Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Canada – Video Travel Guide

Canada's cities and towns offertravelers a diverse choice of experiences from chic cosmopolitancenters to mountain resorts and maritime cities in the heart of the country isToronto Canada's biggest city and the highlight of Canada's arts and culturalscene nearby in the french-speaking province of Quebec Montreal is known forfashion culture and history in the West Vancouver and Victoria offer two verydifferent perspectives on West Coast cities but each has something unique tooffer the mountain towns of Whistler and Banff are places to immerse yourself andbeautiful mountain scenery and enjoy a little of the great outdoors EasternCanada has a culture all of its own with the rich maritime heritage and friendlypeople the iconic Niagara Falls is a must-seeattraction for visitors to Canada that never disappoints and scatteredthroughout the country are a number of other popular cities and lesser-knowngems to explore the largest city in Alberta Calgary issituated between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the CanadianRockies after oil was discovered near by the early 1900's Calgary boomed intowhat is now one of Canada's largest metropolitan areas attracting thousandsevery year to its world-famous rodeo event the Calgary Stampede this Old Westcelebration is held over ten days in July with rodeos chuck wagon racesparades competitions crafts and food as Canada's capital Ottawa is home tosome outstanding national museums and historic sites as well as ParliamentHill and it enjoys a beautiful setting along the Rideau Canal it is also asmall city making it easy to navigate and fun to explore summer is a wonderfultime to visit with the whole host of events held throughout the seasonincluding the tulip festival and spring in the always lavish Canada Daycelebrations on July 1st in winter when the weather is cold enough the Canaltransforms into a 7.

8 kilometer long skating rink and in February the annualwinter lewd celebrations draw huge crowds there is no bad time to visitOttawa and it is only a few hours by car or train from Toronto Whistler has long been known as aworld-class ski destination and was the site of many of the skiing events duringthe 2000 and Winter Olympics hosted by Vancouverdespite this reputation Whistler is an equally impressive and popular summerdestination with hiking biking golfing and many other activities on offer thevillage has grown over the years and is now a vibrant high-end resort town withall kinds of hotels restaurants and shops the Wesler Blackcomb ski hills arefamous for their incredible terrain and bringing skiers from around the worldthe peak-to-peak gondola which joins the two hills is an 11-minute four kilometerlong ride with spectacular views and it's open to skiers or non skiersyear-round Vancouver Island named after the Britishexplorer George Vancouver is the largest island off the west coast of the NorthAmerican continent located across from Washington State that is successful byferry through the San Juan Islands from Anacortes from Port Angeles on thestate's Olympic Peninsula or from Vancouver on mainland British ColumbiaVancouver Island is famous for the quaint city of Victoria the gorgeousbutchart gardens the surf town in tokino and the wilderness in the north whereone can catch a ferry to Prince Rupert and another to Alaska from there like Montreal Ravech City is loaded withhistory and located in the french-speaking province of Quebec thisis the provincial capital in a city with the history dating back to the early1600s the old buildings and curving cobbled streets make this month ofCanada's most charming capital cities one-third the size of Montreal with excity is also relatively small and easy to navigate while summer is the busyseason the famous winter carnival the carnival the Quebec attracts huge crowdsand is the city's most women event as Canada's largest city Toronto is thecountry's cultural hotspot with ballet complex Symphony and Broadway shows anextraordinary shopping fine dining and fantastic museums and there is no end tothe entertainment in recent years Toronto's waterfront has experiencedongoing development and now boasts beautiful walking areas restaurants andin summer outdoor concerts and cultural performances just outside the citycentre in either direction from the city are beautiful beaches perfect on hotsummer days in winter a public skating rink springs to life outside City Halland unique winter advance including the popular Winterlicious add to the fine Montreal is a unique city with abeautiful old historic district dating back to the 1600s and a modern citycenter with extensive underground shopping polls Montreal is the maintourist hub with cobbled streets and fantastic old buildings and horse-drawncarriage rides throughout the year Montreal is also home to a large numberof fashion designers and high-end boutiques lined the historic streetsalong with quaint hotels and restaurants located in the french-speaking provinceof Quebec Montreal has its own cultural identity but english-speaking visitorswill have no trouble communicating with anyone in the tourist industry Canada's most famous natural attractionthe majestic Niagara Falls has been drawing set Sears almost since itsdiscovery the great wall of water pounding over the Falls is an amazingsight and the view and access supported visitors is astounding you can literallywalk up to the edge of the Falls separated Donnie by a cast iron railingand see the water as it disappears over the crest the city that has developedhere also named Niagara Falls has been greatly influenced by the people andatmosphere the Falls have created stuntman and Daredevils have beentempting their fate on the Falls throughout the decades and as a result acarnival-style atmosphere has come to define this unique city just a shortdrive from Toronto Niagara Falls is easy to reach and a city is a fun place tospend a day or two the charming mountain town of BAM in thestunning Banff National Park is a must visit destination for anyone looking toexplore the Rocky Mountains and see some of the most beautiful scenery in Canadathis is undeniably a tourist town catering to international travelers fromall over the globe just a short distance from the town are two of Canada's mostprominent ski resorts Lake Louise and sunshine village insummer the nearby turquoise lakes and glacier capped mountains are a glorioussight but you don't even need to leave the town to enjoy a gondola ride to thetop of a mountain for dinner soak in a hot spring spread cool flying fabuloussobbing discover lovely walking trails and possibly see elk in woodland caribouthat frequently make their way into town for beauty climate a fun atmosphere andplenty of things to do you can't go wrong planning a trip to Vancouver seton the shores of the Pacific Ocean and backed by snow-capped mountains this isan active City where locals enjoy the outdoors year-round sunbathe there'scanvas on the beaches in summer and skiers can hit the nearby slopes andwinter at any time of year you can walk the seawall or stroll through thetowering trees in Stanley Park enjoy fine dining for a casual meal whilewashing the sunset or fine fabulous shopping from the market sub-granteelawmen to new high-end shops in the city center if you are spending more than acouple of days in the city and looking for some interesting outings take a daytrip from Vancouver to some of the nearby hotspots such as WhistlerVictoria or some of the small towns in the mountains your Fraser Valley.

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