing it with more tourists but you won't be sweating as much.

Tonight we're at the local circus in Battambang.

It is run by an organization that helps outdisadvantaged children.

We're excited and looking forward to the show.

This circus is for a good cause.

It runs twice a week and our tickets wereonly ten dollars.

Let's go check out the show.

Today we're in Sihanoukville to check outthe beach.

Let me tell you what the Lonely Planet saysabout this place.

Surrounded by white sand beaches and as yetundeveloped tropical islands Sihanoukville is Cambodia's premier seaside resort.

Let me show you that: Let us tell you about a few of the thingswe've found on the beach: flip flops, a broken bottle of absolute vodka, a pregnancy test, a bottle of hot sauce, some fishing lines, construction materials, plastic and just lotsof garbage in general.

It is not just in a few select areas thisis all over the beach.

Totally littered.

I first came here back in 2008 and when Iarrived at the time this was actually quite a nice little spot.

It was what you would consider an alternativeto the beaches in Thailand but what has happened here over these last several years, I meanit is disgusting.

This is officially in my opinion paradiseruined.

I think it is a shame that people aren't takingbetter care of the beach because it really is a beautiful setting.

You have the lush tropical vegetation andyou have boats and the water is a perfect temperature but there is just so much garbagethat I'm afraid of going into the water because my leg could get caught up with a glass bottle.

I'm disappointed.

To try and salvage this situation we're actuallygoing to be checking in to quite a nice hotel.

It is our one year anniversary.

We came here with the plan of relaxing onthe beach and really enjoying swimming and other activities in and around the beach area.

But since it is ruined more or less we'regoing to have to make up for it in other ways and we're not going to be staying here nearlyas long as we had planned either.

This is just disgusting from both the perspectiveof tourists, the backpackers and the locals.

I mean how could this have happened.

I'm not impressed.

In this case, I think both parties are to blame.

Backpackers for being dirty and not takingcare of their crap and throwing it in the garbage but also locals for not taking theinitiative to clean up their own beach and encourage tourism.

I think both parties need to step it up alittle bit.

Walking up early in the morning certainlyhas its advantages.

We are the first people to arrive at thistemple Banteay Srei.

This is one of the temples we've been mostexcited to visit and we are officially the first ones here.

Here we are inside the temple.

This happens to be a Hindu temple and it isdedicated to the God Shiva.

Most of the temples of Angkor were commissionedby powerful Kings but this temple in particular was not.

It was commissioned by a Brahman, which makesit quite unique.

Because we came here early we got a VIP tour.

Normally these areas are gated off as youcan see by the white perimeter here and the rope.

Look at where we are – Yeah! The advantages of being the first on sitecan't be underestimated.

I mean, anything to avoid those package touristsis a good idea.

There are many temples to choose from butthis one in particular Banteay Srei is considered to be the crown jewel of Angkorian art becauseit has some of the most exquisite and intricate carvings.

This temple is located very far away fromSiem Reap.

We had to travel over an hour in a tuk-tukand I slept most of the way but I hear it was a very scenic journey.

Yes? Along the way we passed a lot of rural villages.

We saw locals out doing various kinds of activitiesearly in the morning – some farming related and some business.

We saw bikes packed to the total brim fullof stuff.

We saw a lot of different things and it wasjust a really cool trip to get out here.

We're going to go check out some traditionalKhmer music.

Cambodian music here.

It's going to be awesome.

Khmer music playing.

That was a great performance.

Hello! Hello! We are now visiting Ta Prohm, which is a Buddhisttemple where the jungle just dominates the architecture.

Here the buildings are wrapped in trees andsome of the entrances are blocked.

Indiana Jones would feel right at home hereat this temple.

In fact, it was used for the set of Tomb Raiderstaring Angelina Joli.

It is decaying and it is crumbling but itis a great place to explore.

This is an example of nature taking over thetemple.

Here you have this massive tree that is juststraddling the wall really.

Some parts of the temple have been completelydestroyed over the centuries, which actually creates quite a fascinating atmosphere.

I first visited Ta Prohm back in 2008 and'wow' was it an entirely different experience.

There was hardly anyone.

I was able to walk around without encounteringmass crowds.

It is completely different this time and insteadof sort of lamenting about it and just getting really negative about it – what I've actuallybeen doing is just taking a lot of time-lapse shots.

I'm using the crowds and the people as sortof a backdrop for filming.

That is what I'm going to do throughout thisentire time that I'm here exploring the Temples of Angkor.

A much quieter alternative, once you've exploredthe temple, is to actually just walk around the perimeter.

It is quite peaceful here.

We're taking our final bus trip in Cambodiafrom Battambang to Phnom Penh.

It's a six hour journey and we've got ourselvesa little local snack here.

It is something we've eaten before – Bamboorice.

Let's take a big bite.

This time around we're in the front of thebus.

Front seats! Sam has been filming some of the action.

We were almost in an accident.

It was so close.

This car just pulled out totally without lookingand we were less than a meter away from running into it.

Luckily nothing happened.

We're heading to Phnom Penh for just a quickstopover.

We're basically just looking to get our VietnameseVisas and then we're off to Saigon.

Yeah, Vietnam it's Saigon.

Owe, no be nice.

You're cute.

So we're taking a rural countryside tour todayof Battambang.

We're going to be buying some sticky ricewrapped up in a bamboo wrapper.

Once it has been cooked you just kind of crackthe bamboo and peel it down and there you have the rice that has been mixed with coconutcream and some black beans.

It looks good.

It smells great.

Take a bite.

How do you like it? It's delicious.

It's like you can totally tell it has beenmade with coconut but there hasn't been a lot of extra sugar, so it is definitely alittle bit sweet but it is not too sweet.

I really like it.

So this lovely snack is only sixty US cents.

Not bad.

Alright brave man going to eat a little cricketthere.

Time to have a cricket and this is my firsttime eating one.


Okay, big bite.

Stick it in your mouth.

You try one as well? Oh, no no no.

It's actually really good.

Wow! It's salty and a little bit sweet too.

Oh yeah, that's good stuff.

One more.

Here we go.

We're here at the fish market now and we cancertainly smell all the fish all around here.

It is just overwhelming and we're going tojust check out to see what is here.

So here is a form of preserve of fermentedfish that our guide just told us tasted a little bit like cheese.

So what is this here? Fish eggs that they're fermented here.

It has a lot of salt.

That is ready to eat? Yes, you take the salt out and the fish isinside.

If you wrap a plastic bag around the insectcan not bite it.

Oh, so there is plastic wrapped around theseguava fruits to prevent insects from eating them.

These fill up inside the pillows and mattress.

It looks very soft.

Yeah, you can touch.

These are the seeds for new plants? Yes, when you plant.

It comes from the tree right there? It's the big one over there.



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