This Van Has All You Need for an Adventure

My name is Dave Walsh.

This is Betty White.

2013 I was working for a tech company here in Boulder and they were a start-up andthey were just kind of running out of money is what it was and it just sohappened that I was in Mexico City at the time when they laid me off.

I was ata friend's parents house or their grandparents house actually and thesefolks were like dirt floor poor, but they couldn't have been happier.

They weresuch happy people and I was like I was sitting there and just gotten laid off frommy job and realized all right I no longer have this stable paycheck comingin.

What am i doing? I looked around and was like, “these guys justmake ends meet”, you know? Their uncle sells soap.

Her other cousin has ataxicab that he gets paid and I was like “alright, I'm gonna try to just makeends meet.

” So I came back to the states.

I still had six months before I was goingto hike the PCT.

I started a handyman business and just started hustling andover the course of six months paid my truck off, paid all my bills off, hadsavings then and I realized like you can do this.

I don't have to have anine-to-five.

I don't have to be a slave at a desk, you know? I don't have to workfor somebody else's dream all the time.

I can do what I want to do.

Like the first thousand miles on thePacific Crest Trail got into Yosemite Valley on the 4th of July and realizedwe were over hiking like we had had enough.

We just weren't excited aboutlike going any further north.

We had just hiked the John Muir Trail section of itand it was the most beautiful hiking I've ever done.

We hitchhiked into SanFran, went to REI, bought bicycles, like just full-on and then planned a 2, 000mile bicycle tour through the Pacific Northwest.

Just rode up the one in toPortland to Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

Idaho into Bozeman Montana.

It wasamazing and living that way we didn't have a lot of stuff with us.

Wehad just what we could carry.

When we went from backpacking to having tohaving panniers on the bike and being able to carry like a bottle of wine withus was such a luxury.

When we got back to to like the front country basically cameback out of our adventure I was like “alright, how do I do this for a living, how do I make this happen?”.

I had met a girl that was a Knowles instructor andhad told me about it so I started pursuing a career in outdoor educationand to become a professional guide and I realized that a lot of folks wereliving out of their Subarus & Tacomas and I didn't want that.

I wanted to beable to stand up and cook dinner and have a place to call home.

I wastraveling a lot and just decided that I was wasting money on rent and why notjust take my life on the road and be other places and live a minimallifestyle? This is my van.

This is Betty White.

She's a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter van 170 inch wheelbase it's pretty emptycompared to what it typically is.

Betty is actually on the market for sale I'mtransitioning back into apartment life for a short time as I take on theprocess of building out vans for other folks that want to take on thislifestyle so yeah Betty's pretty empty right nowtypically the way she would roll is we'd have two bikes stood up right heremounted to the floor and I'd have Tupperware bins over here and under mystand-up paddleboard tucked inside filter all myself she's fully insulatedwith sheeting on the ceiling you've got a fan got LED lights a refrigerator handpump sink with and gallons of fresh water I kept thevan really simple as like a an adventurer van I didn't want an RV andthen a big thing was making sure that I had good fuel mileage I get almost 20miles to the gallon in the van even built out I've got a nice little littlepantry here for all my food I've got some storage underneath and drawers forall of my clothes and other gear the bed is almost a king sized bed you don'tfind that in many bands it's actually more comfortable than any bed that I'veslept in I sleep so well in here a lot of storage options in here too I wantedto make sure I could bring like all of my gear with me climbing and mountainbiking for a while I had a dirt bike on the back of the van doing motocrossstuff I wanted to like have the adventurer with me all the time and havethe gear to do it she's done some 4×4 I've taken her out a couple places gother stuck I get her stuck real real good in a Crested Butte we we went out thereto go mountain biking and ended up parking in like this big field all openbeautiful area you can see the mountains and then it rained for a day straightand we couldn't get out so thankfully this guy towed me out he gave me a pullbut he pulled me out and I just kind of kept on the gas afterwards and I hit hitthis pothole like this big deep hole and launched everything from the left sideof the van to the right side and just every cabinet every drawer just emptiedonto the floor so I spent like it's been another 30 minutes there cleaning outthe inside of the van and covered in like this thick caked mud all over thefloor on the van I meet a lot of people in my travels that say wow it must benice to live in a van like this they make it seem like I'm doing somethingthat's a privilege to me like anybody can do this you can go out you need toget rid of stuff you don't need all the junk in your house you don't needknickknacks and stuff like that like get rid of it donate it you knowsell the stuff on Craigslist put some money into your travel fund people itseems like our too into their possessions versus like theirexperiences but you go on an adventure you go have an experience and you lookback at it and you keep that for the rest of your lifeand it's so much easier to carry around in your small space then you know atrinket from here and there all the time just make it happenset a plan to do it start by getting rid of things and then and then hatch how tomake money on the road to you know trying to work remotely trying to findthe other avenues of income and you know recurring revenue stream it takes timeit's something I haven't even figured out yet yeah I would love it if folkswould check out my Instagram I'm Dave in action on Instagram and post a lot ofphotos and love sharing my adventures with people and then sharing like thebuild process of the vans that I'm building now.

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