Top 10 Places To Travel Thailand | Beautiful Places In Thiland

[Music] you Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourism spot in the world every year million of tourists with it in this country to spend their holidays while it is famous for its beaches and Islands tourism contributed 9 to 17 percent of Thailand GDP each year in this

video I will tell you who the top 10 places to travel in Thailand but before starting the video I request all of you please subscribe my channel so you can get regular notification of my upcoming videos so let's get started number 1 elephant nature park nd even that

you have happened to visit Chiang Mai make a point to design multi-day or outing or overnighter at the Elephant Nature Park it is one of the most moral heavens on the planet and they have safe guarded by elephants from tree logging bazaars and other unsafe condition number 2

Pattaya Pattaya is one of the most popular beach destination and Bangkok there are many things you can enjoy in Pattaya like quiet beaches d'squared temple the fabric show and of course deferred because Thai food is one of the best the best season to visit in Pattaya is between

November to February number three Phuket Phuket beaches may not be as amazing like other beaches in Thailand yeah there is one convention motivation to go the sublime retreat understanding Phuket is a haven for workers who need to appreciate fourth and five star in a rampage spent at astonishing

and center for cash you can without much of stretch set of two other Iceland gold in B and a man cause like Piper kuraby pang Negev a rare Iceland and more front pocket number for Maya Bay on the off chance that you never known about Maya Bay there's

a good possibility you have seen in any case Maya Bay was the setting of of the 2001 DiNardo D cap you film the beach a normal of 4000 individual visited at this place per day number five civilian Island similar Island is the Archie pollo is the one of

the most progressive whooping objective in this country orchestrated of the shoreline of the eggnog a province in this sauter intolerant it was set up in 1982 after one year assessment by the forestry department number six co-op I file when you go here value the shoreline and to share

in a combination of water excitement workout for instance swimming scuba diving and kayaking firefight is a superb or sea polo arranged in the Caribbeans near pocket the Iceland came to generally obvious quality when Co filing was used a region for 2030 americantale the beach number seven Kusum you

on the off chance that you want to see the excellent is sure of talent then you should visit with Col Samuel cool Sammy was the second biggest island in the talent and the biggest in the Gulf of Thailand number eight KO lanta : t is one of Thailand

most wonderful island found simply of the shoreline of kuraby it's long coastline has about 12 show lines some considered the best in the nation and everyone with its own appeal and atmosphere composed of koh lanta y : tan i and fifty additional island mu coolant National Park highlighted

while sandy shorelines tropical y deyrnas and a lot of submerged lives : that can become to affect Lee from kuraby or Trank number 9 kanchanaburi tone just two hours by transport from Bangkok and set on the celebrated river Kauai Canterbury is an extraordinary spot to scape from the

hustle and Bangkok Canterbury has heaps of World War two history it's the home to the most celebrated extensions billed as a major aspect of passing railway plan to the interface Bangkok and the rangoon the extension was put on the map in the motion picture the bridge over the

river kawaii in life went by the novel number 10 and the last one is thai-burma railway or tetra way the two-hour train venture along with the famous tie by market railway from Canterbury by means of the bridge over the river Kauai to Namco is one of Thailand most

beautiful and most prevalent train rides the railway was built by Empire of Japan and nine if you like my video then please like share and comment also please subscribe my channel thank you for watching

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