We just woke up, prepared andNow we'll have breakfast.

We're going to rent a scooter, so it will be fine Today I have a morning mood.

I'm not a morning person.

I have trouble with starting in the morning, but it'll be fine later.

Ilis just go get something and then he will come Ilis, is back.

We start the day with some rice and omelet.

We just wanted to rent a new room and then Jaleesa came to this room, so we're moving to this guesthouse.

Here we have a veranda where we can chill.

Nice room, but the beds are separated.

A nice bathroom, this room is much better than our previous room Our scooter has no power to move forward He only goes 1 km per hour We arrived at the hot spring, where we were also back two years.

But now you have to pay for it.

“Crooks” First it was free.

They have changed everything, they have dressing rooms, shops.

It has now become a tourist attraction This was a place for the local people and now you only see tourists here.

too bad it is This is the hotspring where we gonna chill and swim We are now in the hot spring, the water is warm.

We gonna enjoy our time We already go away, it's really nice, but it become very touristy They are currently even building we came here for our rest and they are now working on renovations for tourists.

There's also built a bridge.

This is what we tourists do spoil the fun stuff for the local people.


We are also guilty.

We still have some steps to the top and we're at the white budha After 380 steps, we finally reached the top.

Jaleesa sqaud to the top.

What a great view.

There: you see the sun raise on the mountain.

Very nice We are now at the Grand Canyon.

Here you have a beautiful view But the sun hides behind the clouds today.

2 years ago we were afraid to walk here, today we are going to do it You need to walk quickly and not look down.

We did it! Come on ilis, 2 years ago we did not do it and now we have done it.

2 years ago we were the only one here.

but look how busy it is.

All those chinees with their camera.

We are back at the night market, we enjoy the food here and tonight we have a party.

tonight we're gonna drink, drink, drink I have a garlic bread, chicken and chili sauce Jalees, has finally her food, what did you get? A veggie burrito.

still healthy? I got a nutella pancake.

This is so delicious We've eaten well today.

tonight here is happy hour Jacelyn is drinking whiskey.

We have achieved a bucket with tequlia and pineapple Ilis, this go wrong Playing: JENGAJenga Mami It went as well .


Jaleesa said she had worked in the construction .


But we have an assignment and the assignment is: whoever loses must shot And how it taste? There you go again .


That is another shot for you.

I sweer it, I felt a strength.

This is not honest.

Jace, your turn! Shot!! We are VIP my friend! We have our own VIP corner.

We are now at Do not cry bar, a reggae bar.

It is still quiet 3 people from Cabo Verde, alcohol and Thailand.

That is completely going wrong tonight.

partytime She goes wild.

“Jacelyn talking to the street dogs.

” Jaleesa: Jace you do not have rabies jab through! Please give me money?Shit, how the door opens? Those dogs will still attack me, if you don't give me money We don't like you anymore Ey Janneke, are you going to give us money or not? Would you like a sandwich or not? Where is sandwich with cheese?Jacelyn: you know what, I take a sandwich ham / cheese Also this happens, a dog in the supermarket Go away, because I don't like you We'll see what our situation tomorrow.

These ladies have a very nice conversation about what we do tomorrow I'll take you to the gate Dear Jaleesa, do you wanna travel with me the rest of your life? Nice and sweet.

But walk now.

I have done my best for this flower, take him please You love me, you love me not!Look you do not like me, it's over now! We just woke up and have breakfast / lunch How are you today, sir? The same as I felt yesterday night, I'm still not on earth.

We gonna enjoy our food now Hey, she's alive Today we chill at the hotel from Jacelyn, just relax and the pool We are back at the night market and that's mean eating time.

This beef burger is made with so much love How it tastes? Lovely.

And we also scored a Falafal So it looks good.

Jace is also back.

this is the last day with us and then she will leave us.

I wanted to say that I really enjoyed my time with Ilisio and Jaleesa These past five days, it seems likeI'll know for years.

But I do not know them that long.

We are friends for life now! Jaleesa is going to do 2 hours of muay tai here in Pai.

Are you already tired? Come to your trainer.

I have water for you End of training they must have five session 10x kicks with right and left And also 100 times abdominals.

How are you feeling right now?All good, after six months doing nothing, I have done well.

I'm proud of you! I wanna see how you walk tomorrow.

It'll be fine! we just woke up and ate and are now at sunset playground Today is the grand opening.

It's a bar, in the middle of a farm.

Honestly, we have come only because there are free snacks throughout the evening So free snacks and enjoy a nice view.

It was just so nice and now it suddenly starts to rain hard.

That is Thailand.

It can rain suddenly very hard for 3 minutes We hitchhiked and got an elevator from this lady Otherwise, we had to walk for an hour in the rain.

So that worked out well.

Jaleesa: Ili was very scaredIlisio: she's lying.

if you buy an Oreo shake and someone wants a sip all the time.


She will not buy it themselves, but they want a sip all the time.

I hate it! Here a sip .


In almost half a year Ilisio allowed to touch my eyebrows If they are on Fleek, you can call me for $ 30 per eyebrow.

Jaleesa: an eyebrow?Ilisio: i mean, for one person After three weeks of Thailand, we'll leave.

Food paradise !!!We really enjoyed the food.

We came back for Pai, it's still very nice here.

We also packed our rest after fivemonths traveling we thought, We are going to stay two weeks in one place and take our rest.

And it was nice It was really lovely.

We want to thank you again for checking our vlog.

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