Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In Thailand

10 Things To Avoid In Thailand All tourists traveling to Thailand, thereis an announcement for you.

Your boarding passes will be issued shortly;we regret the inconvenience.

You could wait in the lounge for the timebeing and scroll through Facebook.

On second thoughts, why don’t you checkout the dos and don’ts in Thailand? Okay people, thanks for bearing this airportannouncement gag we just did but on a serious note, knowing about the culture of a countrybefore vising it is a good idea.

Yea we know, Thai people are the most hospitableand forgiving lot but you could do them a favor by learning Thai culture, what say? Number 10.

Don’t Get dirtyWas the title misleading because we aren’t talking about having sexual encounters inthe country! Yea, we caught you there! Okay, now that we have your attention let’stell you that Thai people aren’t a fan of the ‘messy look’! They prefer being prim and proper and you’dbe expected to follow this hygiene rule! Even if you come across a physical laborer, you’d find him wearing clean clothes on a hot summer day.

So no matter if the temperature strikes 35on the Celsius scale, you aren’t going about the streets looking like a hot mess! Number 9.

Don’t hug monksThailand emphasizes on respecting monks and that is why you would never see anybody positionedhigher than the monks! An important thing to keep in mind is thatmonks are not allowed to touch women.

They won’t even hand over a thing to a womanand would rather place it down for her to pick it up herself! In fact, they would never sit directly nextto a woman also, so women, the next time you see an empty seat next to a monk, don’tsit there because then he’ll automatically stand! Men on the other hand can interact with monksbut should still maintain a respectful distance.

Number 8.

Don’t raise your voiceNow Thai folks are very soft spoken and mild mannered.

There is little chance that you will findthem raising their voice.

Did you know they notice foreigners easily? Yea, by hearing them from a mile away! Now while you are in Thailand, try to notget into arguments or at least maintain your cool.

This is because yelling does not help in thatcountry and the involved people will feel embarrassed or lose face! You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Number 7.

Don’t touch their headThai people consider the head to be the holiest part of the body and touching it is considereddisrespectful.

So in case you aren’t with a kid or areextremely close to the other person, do not touch their head.

We repeat, DO NOT touch their head or putanything on it! A playful ruffling of hair will also makepeople uncomfortable because they’ll feel you have disrespected them.

A small thing but can make a big differencein how much you enjoy this vacation in Thailand! Number 6.

Don’t Keep Your Shoes OnAnother disrespectful thing you could do in Thailand is enter a temple or house with yourshoes on.

Yes, Thai people consider wearing shoes insidea house, shop or temple as a sign of disrespect towards them and their culture.

To add to this, some restaurants also expectyou to remove your shoes before you enter and have your tummies filled! The next time you see a pile of shoes outsidea place, consider removing your own before barging in.

It’s for your own good! Number 5.

Don’t make outIf you are a frequent traveler, you must have seen that different countries have differentopinions about PDA.

While Europeans can be seen touching tongueson the streets, Thailand is just not the place for that kind of romance, uhmm we mean openly! You wouldn’t see Thai people hugging eachother or even holding hands in public, so that makes the more intimate gestures strictlya bedroom matter.

The focus was on BEDROOM because that’swhere you lock all intimacies before stepping out on Thai streets! Number 4.

Don’t put your feet upBy this we mean that you aren’t putting your feet anywhere that is not meant for feet.

You get the point, don’t you? See, Thai culture sees feet as the dirtiestpart of the body and pointing it towards someone or a pure place is definitely a disrespect, so keep clear! And what if you are sitting on the floor? Tuck in under you so it stays away from others, simple! This rule extends to not kicking or pointingwith your feet.

We wonder if football is banned in Thailand, oh that could be our next google agenda! Number 3.

Don’t Take your clothes offThe fact that Thailand is tropical and you’d feel hot has to be kept aside when you planto jet off to this holiday destination! If you are on the beach, in a certain typeof a bar or in your room, then by all means ditch your clothes but other than that, yourt-shirts aren’t coming off! Also you have to be extra cautious of yourclothes when you are stepping inside a temple.

The preferred attire for women is white withshoulders and legs fully covered.

No tank tops or short skirts are making anappearance there, okay? Number 2.

Don’t pointThey say, pointing is second nature to Westerners, is it true? Well, in case you smiled at that one, we’llwarn you! Pointing a finger would be translated as aninsult in Thailand, now do you want to stick to this natural response of yours? Don’t be dumbfounded, the alternative hereis to point your whole hand in the direction you want to bring someone’s attention to.

Extend all your four fingers in the directionand keep your thumb flat against the palm.

Simple and safe! Number 1.

Don’t insult the royal familyTalking against the ministry of any country can put you in a messy situation and whenyou spit anger about them while you are in their country, God save you! We don’t mean to scare you and like we said, Thai people are forgiving, so you can chill.

Now that you are relaxed, let’s be honest.

If don’t want to offend the locals or endup in jail, keep your negative comments about the King or Royal family to yourself! Which of these Thai traditions astounded youthe most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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