Tianning Buddhist Temple – FEELING LUCKY – Travel Beijing – First Time China Adventure v11

– And I can tell you this, we are the only, only non-locals here.

– Yeah, that's true.

– I feel a bit like I stand out.

But it's beautiful.

– You want me to go andget Cat on your camera? – Correct.

A YouTuber with thelocals stands out a bit.

– Just a tiny bit.

(upbeat music) – [Rod] Of course thetower is 1200 years old.

And of course this would have been built about the same time? – [Local Man] This is built Ming Dynasty.

– This is in the Ming Dynasty.

I've been in awe before mate, but.



– Nothing like this.

– I don't know.

It's just.



Massive and beautiful at the same time.

Wow! It is.



– Breathtaking.

– Quite, quite! Unbelievable.

1200 years old.

Mate I think, I think if it's the bone it's actually buried like, of course you've got the tower and then within the toweris a piece of the knee of the actual original body from India.

– Do you mean it was put there andit was built around it? – [Rod] I think it wasbuilt on top of it, yeah.

– [Local Man] This is for the wishes.

You can write your name on it.

Then it says, like this is healthy, good career, and long life, family will be good, something like this.

– We're gonna see ifwe can try and put one of the wishes just at thevery very bottom here, you know for long life, health, and so on.

(far eastern music) Let's go and have a quicklook in the shop, mate.

Quick look around.

We like buying things from most of the locations we go to as a bit of an extra memory.


– We have the memory, but we like to have it in an object.

– Correct, something wecan actually point to.

Something small, nothing big.

– So we can look at it and remember.

– And we can of coursesupport the local people and so on, but seriously, we've made our wish.

But a lot of my wishes came true today in being here, being the only people here and doing something whichwe never thought possible.

Like, wow! Kaleb's just inside paying for his Buddha.

I jut found out that there'sactually 72 different types of Buddhas here and he's actually buying the one for good schoolingand good knowledge, which is great for his father.

They're beautiful people here.

They really have taken care of us.

I feel so privileged toactually be here, seriously.

But we're now on to our next one! (electronic music) Back streets now.

A lot of the residents actually keep birds for the sounds.

(speaking in foreign language) (bird repeats foreign phrases) The talking bird.

Just having a chat aboutthe local areas here and normally the older generation, because then they get tostay with a lot of people that they actually know.

They're next door neighbors, they've stayed here for generations.

The younger kids of course moved out into the apartments where ofcourse you have the showers and toilets in your own block and there's supplied areas here for that.

But everyone knows everyone here.

Everyone's saying hello and to be honest, everyone's quite shocked at seeing us walking around! – Yeah, one of them said it's – [Both] Foreign.

– Very friendly.

So yeah, so that mark there means that it's gonna be demolished soon.

As in this whole section or just? So the actually old Beijing tour is actually coming to an end.

We're just finding ourdriver very quickly now and then of course tomorrow we've got the Temple of Heaven, we've got Tai Chi before we go on the bullet train tomorrow.

– We can start doing Tai Chi.

– Currently we like to try to, but today seriously, being the first tourists I suppose to actually come down to the old Beijing tour, and, – It's amazing.

– I have to say, how many tourists did we see today? – Zero, there's none.

– We've been walking.

– We're the only ones.

– For around about two hours.

We have not seen any tourists.

So we've got the real experience.

And the people are so friendly.

The food was fantastic and being able to see where everything, just where life goes on here and how everyone mixes togetherand everyone says hello, it is just fantastic.

It's something which wewould highly recommend.

– And I would do itagain, that's the thing.

– You walk around and have so much fun.

But tomorrow, we're offto the Temple of Heaven.

We'll of course naturallyleave our link just below if you wanna get a tester that photo.

– Spotter! – We're playing the Spotter game, I'll explain that in another video.

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(upbeat music).

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