Tips for Travelling with a Toddler / Doha to Dubai Travel experience# 14

[Music] hello was lonely namaskar and welcome back to my channel but another baby daughter in love and so algorithm about individual in an infected animal day over your travel experience on for multiple one year four months I tender morning under yawn or thinking are they attend air travel

in love it is a very have fun at the pond here making Shaka boom boom equal board endeavor in the potential in our area in like Molokai Ranade washable is hello or anything you know I'll input in our look for the first time earning and appearances are early

in the morning all day for you really an old but it's another numberless I need to more than one to travel a member said weekend the car agreement that anomaly kha annum are they better than any experience so a little civility or somewhat any on it if you

don't participate a poor young will travel another Dubai Lord honor for in the pressure of elder presence travel mcgraw-hill and their power yards out and I need a mover KP gender or if Kanye Rahman Allah wash right in Emily allow edible oil mixture will notice I am patella

valid a code of honor idem occasionally Romania Malinda Williams and the presentation about onion and now filling in young remover and indicated allowable is low to make up smaller and the courses are etiquette a Tonya a poet by now monitors our mind is the other one they are

great or what about the time spend a on a very thing and I have without before honor for ticket a little nozzle Dubai not darkness it has the ball tonight for you better go and there are no nama could no helmet direct reply still hello adoption are leather

on the oh man who are you and on the way to re-open yharnam per ticket a little co-ed Varela burning a banana idling opinion in the P&L Enoch Manila or the toddler native travel in the carrier John she'll just go number two Caillou look Andy I'm telling you

you see extra supply to it tell me about madam I'm traveling for back whether it is no I really ended up they are sharing their margins items like Cooper number two make up items and daily emergency our Sheila medicine otherwise I'm gonna carry you little onion in the

back by relative are their fault already on it it only have a side bet a baby bag will carry with retirement is it not then Jana are the room number Bible you see on the link it pls adenine and which is relative up a year apparently on it

Valerie you say Texas a imaginary will have a career elevators have internal damage today for you bangee not the Forester and the pouch under be false enhancing Hannah Kemal and their impact on the Marsha boutique and elaborate derailment another number I thought today undulator commentary on link below

keep skating wonderful to normal I'm gonna have here to called serum and I need to opinion or acute care to other volt energy atomic I or the sanitizer and other move wipes other policy issue I'm gonna compile Valerie ECI job I'm kept on chemical not even reported around

the pole sitting load a little on them are you a botanist I'm gonna put a nice reading under the other key to each step eternally a new toy remember am badly weakened and underlying to the quarter all example coded travel invented and Amelia forward of a ship but

you can't get a book at the time are equal to kind of alleviate combustion Armada tiny on the wall tell him I don't get many on it the monkey you say it's asazin Alameda seven cook order come I need to prepare another side bag on a poor it'll

almost ready Kia other poliana peanuts a normally out of baby back in out of it sir and items avionics taken away in the Pampers diapers agenda are they follow waiting for that a fire on Tanis read through its it and I don't know again de Kooning it out

below in a Maltese to protect also power co-pilot leader wants to put you might end up in ya know each other guy you it's too now they put then have a lot at all you recitative man I know about this isolates is rated it isn't a murder victim

acutally it took each stolen and are no telling how very in the port are no other Costa shondo idyllic island young healthy our other nice read these are the months likely to nebula the EC accessing in very revealing valuable canal valid in an item an anomaly traveling in

both would you move domine non denied help BM l ra because I didn't I tell you where there are three and I travel in my angel it would if I had a ten meter under third doing some other a maximum of the door come hold either it can

stomach a little bother yeah they don't you see me can another Israel you it care about a vacation of home button on and say we are in their poor are three of the flight slips in the Oregon charges coordinate when you're moving about reports to activate Libyan a

mashaallah above I will come in someone telling yoga pranayama you go to college can now combine your excitement annum and then the illa could tell aunt Lilian's I'm a complete chicken at the pile equal tomorrow cry Langley could be working alone impossible Aleppo number like a Virgo or

come date Emily of older than path to earning will hold it electronically night Melanie reply style me Lou anima Kaveri or carnival really know me Co young got a slight morning for tener the Opera random Anna Karenina no room neither are any traffic on alera three I don't

know pattern Anna Airport latency Doh am all-white tiny a first-time yeah three and then they allow me the tensions on the other laying in a hand loom our attentions and immensely at the same time Abu Dhabi low family waiting on our date they take an aural our excitement

uncaring Allah kinda – el apoyo uri otra course is challenging onon gate let the courser here in the pray Kamal Kapoor and his early game up again or the PC could cater la muralla gorilla coded type in our leg wandering in and out of the pray come she

was okay banana flight look I arrived now for ten and I don't know a flight time takeoff time for another buck sure a either under passengers in there a security issues carnem a flight to delay I to nano 445 450 I pray Karnataka fire them young Alec await

less than five fifty i a pope 6:35 in our next flight to dubai leather upper flight and hiring adam direct and ex flight the body and i see through the power gap on the manila director next flight loader diarrhea dona ana available do madonna lily lilium all and

older morning flight I don't ans Anderson and a lot of yoga with them and I love lighter [Music] another I believe the way I'll jazeera Airways lion-o alhamdulillah service I don't know Navi a daredevil turning and running on the travel another day allow me the tension some under

inner angle oh my lord experience I another other bullet on a flight Lila a corpus in Jerusalem Valerie supportive I know throw out there on the flight hello been a very fair analysis of the candidate number worldwide attention a tea candle inshallah Alam Sharia or Melinda I would

positively delaila meditate on reliably an English course or a number a mental strength with a range inaudible there are numbered a luck IDing Rama the ECR Quincy nama low on time in Thailand we do our 920 kill Andy the Opera Sevilla monitored our ANOVA biped over a direct

Abu Dhabi boo an essay over there [Music] in the tamale which I revealed er no inhaler variously inshallah you initiation locking an old person I become a poor allowed in videos of khokana are evolving in other videos allure Christer Pettersson Anjali Appadurai volaterrae likea Sharia come on Tia

if they were a subscriber weekly on an angle channel subscribe yeah oh thank you for watching [Music] you

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