Things you MUST know before traveling to Thailand

are you planning a trip to Thailand it'sgoing to be your first time here we have some stuff you need to know before you come first visa if you do get a visa on arrival you can extend it in country forup to 90 days and there is a list

of countries that are eligible for visa onarrival on the Thai immigration website right so you can check if you have anydoubts and your passport should be at least six months of validity leftright don't have expiring and then plan on staying hereif your passports gonna expire like in a

week make sure you have at least six months Currency Thai currency call Baht most places do not accept other currencies so be prepared to do money exchange before you can do at the airport, banks there's dedicated currency exchanges allover Thailand especially in any areas you'll be in as

a tourist you'reprobably going to find them and most of the rates are very good just be warned the Thai Baht is extremely strong right now and it is you know prohibitive for some currencies because the exchange rate is very Baht heavy travel adapter just remember in Thailand the

voltage is 220 so from the country that is not the same be careful when you're trying to use your electronic the first time I came to Thailand I brought a small hair trimmer and it seemed to be universal voltage but it wasn't and although my razor worked fine

the hair trimmer I plug that thing in and it was like super turbocharged it basically started smoking in like one second so double check all your stuff the plug also there're all different so making sure you have the universal adapter with you when we travel we like to

take a power strip that fits our plugs and have the adapter for the power strip that's a good travel tip for anyone coming here as well because this way the things are using will at least plug into your power strip and then all you have to do

is basically get the adapter that's gonna translate the power strip to the proper voltage and plug type here so then you'll be golden and you'll be in good shape SIM card it's super convenient when you travel to Thailand and then you just go to 7-eleven basically and then

you can just get the SIM card they have the main carriers like AIS, true and dtac they all work fine yeah and the phone service here is good it's cheap and it's quite dependable usually as an aside there are now a ton of Starbucks and similar places they

have Wi-Fi if you just arrived and you stopped in for a coffee or something for you get your phone set up you'll be covered at least to check your email whatever transportation how to get around Bangkok and how to get around Thailand in Bangkok it's super convenient beacuse

we have skytrain we have subway we havetaxi we have buses we have motorcycle taxi boat we have scooter and you shoulddownload the grab app because some area maybe it's hard for you to find taxithat's pass by if you find yourself somewhere where taxis are not passing by the

grab app is something you want to have because that way they will come to youin Bangkok I would strongly recommend staying away from the public buses justbecause the traffic is very bad the bus routes are extremely confusing andthere's like hundreds of them and I feel quite comfortable

here in Thailand and I wouldn't take a bus that I wasn't familiar with just because I reallywouldn't know where I was gonna wind up the local route buses in Bangkok can bequite complicated if you want to travel around the country flying absolutely domestic flights in Thailand or going

everywhere now yes there's a lot of routes and generally most of them are cheap and well served with the exception of a few private airports that are still very expensivesuch as Koh Samui such as Trad airport they have the place for you totake the bus to the eastern

seaboard or go to the South go to the north go tothe northeast so you have to check yeah which terminal to go to for whichdestination right you can take a bus to anywhere in Thailand from Bangkok there is nowhere in Thailand basically you cannot access by directbus and

then if maybe local transport when you get there the bus system inThailand is unbelievably wide ranging right it goes everywhere and it's cheapreally cheap but you're gonna be on that bus for a long time if you're going distance right Rail road they go many places also around the

country so go to the main one in Hua Lum Pong and then you check the route and the time andpurchase a ticket there and you'll get everywhere around the country right renting a car you can just drive yourself around and then you can be independent in order to

do this you need to have eitherna Thai driver's license or an international driver's license endorsement on your country's license you probably will be able to rent a car without it but if you get caught by Thai police and you probably will because you will be a target for

theThai police as a foreigner you will get fine because you're only allowed to drive on your foreign license under very limited conditions and for a very limited length of time you basically should have an international endorsement yeah so I highly recommend that right let's talk about Thai culture

when you come from other countries every country has their own culture so some of them you should know before and what you should avoid not to do when you arrived here right you don't want to be thought of as a douche bag by Thai people because you're doing

something inadvertently that you don't even know is extremelyoffensive to Thai sensibilities there has been problems over the years of Thai people that develop a distaste for foreigners in general or specific typesof foreigners because of behaviors that are very common to those specificforeigners that are extremely distasteful we'll use

that word right to Thai people so yeah it's good to know these things don't touch people's head in Buddhism the head is the holy place of your body basically it's the highest you know andit's it's considered disrespectful take off your shoes when you go to peoplehouses or you

go to temples and many places require you to take off your shoes and if you're traveling by plane train bus however you're traveling don't put your feet up especially on someone's seat that's sitting in front of you thatis about as disrespectful as you can be in Thailand the

feet are considereddirty they're there they're not to be elevated and put in someone's facethat's a big insult in Thailand actually to push your foot in someone's face it'sreally degrading somebody so don't be one of those douche bags that get to Thailand put their arms behind their head and

kick their shoes on put theirbig stinky backpack or feet up in some Thai person face because you willimmediately have a bad attitude not only from that person from all theThai people who witness it including the driver of whatever you're riding on sodon't do that ever ever ever that's

really low-class yes don't throw stuff at the person that is rude like one pain for example don't throw money at people when you come to Thailand the concept of having face and saving face is extremely important when dealing with Thai people you don't want people here to lose

face if you do it's going to be a problem for you they will make it a problem for you so try not to embarrass people try not to point fingers at people if they do something even if it's funny it's going to immediately draw attention to you not

to them so be very conscious of how you treat Thai people it's a lesson well learned keep in mind the concept of face saving face very important to Thai people Thai language maybe some common words that you should know so maybe it helps alittle bit when you hear

people doing this and doing this Sawaddee ka or Sawaddee krub that means hello or good bye Khaaw Toht Khaaw Toht that means I'm sorry or excuse me Mai Pen Rai Mai Pen Rai is something you'll hear Mai Pen Lai is something you'll hear all the time in Thailand

and it can mean a lot of things it could mean don't worry about it it's not important whatever itcould it could mean a lot of things but if you hear someone say Mai Pen Laiit's just like whatever is gonna happen is okay pretty much it's okay yeah it'sokay

Tao Rai Tao Rai means how much and once again you're gonna hear Tao Lai Hong Nam yes that's bathroom right there specifically in Thailand you would say toilet really even though hongmao meanswater room you're asking from the toilet another thing you want to learn to sayin Thai language

is thank you wouldn't Khob Khun ya very important you can thank peoplejust for basic things they do for you being polite goes a long way in Thailandyou're a polite person you're gonna get treated very nice if you're not polite people always gonna look at you like douche bag

Thai weather in my concept of Thai weather is hot hotter and hottest yeahbut actually we have three season we have hot that a summer we have rainyseason and we have winter this year was cold though and this really depends on where you are in Thailand also because going

from the far south to the far north the seasons change dramatically RightThailand is a very long country it's not so much wide even its widest not so wide but it is verylong so you know the climate will change a lot winter in a far south compared to winter

in the north is very dramatically different right and if you're coming to Bangkok for example it's gonna be hot to most people's sensibilities hot almost all year including in winter it's still gonna be hot to most people but it'll be less hot and you might even see Thai

people wearing jacket Thailand is a hot and humid country yes what you should bring with you hat umbrella sunscreen and bug sprayyeah for sure Thai food Thai food is the well-known cuisine and it's very popular across the world and it's awesome right well we're well known about spicy

food you can find a lot of food in Thailand there are tons of street food and many many restaurants around the country if you like food and you are a slightly adventurous eater you will have a blast in Thailand because the food is awesome you can go to

the most local stylehole-in-the-wall restaurant in some province and you're probably gonna get areal damn good meal you know Thai people know how to cook they're very particularabout their food water you can't drink water from the tap no don't do that it's not safeso go get the bottled water

best time to travel Thailand this is a very subjective topic because like we write on our website sometimes the best time to travel is the low season low season you get better rates you have less crowds but there's a reason it's a low season in Thailand low season

isgenerally the rainy season yes but that's being said you do get a lot less crowdsyou will get a better deal and it's almost unheard of for terrain all day on any day in Thailand I always used to come in low season never spoiled my trip I never came

in high season like highest season peak season over the winter holidays Christmas new year cuz it was overrun and everything was so expensive I didn't like the crowds more than anything you have to do with somemore research also because it depends where you go and if you go

tothe north and you want to have that experience with the cool weather go toits high season in the South those month gonna be really bad rain being if you're going to do snorkeling something in the water and you need good visibility you definitely don't want to be

somewhere during rainy season because that's gonna star up all the sediment the water's gonna be rougher we went to koh lanta in the offseason and we could barely even get in the water it was so rough I mean forget about seeing anything so yeah keep that in mind

if you havespecific travel goals in mind but if you're just coming generally to seeBangkok see Pattaya or somewhere that's typical I recommend the shoulder seasons personally I think like May is good before it reallystarts raining but after Thai New Year Songkran in April that's very busy I

also really liked October I came in October many years because itwas a great time to come it was before the busy season it was after the rainy season so it's sort of that shoulder season shoulder season is always a good time to travel anywhere Yes I agree later


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